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$100$200$100$300$100$200 $400 $200$200$400 $100$400$100$400 $500 $200$500 $300$500$300$300$500$300$400 $500.

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3 $100$200$100$300$100$200 $400 $200$200$400 $100$400$100$400 $500 $200$500 $300$500$300$300$500$300$400 $500

4 Habitats

5 Soil and Fossils

6 Rocks and Minerals

7 Heat

8 Magnets

9 Habitats Soil and Fossils Rocks and Minerals HeatMagnets $100 $300 $200 $400 $500

10 Topic 1 - $100 Animals that live in the mountains must be able to survive cold winters. Which helps some animals survive the winter? A.Skinny legs B.Food gathering C.Large teeth D.Swimming fast

11 Topic 1 - $200 A bird feeds mostly on fish. The bird has long legs and a beak that helps it catch the fish. What habitat would this bird MOST LIKELY live in? a.Forest b.Mountain c.Valley d.swamp

12 Topic 1 - $300 In what region of Georgia might you find rivers that form waterfalls? a.Piedmont b.Costal c.Blue ridge d.Ridge and valley

13 Topic 1 - $400 Some plants have small leaves that help them do which of these? a.Grow tall b.Save water c.Make seeds d.Fall off in winter

14 Topic 1 - $500 A forest had a drought for several months. Which of these is most likely to happen as a result of the drought? A.Animals will be able to find many plants to eat. B.The forest will change into a marsh. C.The plants will die from the lack of water. D.Animals’ homes will be washed away.

15 Topic 2- $100 Harley plants a garden in soil that is mostly made of clay. The plants do not grow well. Which reason below BEST explains why the plants do not grow well? A.There is too much humus in the clay B.Water does not pass easily through the clay. C.The clay is made up of rough particles of dirt. D.The clay has too much loam in it.

16 Topic 2- $200 Which group of words BEST describes humus? A.Bits of dead plant and animal bits B.Minerals found inside a rock C.Soil deposited in a river delta D.Small particles of silt and sand

17 Topic 2- $300 Which of these animals is extinct? A.Elephants B.Mammoths C.Caterpillars D.Sea animals

18 Topic 2- $400 Which of these would you MOST LIKELY find in an amber fossil? A.A dinosaur B.A tree C.An insect D.A plant

19 Topic 2- $500 Lilly sees a skeleton of a dinosaur at a museum. What is true about the bones that make up the skeleton? A.The bones are made up of minerals B.The bones are those of the dinosaur itself C.The bones were formed when mud hardened D.The bones are made up of amber

20 Topic 3 - $100 What statement about rocks is true? A.All minerals are made from rocks B.One property of rocks is that they bend C.A rock is made of one or more minerals D.Rocks come in only dark colors

21 Topic 3 - $200 Which statements BEST describes a mineral? A.A mineral was once a living thing B.Metals are used to make minerals C.Minerals are found in Earth D.All minerals are shiny

22 Topic 3 - $300 When one mineral scratches another it is A.Harder than the mineral it scratches B.Softer than the mineral it scratches C.The same hardness as the mineral it scratches D.Always a 10 on Mohs’ Hardness Scale

23 Topic 3 - $400 Which one is a property of minerals? A.Brightness B.Hardness C.Taste D.Size

24 Topic 3 - $500 Ben has a sample of the mineral quartz. What statement is true about the mineral quartz? A.Quartz cannot be scratched with Fluorite. B.Quartz can be scratched with Topaz, but not Corundum. C.Quartz can be scratched with Apatite. D.Quartz cannot be scratched with Feldspar.

25 Topic 4 - $100 Which one is NOT a source of heat? A.A frying pan B.Friction C.The sun D.Fuel

26 Topic 4 - $200 A puddle of water on the sidewalk feels warm when you touch it. Which statement BEST describes why this happens? A.The heat moved from the sidewalk to the puddle B.The puddle was heated by fuel C.Energy from the sun warmed the water of the puddle D.Friction from rainwater cause the puddle to get warm

27 Topic 4 - $300 Which is the BEST insulator of heat? A.A fur cap B.A paper cup C.A copper pan D.A steel fork

28 Topic 4 - $400 How does water change when it is warmed by the sun? A.Its temperature stays the same B.Its temperature lowers C.It changes size D.It evaporates

29 Topic 4 - $500 You place a pan of water in the refrigerator. Then you place a thermometer in the pan. The thermometer measures 65 degrees Fahrenheit. You leave the pan and the thermometer in the refrigerator for one hour. What temperature would you expect to see on the thermometer at the end of that hour? A.95 degrees B.80 degrees C.65 degrees D.45 degrees

30 Topic 5- $100 An object that has magnetism MOST LIKELY has which of the following? A.A north pole B.A south pole C.Iron D.Paper clips

31 Topic 5- $200 Shaun tests some objects against each end of a bar magnet. One object is attracted to both ends of the magnet. Which of these is MOST LIKELY the object that Shaun used? A.A wooden ruler B.An iron nail file C.A copper penny D.Another bar magnet

32 Topic 5- $300 Where is the force of a magnet the strongest? A.In the middle part B.In the curved part C.In its magnetic field D.At its poles

33 Topic 5- $400 Which of these things will a magnet attract? A.Aluminum can B.Wooden chair C.Piece of paper D.Iron nail

34 Topic 5- $500 Which of the following statements is TRUE about magnets? A.Unlike poles on a magnet will attract each other B.Like poles on a magnet will attract each other C.Magnets will attract iron nails and paper D.Magnets will repel things like wood or plastic.

35 Topic 1 - $100 B. Food gathering

36 Topic 1 - $200 d. swamp

37 Topic 1 - $300 C. Blue Ridge

38 Topic 1 - $400 b. Save water

39 Topic 1 - $500 c. The plants will die.

40 Topic 2 - $100 b. Water does not pass easily through clay.

41 Topic 2 - $200 a. Bits of dead plants and animals

42 Topic 2 - $300 b. mammoths

43 Topic 2 - $400 C. An insect

44 Topic 2 - $500 a. The bones are made of minerals

45 Topic 3 - $100 c. A rock is made up of one or more minerals

46 c. Minerals are found in Earth Topic 3 - $200

47 Topic 3 - $300 a. Harder than the mineral it scratches

48 Topic 3 - $400 b. Hardness

49 Topic 3 - $500 A. Quartz cannot be scratched with Flourite

50 Topic 4- $100 a. A frying pan

51 Topic 4 - $200 c. Energy from the sun warmed the puddle.

52 Topic 4 - $300 a. A fur cap

53 Topic 4 - $400 d. It evaporates

54 Topic 4 - $500 d. 45 degrees

55 Topic 5 - $100 c. iron

56 Topic 5 - $200 B. an iron nail file B. an iron nail file

57 Topic 5 - $300 A. The middle part

58 Topic 5 - $400 D. Iron nail

59 Topic 5 - $500 A. Unlike poles will attract each other.





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