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20 pt 30 pt 40 pt 50 pt 10 pt 20 pt 30 pt 40 pt 50 pt 10 pt 20 pt 30 pt 40 pt 50 pt 10 pt 20 pt 30 pt 40 pt 50 pt 10 pt 20 pt 30 pt 40 pt 50 pt 10 pt This.

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1 20 pt 30 pt 40 pt 50 pt 10 pt 20 pt 30 pt 40 pt 50 pt 10 pt 20 pt 30 pt 40 pt 50 pt 10 pt 20 pt 30 pt 40 pt 50 pt 10 pt 20 pt 30 pt 40 pt 50 pt 10 pt This and That The times, they are a changin! Critter Dinner Too Hot!Rock-n-Roll

2 Does the moon produce heat and light?

3 No, the moon only reflects light from the Sun so that we see it from Earth.

4 Describe where your teacher is in comparison to the chalkboard.

5 Did you use phrases like, to the left or one meter in front of?

6 What is the Earths main source of light and heat?

7 The Sun! The Sun provides all of the heat and light the earth needs in order to have living things survive.

8 Ten pounds of ice were taken out of the freezer and put in a sealed container. The container was heated until all of the ice was melted. Then the water inside was poured out and weighed. How much did it weigh?

9 It still weighed 10 pounds. The amount of matter did not change because the container was sealed.

10 How are the gills of a fish and the lungs of a bird alike?

11 Both structures provide a function so the animals can survive. Their function is to provide oxygen.

12 A beautiful oak leaf is on the grass at the foot of an oak tree. Classify the leaf as: Living, non-living, or once living.

13 The oak leaf is once living. It was living while it was on the tree, but no longer is part of the trees living system.

14 Name one stage in the life cycle of a butterfly.

15 Many organisms develop in stages. The stages of a butterflys life cycle are egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

16 Describe what will happen if you put the north pole of one magnet next to the north pole of another magnet.

17 The two magnets will repel, or push away from one another. Magnetic force is observed when magnets repel or attract.

18 What causes the moon to appear to change shape over a month?

19 The lit part of the moon we see from Earth appears to change shape because of the positions of the Earth, the moon, and the sun.

20 On a bright sunny day Freddy notices that the shadow made by the tree in his front yard changes over time. What causes the shadow to look different in the morning than in the afternoon?

21 The sun appears to move across the sky each day from east to west. Around noon it is directly overhead.

22 What do seaweed, mold, fleas, trees, and snakes have in common?

23 They are all living organisms.

24 What is a body covering found on animals?

25 Body coverings are often used to classify animals or sort them into groups. A few body coverings are skin, fur, feathers, and scales.

26 What is the function of most wings?

27 The structure of wings are mostly used for flying.

28 A robin eats a grasshopper. The grasshopper eats a clover in a field. The clover is nourished by rain and sun. The relationship between these organisms can be written as a ____________.

29 food chain. All plants make their own food. All animals depend on plants for a food source, but some also eat other animals.

30 What structure in the skeleton of a lion might tell us the lion is a meat eater?

31 One structure is his sharp teeth that are used for tearing meat. He also has strong muscles used for running as he hunts.

32 If you want to stay cool on a 90 degree day, should you wear your black shirt or your yellow one?

33 Light and energy are absorbed more quickly by dark colors than light ones, so wear your yellow shirt.

34 You fix three cups of hot chocolate for your friends. You put a metal spoon into the first cup, a plastic spoon in the second cup, and a wooden one in the third. Which spoon will feel the hottest after three minutes?

35 The metal spoon will feel hottest because metal is a good conductor of heat energy.

36 If a light bulb is connected to a battery with two wires and the bulb lights, it is called a _______ circuit.

37 closed Closed circuits produce light, heat, sound, and magnetic effects.

38 What is one good conductor of electricity?

39 Most metals are good conductors of electricity. Water also conducts electricity. A few insulators are wood, rubber, and glass. They dont conduct electricity.

40 LaToya held a fork in the flame of a burning candle. Suddenly the handle was so hot she had to put the fork down. This is an example of the flow of energy from an ______ ______ to an ______ __________.

41 energy source to an energy receiver.

42 What is one function of soil?

43 Soil can retain water, support plant growth, and is used as one of earths resources in building materials.

44 The process that changes a rough rock into a smooth one over time is called __________.

45 erosion or weathering. Both are slow processes that change the surface of the earth.

46 The Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky are very rounded at the tops while the peaks of the Rocky Mountains are sharp and pointy. What process caused this difference?

47 Erosion and weathering are slow processes that change the surface of the earthincluding the aging of mountains.

48 What is one material from the earth used in the construction of your school building?

49 Stone, clay, and marble are a few of earths resources used for building.

50 What is one way early Kentucky people used earth materials to survive?

51 They used many earth materials. Some of them were used for building (stone, clay, marble), fuel sources (coal), and for growing plants used for food.

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