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PLANNING YOUR HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM Course Selection Welcome to the Sophomore Course Selection Process. The sophomore year is one in which careful planning.

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4 Course Selection Welcome to the Sophomore Course Selection Process. The sophomore year is one in which careful planning must be done to ensure all requirements for your graduation are met. There are many important decisions to be made. It is imperative that you carefully follow the instructions.

5 Students are classified by the number of academic credits they have earned at the beginning of each year. Freshman Entering High School in the Fall of 2015 GradeCredit 90-5 10 5 ½ -11 ½ 11 12-18 ½ 12 19-above CLASS STANDING




9 How To Make Your Sophomore Course Selections


11  1. Fill out your last name, first name.  2. Current English teacher and period you have English.  3. Fill out your grade level (for next year)  4. ****Note where you and your parents will sign the form. Personal Information


13 First Column (Fall) 1. Fill out course # 2. Fill out course name Second Column (Spring) 3. Repeat course # and course name 4. Obtain teacher initials as required. Course Selection List


15 List 3 alternates for your counselor to choose from. The first alternate will be chosen first. If you do not list alternates, the counselor will choose for you. List Alternates


17  Please read the Schedule Change Procedure carefully…you will be following these guidelines for any changes you might request.  You will have an opportunity to view your choices during Course Verification homeroom later this spring. This will be your last time to make changes. CRHS Schedule Change Policy



20 All Sophomores will take English 2. Choose one of the following: 0102 English 2 0112 English 2 Pre-AP* 0108 English 2 Pre-AP/GT* 0123 English SOL 2* ( * requires teacher signature) English

21 Which math should I take?

22 0223 Geometry 0224 Geometry Pre-AP* 0226 Geometry Pre-AP/GT* 0261 Algebra 2 0262 Algebra 2 Pre-AP* 0263 Algebra 2 Pre-AP/GT* ( * requires teacher signature) ( Please refer to your current math teacher for next year’s math course selection.) Math

23 0404 IPC (does not count toward DAP; by teacher recommendation) 0421 Chemistry 0422 Chemistry Pre-AP* 0420 Chemistry Pre-AP/GT* (* requires teacher signature) Science

24 . Choose one of the following: 0301 World History 0302 World History Pre-AP* 0305 AP World History* 0306 AP World History GT* ( * requires teacher signature) Social Studies

25 If you haven’t already done so, it is strongly recommended that you start your foreign language during your Sophomore year. Minimum of two years of the same foreign language is required for graduation. Choose from the following: FrenchJapanese GermanAmerican Sign Language SpanishChinese Foreign Language

26 All students must have 1 year of Physical Education to meet graduation requirements Choose from the following: Individual & Team Sports or Aerobic Activity. There are alternate ways to receive PE credit such as off-campus PE, band, athletics, cheerleading (1 credit), and Cougar Stars (Drill Team; 1 credit). All athletics (non PE classes) require coach’s signature. Physical Education

27 All students are required to take one semester of Health to meet graduation requirements. 0505 Health (If you are planning on being a part of the Health Careers program at Miller Career Center, you must take Principles of Health Science (8093) in place of Health next year. Your junior year, you will take HST1. PHS will give you the health credit (spring) plus an additional ½ credit toward your electives; fall) Health

28 Electives must include a communication skills component, earned through  Professional Communications (1520)  Debate  Professional Standards in Agribusiness  Teen Leadership  Theatre  Dual Credit Speech

29 All students must have one full year of the same Fine Art. These classes can be used as elective credit after completion of the required fine art credit. Choose from the following: Band, Orchestra, Choir, Art, Theatre Arts, Tech Theatre, Floral Design, Dance, and Digital Arts Animation (Some courses may require teacher signature) Fine Art

30 Students are no longer required to take a technology class but are highly encouraged to enroll in a technology class as an elective choice. Technology Course (Computer Classes)

31 The remainder of the courses on the Course Request Worksheet may be used as electives. Some are one semester only and some are full year courses. Some require prerequisite and/or teacher approval. Miller Career and Technical Center courses require an application as well as campus Diversified Career Prep programs. Some require more than one period. (Jr./Sr. only) Please refer to the course catalogue for course descriptions. Electives

32 Choose three alternate courses/electives in case a course you have chosen is not offered. Alternate Selections

33 Looking ahead in the spring of your sophomore year you have the opportunity to apply for classes at Miller. If you plan on applying for the Practicum in Health Science – clinical rotation at Miller, you must take Principles of Health Science (8093) and Health Science 1 as prerequisites. For more information refer to the course catalogue and/or brochures in the counselor’s office. Miller Career Center

34 Your card must have all sections completed. Please write neatly. Please choose courses wisely, as staff is hired based on your course selections. Course selection cards are due to your English teacher no later than January 30 to your English teacher. (Be sure to include you alternate selections) Course Request Worksheet 2015-2016

35 Enjoy Your Sophomore Year Class of 2018

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