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NEW ZEALAND in the world. It is in the Southern hemisphere.

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1 NEW ZEALAND in the world. It is in the Southern hemisphere.


3 In New Zealand, there are two islands: North Island and South Island + smaller islands. There are only 4,5 million inhabitants.

4 The New Zealand flag : the Union Jack + 4 stars ( the Southern Cross :the 4 brightest stars in the constellation)

5 Wellington,on North Island is the capital city. Its nickname is Windy Welly. Can you imagine why ? The city is famous for its red cable car.

6 New Zealand is part of the Commonwealth of Nations. It’s an organisation of 53 countries of the former British Empire. This is its flag.

7 The members of the Commonwealth are countries from all the continents: for example, the United Kingdom in Europe, the U.S.A or Canada in America, South Africa or Kenya in Africa, India in Asia and Australia or New Zealand in Oceania.

8 Queen Elisabeth II ( the second) is the Head of the Commonwealth. The members are free but united by language, history, culture, economic exchanges … (When she was !)

9 The money is the New Zealand dollar with Queen Elisabeth II ( the second) on banknotes and coins.

10 Here are the Arms of Her Majesty’s New Zealand Government. There isn’t a president but there’s a Prime minister : his name is John Key.

11 New Zealand is a land of contrast : there are beautiful beaches with a subtropical climate. But you can also see dry landscape, for example Pancake Rocks near Punakaiti.

12 But most of the landscape is mountainous. There are many sheep. There are snow-capped mountains too.

13 In New Zealand, the film « the Lords of the Rings » was shot. There are still the small Hobbits’ houses !

14 The Maoris are New Zealand ‘s first inhabitants. Maori folklore is still alive. They celebrate their culture by singing and dancing Haka. The Haka is a war dance to intimidate and frighten enemies.

15 Today the Haka symbolises the power of All Blacks ( the New Zealand rugby team) in the world.

16 A Maori man with Ta moko ( a facial tatoo) and a woman doing Hongi ( traditional Maori greeting : a way of saying hello!)

17 Prince William, Duchess Kate and George on their trip to New Zealand on April 7th, 2014.

18 The kiwi ( = Weka in Maori) is a bird but it can’t fly. It is the national symbol of New Zealand.

19 Penguins and seals also live in New Zealand

20 There are whales too.

21 The Kakapo ( = owl parrot) is a rare, nocturnal bird. It’s endemic to New Zealand.

22 In New Zealand they practise many water sports, like surfing.

23 People are very sporty : they love sport, for example, cricket or hockey. There are male and female teams.

24 There is a typical sport : Lacrosse.

25 There are many tourist attractions: Coromandel Peninsula ( North East ) with sandy beaches and forests.

26 Franz Joseph Glacier in the Westland National Park ( South West)

27 Rotorua is a thermal site with geysers and hot springs. It is in North island.

28 In Tongariro National Park (Mont Tongariro is 1,978 m high), there are lakes and active volcanoes. There was an eruption on August 6th, 2012.

29 Bay of Islands ( there are 144 islands) north of Auckland.

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