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King Tut By: Emma L..

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1 King Tut By: Emma L.

2 Who Was King Tut? King Tut was born in 1341 B.C. Akhenten was his dad. Akhenten was not a good man, he made all the Egyptians praise him instead of their true gods. When Tut was nine, he became the pharaoh beacause his dad was murdered by the Egyptians. He was murdered because of his negative attitude towards the Egyptian gods and didn’t let them be the gods of Egypt. King Tut didn’t know a lot about being a pharaoh so three people helped him. These people were Maya (the treasurer), Ay (his grandfather), and Horemheb (head man of the army).

3 King Tut was around 19 years old when he mysteriously died
King Tut was around 19 years old when he mysteriously died. Scientists have gathered enough information to know that King Tut was indeed murdered. Scientists have recently discovered from several x-rays that Tut died from a blow to the head, but was it an accident? Who Killed Him? Ay, Maya, and Horemheb were also the main suspects for the murder of Tut. They spent most of their time with Tut and had lots of opportunities to be with him alone. Tut’s wife (and half-sister) was also a suspect but from Egyptian paintings she was too loving towards him that she couldn’t possibly murder him.

4 Not an accident Ay, his grandfather was the killer. He killed him because he himself wanted to be king and he was also jealous of Tut. Scientists came to this conclusion because Maya was Tut’s caretaker and loved him like he was his own son. Horemheb was not the murderer either because he also showed affection to Tut and wasn’t jealous of him. Ay killed Tut by smashing his head against a stone pillow type thing that he laid his head on while sleeping. The blow to the head was so intense that he died immediately.

5 Mummification King Tut was mummified very quickly so it would cover up the murder. Things like paintings on the walls of the tomb weren’t finished, when they put a layer of tar on him they did it carelessly, and the slaves carelessly cleaned up their mess. Those are other examples of why scientists came to the conclusion of King Tut being murdered. Before pharaohs die they have to hire slaves to build their tombs. Since King Tut died at such a young age he didn’t have time to prepare for his passing.

6 Who Became King? After Tut died, Ay forced Ankhesenamun (Tut’s wife) to marry him. Horemheb found out that Ay killed King Tut so he erased all of Ay’s paintings. Horemheb became king after and was a wonderful king.

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