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SOL Jeopardy MagnetsMatterHabitatsPlantsRandom 400 200 600 800 1000 200 400 600 800 1000 200 400 600 800 1000 200 400 600 800 1000 200 400 600 800 1000.

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3 SOL Jeopardy MagnetsMatterHabitatsPlantsRandom

4 B. leaves A. pencils C. paperclips D. Plastic bottles A magnet will attract

5 Paperclips Bonus Jeopardy

6 Paperclips Click to record $200

7 To repel means to B. float D. melt C. Pull together A. Push apart

8 Push apart Bonus Jeopardy

9 Push apart Click to record $400

10 You have just received a new soccer magnet. Which surface will hold the magnet? B. The refrigerator in the kitchen D. The window C. Wall A. The shower curtain

11 The refrigerator Bonus Jeopardy

12 Wow! Youre good! Refrigerator Click to record $600

13 Items made of the following materials would be attracted to a magnet B. iron C. plastic D. rubber A. wood

14 Iron Bonus Jeopardy

15 iron Click to record $800

16 The needle of a magnetic compass will always find what direction? B. South C. East D. West A. North

17 North Bonus Jeopardy

18 North Click to record $1000

19 What are the three states of matter? A. solid, liquid, gas D. liquid, heat, gas C. solid, gas, clouds B. gas, vapor, liquid

20 Solid, liquid, gas Bonus Jeopardy

21 Solid, Liquid, GasRIGHT! When youre RIGHT, youre RIGHT! Click to record $200

22 A. freeze You place a cube of ice on a table. Over time, it will _______. D. hibernate C. repel B. melt

23 Melt Bonus Jeopardy

24 Melt Genius! That is what it is sheer genius! Click to record $400

25 Which of the following is a solid? A. oxygen D. chair C. water B. milk

26 chair Bonus Jeopardy

27 Chair You just outsmarted me! Click to record $600

28 Which of the following is a gas? A. water D. paper C. pencil B. oxygen

29 Oxygen Bonus Jeopardy

30 Oxygen Click to record $800

31 If you place a glass of water in the freezer, the water will change from a liquid to a_______. A. solid D. magnet C. gas B. liquid

32 solid Bonus Jeopardy

33 Solid Click to record $1000

34 A fur An animal living in a habitat that is cold would have what body covering? D skin C scales B feathers

35 Fur Bonus Jeopardy

36 Fur Click to record $200

37 When a bear hibernates, he ____. A. Growls more D. Runs in the woods C. Sleeps for the winter B. Goes for a walk

38 Sleeps for the winter Bonus Jeopardy

39 Sleeps Youre bouncing along well! Click to record $400

40 A. Cause water to freeze If you cut down trees for lumber, you might B. Make gas vapors C. Make a blizzard D. Take away homes and food

41 Take away homes and food for animals Bonus Jeopardy

42 Take away homes Click to record $600

43 Which of the following could be done to prevent erosion? A. Clean up trash B. Plant trees D. recycle C. Build homes

44 Plant Trees Bonus Jeopardy

45 Plant Trees You are so lucky! Click to record $800

46 There has been a forest fire. Many animals lost their homes. This is an example of _____. A. magnetism B. Condensation D. migration C. How habitats change

47 How habitats change Bonus Jeopardy

48 How habitats change Click to record $1000

49 A. The seed evaporated B. The seed melted C. The seed needed water to grow D. The pumpkin seed grew You plant a seed. You did not water it. Over time you see that the pumpkin plant does not grow. From your observations, you know that _______.

50 The pumpkin seed needed water to grow Bonus Jeopardy

51 The seed needed water Click to record $200

52 What is the life cycle of a plant? A. flower, fruit, seed B. seed, sprout, seedling Flower, fruit C.seed, fruit,blossom D. seed,

53 Bonus Jeopardy

54 Seed, sprout, seeding, flower,fruit Click to record $400

55 Plants could die as a result of______. A. drought B. rain C. sun D. water

56 Drought Bonus Jeopardy

57 drought Click to record $600

58 _________ produces oxygen and food A. Sand B. A magnet C. Plants D. A dog

59 A plant Bonus Jeopardy

60 Plant I hope children never loose their sense of wonder and peace! Click to record $800

61 A garden has soil that has eroded. There has probably been a ______. A. Magnetic force B. hibernation C. drought D. flood

62 Flood Bonus Jeopardy

63 Flood Click to record $1000

64 What is the life cycle of a butterfly? A. egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly B. egg, caterpillar, butterfly C. butterfly, moth, larva D. caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly, egg

65 Egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly Bonus Jeopardy

66 Egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly What a pickle! I am getting so many questions correct! Click to record $200

67 A. hibernation B. migration C. melting D freezing In the winter, you notice there are no summer birds at the bird feeder. This is a result of _____.

68 migration Bonus Jeopardy

69 migration Click to record $400

70 A boa constrictor is a type of snake that lives in the rainforest. The boa constrictor is green. This coloring is an example of _____. A. camouflage B.dormancy C. migration D hibernation

71 camouflage Bonus Jeopardy

72 camouflage Click to record $600

73 Snow, sleet, rain and hail are example of…. A. migration B. precipitation C. evaporation D. condensation

74 Precipitation Bonus Jeopardy

75 Precipitation Click to record $800

76 What is the natural process that removes soil from an area? A. Migration B. Digging C. Erosion D. Friction

77 Erosion Bonus Jeopardy

78 Erosion Click to record $1000

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