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2 New Zealand is an island country in the south-western Pacific Ocean
New Zealand is an island country in the south-western Pacific Ocean. It comprises of three land masses; the North and South Islands and Stewart Island. The estimated 2010 population of New Zealand was 4,397,679.

3 Facts about New Zealand
Population: 4.4 million Languages: English and Maori Capital: Wellington Region – 480,000 Largest City: Auckland 1.3 million Length – 1600km Area – 270,550 sq km

4 New Zealand history dates back to 700 years ago when it was discovered and settled by Polynesians, who developed a distinct Māori culture . Abel Tasman was the first European explorer to discover New Zealand 13th December 1642 although he never set foot on land. In 1769 Captain James Cook arrived in New Zealand. From the late 1790’s whalers, traders and missionaries arrived and established settlements. Captain James Cook Abel Tasman

5 The Treaty of Waitangi – 6th February 1840

6 The Treaty of Waitangi The Treaty of Waitangi is New Zealand's founding document. It takes its name from the place in the Bay of Islands where it was first signed, on 6 February The Treaty is an agreement, in Maori and English, that was made between the British Crown and about 540 Maori chiefs. Growing numbers of British migrants began arriving in New Zealand in the late 1830’s and they planned for extensive settlement. The French were interested in annexing the country but instead the British government moved first. The Treaty was then created and signed by chiefs. As the Maori people agreed to let Britain take sovereignty over New Zealand they were guaranteed full rights of ownership of their lands, forests, fisheries and other possessions; and that Maori would have the rights and privileges of British people.

7 New Zealand Land Wars

8 The New Zealand Land Wars
The New Zealand Land Wars were a series of armed conflicts fought between 1845 and The wars were fought over a number of reasons but the main one was that Maori land was being sold to the setttler population. Even though the Treaty of Waitangi said that the Maori people had full rights to ownership of their land, the colonial government began to ignore the Treaty and allowed it to happen anyway. The Maori people then began to resist the occupation and this eventually led to war. After the war, large areas of land were taken away from the Maori people by the government as a form of punishment for the rebellion.

9 The capital city of New Zealand is Wellington, which is located on the North island. However the largest city is in fact Auckland.

10 ROTORUA Rotorua is a major destination for both domestic and international tourists. It is known for its geothermal activity and is filled with geysers and hot mud pools.

11 Lake Taupo – located in the North Island
Lake Taupo – located in the North Island. It has a surface area of 616 sq km.

12 Waikato River- Longest river in New Zealand
Waikato River- Longest river in New Zealand. It is located in the North Island and runs for 425 km.

13 Maori Culture

14 There are a number of Maori traditions and rituals that are still practiced today. One of the main traditions is the native dance the haka. There are two types of haka; the haka “taparahi” and the “peruperu”. The “taparahi” is usually performed without weapons to express public or private feelings. The “peruperu” is performed with weapons and was generally used before going into battle. Tattooing is also another tradition and generally starts at puberty. All high ranking Maori are tattooed.

15 The North and South Islands are separated by Cook Strait.
The total land area, 268,021 square kilometres is a little less than that of Italy or Japan, and a little more than the United Kingdom. The South Island is the largest land mass of New Zealand, and is divided along its length by the Southern Alps. There are 18 peaks over 3,000 metres the highest of which is Aoraki/Mount Cook at 3,754 metres.

16 Mount Cook or Aoraki

17 The North Island is less mountainous but is marked by volcanism
The North Island is less mountainous but is marked by volcanism. The highly active Taupo volcanic zone has formed a large volcanic plateau, the North Island's highest mountain, Mount Ruapehu, 2,797 metres and a deep crater filled by Lake Taupo, the country's largest lake. The island's north is a flatter area, once covered by huge kauri trees

18 The varied landscape of New Zealand has made it a popular location for the production of television programmes and films, including the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Last Samurai.

19 Other famous films that have been filmed in New Zealand due to the setting and landscape include :
King Kong (by Peter Jackson) The World's Fastest Indian The Piano

20 NATIVE WILDLIFE Kiwi’s are a flightless bird native to New Zealand. There are five recognised species and all of them are endangered. The Kiwi is the national symbol of New Zealand and New Zealanders are known all over the world as Kiwi’s.

21 Tuatara

22 The kākāpō (night parrot) is one of New Zealand’s unique ‘treasures’ and with only 122 known surviving birds it is listed internationally as a critically endangered species

23 FOOD New Zealand food is based mainly around local ingredients and the seasons. New Zealand food can be instead described by the way it is eaten in a relaxed and unaffected way.

24 Pavlova

25 Hu Hu Grubs People say they taste like peanut butter!

26 Hangi A traditional hangi refers to the method of cooking underground with hot rocks and leaves. Various types of meats and vegetables, such as kumara or sweet potato, are wrapped in leaves.These items of wrapped food are then placed in a hole in the ground and cooked with hot stones.

27 Famous people and things
For being the first person to conquer Mount Everest Sir Edmund Hillary

28 Ernest Rutherford - Famous scientist.
The author of the nuclear theory of the atom and the first man to split the atom.

29 Sir Peter Jackson – Famous director
Sir Peter Jackson – Famous director. Works include the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


31 Sport is very popular in New Zealand
Sport is very popular in New Zealand. Some of the most popular sports in New Zealand are rugby, cricket and netball. However Rugby Union is the national sport. New Zealand's national rugby team, the All Blacks, has the best winning record of any national team in the world, and is currently ranked first in the world. At the beginning of a match the All Blacks traditionally perform the a haka, a Māori challenge. This is recognised around the world.

32 Netball is New Zealand’s second most popular sport
Netball is New Zealand’s second most popular sport. The national team the Silver Ferns are currently ranked second in the world.

33 What is New Zealand famous for?
The All Blacks Rugby team There are more than 13 sheep for each person living in New Zealand. Being the first country in the world to give women the vote in 1893. New Zealand is one of only three countries that have two official (and of equal standing) national Anthems. Wellington is the southernmost capital city in the world.

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