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5 some of tut’s artifacts

6 some of tut’s artifacts





11 Now Can you guess the topic which we are going to read about?


13 INTRODUCTION “Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues” describes the boy King Tut who was the last heir of a very powerful family that ruled Egypt for centuries. It also describes how CT scan of Tut’s Mummy revealed interesting but starling facts about him.

14 Introduction of New vocabulary
Choose the correct meaning Antiquities Archaeology Biology anthropology Cemetery Waste land Burial ground Play ground Artifacts Artificial Natural Man-made antiques Resurrection Revival form of grave Renaissance Removal Pallbearers Bangle makers People carrying dead body Friend makers

15 SUMMARY 1. Tut, the last heir of a powerful kingdom. Tut was just a teenager when he died. He was the last heir of his family. This dynasty was very powerful. It ruled Egypt for centuries. He was laid to rest in grave laden with gold. Finally he was forgotten. His tomb was discovered in 1922.It aroused the curiosity or the people to know about Tut. His dead body had to undergo a CT scan. It offers new clues about his life and death.

16 summary 2. Tut’s Mummy undergoes a CT-scanner. Tut’s Mummy is the most famous gilded head in the world. He died more than 3,300 years ago. A large number of tourists around the world gathered to see the rock-cut tomb. They gazed at the wall paintings. They also saw Tut’s gilded face and the outer coffin lid. Many pondered over his untimely death.

17 SUMMARY 3. Bad condition of Mummy Mummy’s condition was really bad. Howard Carter, a British archaeologist, discovered Tut’s tomb in 1992 after years of searching . Many things in gold were placed near his dead body. They were there to guarantee his rebirth. Tut was also buried with those everyday things that he would want in the after life: linen garments, cases of food and wine etc.

18 SUMMARY 4. Carter’s problems Howard Carter found three ‘nested’ coffins of Tut. He opened the 1st and found a shroud decorated with garlands of willow and olive and lotus petals. Carter ran into trouble when he finally reached the mummy. The ritual resins had hardened. Tut was cemented to the bottom of his gold coffin. Carter tried to loosen the resin by putting the mummy in blazing sunshine. But he failed. The was to be removed by chisel. If he had cut the mummy free, thieves would have cut it apart to remove the gold. Carter’s men removed the mummy’s head and served almost every part and joint.

19 SUMMARY 5. Modern Archaeology Archaeology has changed a lot. It has acquired sophisticated tools. It adopts medical technology. Today diagnostic imaging can be done through computed tomography or CT. Here hundreds of X-rays create a three dimensional real body. They can answer how a man died and how old he was at the time of his death.

20 SUMMARY 6. Young Tutankhaten or King Tut Tutankhaten took the throne at a very young age. He was widely known as King Tut. He ruled for about nine years and restored old ways. He changed his name to Tutenkhamun. He died unexpectedly.

21 SUMMARY 7. A CT Machine scanned the mummy A CT machine scanned the mummy from head to toe. It created about 1700 digital X-rays images. His head was scanned in 0.62 millimeter slices. Workmen carried Tut from the tomb in his box. But the scanner did not work due to sand going into the machine. Perhaps it was the ‘curse of the pharaoh’. But the substitute fans helped to finish the whole process.

22 SUMMARY 8. Astonishing Images on Computer A technician pulled up wonderful images of Tut on a computer screen. His head and bones of the neck appeared quite clearly. Other images showed a hand and several views of the ribs and the skull. Everything went well. When they came down, the wind had stopped. Just above Tut’s tomb stood a cluster of stars known as Orion, watching over the boy king.

23 ASSIGNMENT Write a factual description of Tut’s Mummy and the funerary treasures found in his pyramid. Describe the scene when the visitors visit the Egyptian cemetery known as the ‘Valley of Kings’.

24 for their valuable interpretations & cooperation
Mr. V Pardhasaradhi PGT English KV, AFS, Thane Thanks all for their valuable interpretations & cooperation

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