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Deer Park High School North Campus

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1 Deer Park High School North Campus
WELCOME CLASS OF 2015 Deer Park High School North Campus

Ernie Salazar – Principal – Evette Powell – AP – (A-K)– Roy Dale Adams – AP – (L-Z)–

3 COUNSELORS Janice Hudson – A-K – 832-668-7305
Meagan Kiefer – L-Z

4 Parent Night February 10th 6:30-8 pm Gaines Mason Auditorium North Campus Parents only, no students Encourage your parents to come!

The counselors will be at the Junior High campuses to Pre-Register students on the following dates: Feb 14 – DPJH 9 AM The 8th graders will visit NC to enter their electives into the computer on the following dates: Feb 17 – DPJH- 9 AM

6 Online Information The Program of Studies is available on the DPISD webpage under the Parents and Students links. The Program of Studies is also available on the North Campus webpage. Pre-Registration form is Available Online Registration form for Flex Class Online Information concerning Virtual School Online Information concerning STARR/EOC

7 SCHEDULES Schedules reflect 7 classes. If a student chooses to enroll in a flex class their schedule will have 8 classes. Lunch is included in the schedule and is determined by the fourth period class. A certain lunch period can not be requested. Teacher requests cannot be honored.

8 HOW TO EARN A CREDIT One credit is earned for each class you pass with a 70 or better. A student schedule has 7 classes per semester, so you may earn 3.5 credits per semester or 7 credits for the year. Must earn at least 5 credits to move to DP South

Students will be classified at the beginning of each school year according to the number of credits earned. Grade Credits 9 0-4.5 10 5-11.5 11 12 19-26 Graduation 26

10 How to Graduate Earn 26 credits total 2-3 credits of Foreign Language
1 credit of Fine Arts 4 credits of English 1 credit PE 4 credits of Math 1 credit Technology 4 credits of Science ½ credit Speech 4 credits of Social Studies ½ credit Health 3- 4 Elective Credits

11 Ninth Grade CORE COURSES
ENGLISH English I English PAP MATH Algebra I Algebra I Honors Geometry Geometry PAP Algebra II PAP SCIENCE Biology Biology PAP SOCIAL STUDIES World Geography World Geography PAP

12 REQUIRED ELECTIVES Elective Credits Required
Communication Applications (Teen Leadership at North) 0.5 Fine Arts 1** Foreign Language 2 Health (equivalencies for Health can be found on page 45 in the Program for Studies) Physical Education (equivalencies for PE can be found on page 45 in the Program for Studies) 1 Technology 1* *Technology and Fine Arts classes must be 2 semesters of same class.

13 ELECTIVES Art** Band** Business Information Management* Choir**
Communication Applications Construction Management Debate Desktop Publishing* Electronics French I French I PAP German I Health Principles of Agriculture Touch Systems Data Entry Orchestra** Principles of Architecture and Construction Principles of Human Services Reading Improvement Spanish I Spanish I PAP Spanish Speakers Principles of Manufacturing* Theatre Arts** * Tech Credit. ** Fine Arts Credit. Speech credit is not awarded for debate.

14 Physical Education (PE)
PE – Team Sports PE – Aerobics PE – Weightlifting Aerobics - Dance For PE waiver of credits, refer to page 17 of the Program of Studies for detailed requirements. ROTC and Marching Band may count as PE credits.

15 ATHLETICS If you would like to sign up for athletics, only sign up for ONE sport. Sign up for the sport that is played first. Sport Contact Baseball Emerick Jagneaux Basketball boys Louie Means Basketball girls Theresa White Cross Country boys Russell Elfstrom Cross Country girls Mike Walker Diving John Lewis Football Chris Massey

16 ATHLETICS continued… Sport Contact Athletic Training Jim Davidson
Golf Mark Boyd Soccer boys Jerry Hurtado Soccer girls Todd McBride Softball Mary Siebert Swimming boys/girls John Lewis Tennis Will Rau Volleyball Gay Sabatell

Algebra I Algebra II Biology English French I Geometry Spanish I World Geography

Grade of 80 or above in the preceding honors class, or 90 and better in the preceding general class. Commended score on TAKS test Recommendation of the teacher. Placement test (for Algebra I Honors only).

19 Algebra I Honors This course is designed to give the talented mathematics student enriching experiences that will aid in the preparation for advanced honors mathematics courses. The basic goals and objectives are the same as Algebra I, although the course is more rigorous.

20 Algebra I Honors Completed application received by deadline
8th grade math teacher recommendation 8th grade math TAKS commended level (45 or higher) Yearly average of 85 or higher in 8th grade math Meets the standard on an Algebra Diagnostic Test

Deer Park High School 4 Year Plan Graduation requirements for students entering the 9th grade in can be found on page 21 of the Program of Studies.

22 GRADE POINT AVERAGE Numeric Honors Average Alternate 100 6.0 5.0 4.0
99 5.9 4.9 3.9 90 3.0 89 2.9 80 2.0 79 1.9 70 1.0 69 and lower 0.0 on all levels

23 Pre-Registration Form

24 CAUSES OF FAILURE Research has shown that academic failure on the ninth grade level is caused by the following: Failure to do homework Attendance Failure to ask for assistance when falling behind Removal from class whether disciplinary or otherwise (ISS or DAEP).

25 DRESS CODE North Campus follows the district dress code policy. This can be found in the Student Handbook or on the Deer Park website ( ID’s MUST be worn to enter the building and kept on throughout the entire school day.

26 Mandatory Flex Class A student entering the ninth grade who failed more than one core class during his or her eighth grade year shall be required to enroll in flex period class assigned by the principal or designee.

The following 8th grade students are required to enroll in summer school at Deer Park High School North Campus: Those students who fail more than one core subject for the year Those students who fail the Mathematics or Reading TAKS test three times There is a fee to take the course. This required elective is called Path to Success.

28 Changes from TAKS to STAAR
Class of 2015 is the first who must meet the end-of-course (EOC) testing requirements. This will include 12 assessments; English I, English II, English III, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, World Geography, World History, and U. S. History. Each assessment will count as 15% of a student’s grade in the corresponding course. More information will be available later.

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