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8 th grade Transition to High School. Revised February 3, 2014 FOUNDATION GRADUATION PLAN WITH ENDORSEMENT.

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1 8 th grade Transition to High School


3 Endorsement Areas  ARTS AND HUMANITIES Political science, literature, world languages, cultural studies, history and fine arts.  BUSINESS & INDUSTRY Information technology, database management, marketing, accounting, finance, graphic design, architecture, construction, welding, automotive technology, agriculture, vet science, culinary arts and hospitality.  MULTIDISCIPLINARY This endorsement provides students the opportunity to take a variety of courses from each of the other four endorsement areas.  PUBLIC SERVICE Health science occupations, education, law enforcement, cosmetology, and JROTC  STEM Science, Technology-including computer science, Engineering, and advanced Math.

4 FOUNDATION PLAN COURSES Revised February 3, 2014 GRADUATION PLAN Academic Discipline Endorsement Distinguished* *Possibly Eligible for top 10% automatic admissions to Texas public 4-year institutions DisciplineCredits English4 4 Math4 4* Science4 4 Social Studies3 3 Foreign Language2 2 Fine Arts1 1 Physical Education1 1 Electives7 7 Total Credits for Graduation: 26 *must include Algebra 2

5 Requirements to Graduate Earn the 26 required State Credits Pass all 5 EOC tests

6 Required 5 EOC Tests Algebra 1 English 1 English 2 Biology US History

7 Students Entering 9 th Grade Each student selects (in writing) an endorsement area.

8 Plan For The Future Grade 9 * Attend Freshman Orientation * Strive for good grades * GPA begins with 9 th grade * Develop a student resume/portfolio (keep Guidance Handbook in this file) * Become involved - make an impact

9 A Day In the Life at High School 7:25 am--2:30 pm 7 periods each day 50 minute classes 6 minute passing time Each student assigned counselor & principal according to last name

10 FOUR YEAR PLAN Revised February 3, 2014


12 Pre-AP/AP/Dual Credit Rigorous coursework & more homework “Extra” grade points Be better prepared for college AP/Dual Credit Used for Performance Acknowledgment Earn college credit

13 PreAP Frequent Questions Who can take PreAP classes? They are open enrollment, but student, parent & counselor input is imperative. Can be a very difficult decision. What if a student is struggling in a PreAP class? A student may choose to exit a PreAP course (regardless of student performance) a. 1 st 6 wks, preferably when 6 WK grade is available or b. At the end of the semester c. Exit decision approved by parent, teacher & counselor/adm. Is there any limit to the number of PreAP courses one can take? No, but must consider the student’s needs & overall course load.

14 Options for meeting PE requirement 1 year of PE or Equivalent – PE – Dance – Athletics – Cheerleading (S1 only) – ROTC (substitution) – Drill Team (substitution) – Marching Band (S1 only, sub.) Can earn up to 4 PE/Equivalent credits

15 Options to meet other Required Coursework 2 years of the same Foreign Language – Spanish – French – German – Latin 1 year of Fine Arts – Art – Band – Choir – Dance – Orchestra – Theatre Arts (Performing or Production

16 Your High School Transcript It is your scorecard! Starts with 9 th grade It is how colleges will evaluate you. It is the official record of: student efforts/grades.

17 Sample High School Report Card Total of 3.5 credits earned for this report card.

18 Semester Grades Are Based on : Three Six Weeks Grades & the Semester Exam FirstSix Weeks= 28% SecondSix Weeks= 28% ThirdSix Weeks= 28% SemesterExam= 16% Each semester stands ALONE! The first and second semesters are not averaged together for a passing grade.

19 9 th Grade Elective Options Semester Touch System Data Entry Principles of Business, Marketing, & Finance Money Matters Principles of Human Services Retailing & E-tailing Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Professional Communications Principles of Construction (KF only) Principles of Manufacturing (KF & KO only) Full year Principles of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Business Information Management 1 Concepts of Engineering & Architecture ROTC

20 Technology ♦ Computer Science 1 (regular or PreAP) ♦ Prerequisite is Alg 1 with a B Average (Recommended) ♦ Fundamental Computer Science (grades 9-12) ♦ Game Program Design (grades 9-12) ♦ Mobile Application Development (grades 9-12) ♦ Robotics Program Design (grades 9-12) ♦ Web Design (grades 9-12)

21 Begin with the End in Mind What is your career interest? What Programs of Study and/or specialized schools of choice will prepare you for your postsecondary education and/or career training? Which Endorsement will you earn? Plan NOW!

22 Schools of Choice International Baccalaureate (Klein Oak) International Business Academy (Klein Forest) ** Application process required.

23 7 Period Day Don’t overload 9th gd schedule! Consider extra curricular activities when selecting classes Schedule change deadlines will be honored! No schedule changes after 3:00 p.m., June 12, 2015 No schedule changes after 3:00 p.m., June 12, 2015

24 Meet with Counselor Bring Course Request Form Review at home via Parent Connection Online Data Entry

25 FAQ For more information please visit: The high school counselor webpage at:

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