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Moving up to 7 th Grade 2015-2016 Course Selection McMeans Junior High Bobcats.

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1 Moving up to 7 th Grade 2015-2016 Course Selection McMeans Junior High Bobcats

2 Welcome  Looking forward to a new year  New challenges  New opportunities  New responsibilities  One year closer to high school!

3 New Course Description Guide Course catalog can be found on the Katy ISD webpage under Students and then Graduation Requirements.  7-12 Planning Guide  General Information  Course Descriptions  Placement Criteria  Athletic Information  Basic Calendar

4 Factors in the Scheduling Process  Staffing  Class size  Availability of course  Core course selection  Number of electives offered

5 Required Classes for 7 th Grade Year  English  Reading  Math  Social Studies  Science  PE or Athletics  Elective

6 Academic Placement  Pre-AP English Reading Social Studies Science Math *1 year commitment  Rigorous Curriculum  More challenging  Expect more homework  Outside projects and extra reading  Strong work ethic, motivated  Will prepare you for AP classes in high school

7 Enrichment Classes: Math Block and Reading Elective  All students STAAR scores will be reviewed  Students needing assistance will be placed in mandatory enrichment class  Previous years will be examined as well.  Do your best on STAAR!

8 Electives (Pick 1)  Career Portals/ FCS (Family Consumer Science)  Theater Arts  Art  Publications I  Band  Orchestra  Girl’s Choir  Boy’s Choir  Spanish 1A * Athletics (approval in spring 2015)

9 Band

10 Orchestra

11 Choir

12 Theatre Arts

13 Career Portals/Family and Consumer Science

14 Publications  Requirements: 1. Application from Mr.Gibson. 2. Approval from your Language Arts teacher.

15 Art I or Art II ?? Art I  Did not take Art in 6 th grade but would like to take JH Art in 7 th grade. Art II  Have taken and passed Art I in 6 th grade.

16 Spanish  7th Grade students can take Spanish 1A  Students can take Spanish 1B in 8 th grade to receive 1 credit of Spanish 1  Students can wait and take Accelerated Spanish 1 8 th grade year for 1 credit of Spanish 1  To take Spanish 1A you must get your English teacher’s recommendation and must have an average of 85 or higher.

17 Important Dates  Course selections sheets are due to your Social Studies teacher on February 3, 2015.  Make sure your parent signs the sheet!  Counselors will come to your Social Studies room on a selected date to meet with you one on one and help you input courses.  You must have your course selection sheet with you!!  You will receive a verification sheet later in April.

18 Q & A  Any questions?

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