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Australia. Australia Basics Island continent Only country that is also a continent.

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1 Australia

2 Australia Basics Island continent Only country that is also a continent

3 Australia Basics Home to 20 million people Canberra is the Capital city Sydney is the most important city Australia is divided into 6 provinces (states)

4 Physical Geography 3 different landscapes and climates Tropical rainforest Northern and eastern coasts Desert Interior 2/3 of the continent Snow- capped mountains Great Dividing Range Southeastern coast

5 The Outback One of the largest and harshest deserts Temperatures can reach 120 F Alice Springs and Cobber Pedy are towns at the center of the Outback People in Cobber Pedy live underground to avoid heat

6 Ayer’s Rock Known as “Uluru” by the Aborigines Very sacred to the Aborigines Aborigines believe the rock is hollow below ground The hollow area is inhabited by dozens of gods These gods created everything during the “Dream Time”

7 The Great Barrier Reef World’s largest coral reef Considered to be the largest living organism on Earth Extreme diversity of aquatic life

8 Human Geography Population Most people live in cities on the coast of Australia “Urban Rim” Southeastern portion of the country Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne Perth- only major city on the west coast Home to the late Crocodile Hunter

9 Sydney Largest and most important city Famous Landmarks Sydney Opera House Sydney Harbor Bridge

10 Economic Geography Tourism is a major deal in Australia Exotic wildlife Koala, kangaroo, crocodile, snakes, spiders, platypus Scuba diving Great barrier reef

11 Economic Geography Ranching Black Angus beef cattle Raised on huge ranches 1.5 million acre ranch Sheep Leading producer of wool Over 150 million sheep

12 Historical Geography Aborigines First people of Australia 100, 000 years ago to the present Longest living culture of any people on earth Suffer from a lot of discrimination Lost their land Most are very poor and uneducated

13 Historical Geography Europeans came to Australia in the late 1700s British and Irish Australia was discovered by Captain James Cook in 1769 In 1788 the British turned Australia into a prison Many Australians have ancestors that were at one time convicts

14 Historical Geography “Land Down Under” Nickname given to Australia by Captain James Cook He thought Australia was like “Hell on Earth” “Water… Water everywhere, but not a drop to drink” Australia is surrounded by water, but it’s all salt water and most of Australia is a desert

15 New Zealand

16 New Zealand Basics Population 3.5 million people live in New Zealand Known as the “Kiwis” After the Kiwi Bird found only in New Zealand Capital city is Wellington New Zealand is nuclear free zone No nuclear weapons or power plants Because of what atomic bombs did to the island of Bikini Atoll

17 Physical Geography Located 1,000 miles Southeast of Australia Consists of 2 main islands North Island and South Island The islands are “high islands” Created by Volcanoes Part of the ring of fire

18 Physical Geography North Island 70% of the country’s population Varied landscape Rolling hills, geysers, and fjords South Island Sparsely populated Only 30% of the people Very rugged mountains

19 Historical Geography Discovered by Captain James Cook in 1769 Violent altercations with the natives Maori First inhabitants of New Zealand 400, 000 Maori in New Zealand today Known for their elaborate tattoos Today 85% of New Zealanders are of European descent 15% are of Maori descent

20 Economic Geography Modern country High standard of living like Australia and the United States Tourism Known for extreme sports Scuba diving, bungee jumping, jet boating, zorbing, fly by wire, rap jumping, and rugby Lord of the Rings movie series was filmed here Ranching Beef, wool, and lamb are most important exports

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