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Kingwood High School Welcomes Parents of the Class of 2016.

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1 Kingwood High School Welcomes Parents of the Class of 2016

2 Kingwood High School offers: New opportunities New responsibilities New challenges New privileges Mustang Spirit

3 Communication Email provides the quickest response KHS Website – Counseling Page School email through PTSA HAC

4 We have Choices! Choices Planner is the new career exploration & high school & college planning service for HISD students & parents. Course registration is now completed through Choices Planner.

5 HISD Course Guide (available on the KHS website) Graduation Requirements Grade Point Equivalencies GPA Explanation Award of Credit Recommended Course Placement Course Descriptions

6 26 Credit Recommended Graduation Plan 4 years each of: English, Math, Science & Social Studies 2 years of one Language Other Than English One semester of Communication Applications Two semesters of PE/Athletics/Substitute One year of Fine Art 5.5 credits of electives

7 English English 1: –Level is College Prep –PreAP prepares students for the AP Curriculum –Gifted & Talented offers a differentiated & accelerated program encouraging student involvement through varied instruction Both PreAP & GT earn honors grade points. Additional requirements: English 2 - 4

8 Math Requirements: –Algebra 1 –Geometry –Algebra 2 –An additional upper level math, i.e. Algebra 3, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics, Calculus *Math Models counts on the Minimum Plan and on Recommended if taken BEFORE Algebra 2.

9 Science ALL freshmen take Biology (Level or PreAP) Additional requirements for graduation: –Chemistry –Physics –An additional 4 th lab science: Anatomy & Physiology, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Aquatic Science, Environmental Systems, and many others.

10 Social Studies ALL freshmen take World Geography (Level or PreAP) Additional requirements for graduation: –World History –US History –Government (.5) –Economics (.5)

11 Languages Other Than English 2 years of one Language required American Sign Language 1 through 4 French 1 through 4 German 1 through 4 Latin 1 through 4 Spanish 1 through 5 *Distinguished Plan requires 3 years + additional Advanced Measures.

12 Fine Arts One year required Art Theater Arts Tech Theater Band Choir Orchestra Dance

13 PE One year required May choose from: –PE classes (each 1 semester) –PE substitutes such as – Band (Fall semester counts for PE) NJROTC Cheerleading (match with Aerobic Activities) Sports Dance 1

14 Electives 5.5 credits required Includes any state credited courses not required for graduation: –Technology Applications –Business Management & Finance –Agriculture –Architecture & Construction –Human Services –Additional courses in any required subject area –And many more!

15 NJROTC Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Navy Science 1 – 4 –Counts as elective credit or may substitute for PE Naval Science coursework supplemented with community service, drill competitions, field meets, military training & much more

16 AVID in-school academic support program that prepares students for college eligibility and success places academically average students in advanced classes an elective & speech credit students must take 1 honors/upper level course

17 Why take Honors/PreAP/AP classes? Great preparation for college success Earn additional grade points in GPA Possible college credit through AP Exams &/or Dual Credit Teach students to think, read & write critically & analytically

18 S uccess in Honors/AP requires students who are: Self-motivated, hard-working & who enjoy academic challenge & rigor Capable of success with challenging material presented at a faster pace Willing to take assignments beyond basic requirements Able to have time to devote & still be kids!

19 Homework Expectations Level classes: –30 minutes per class per night Honors/AP classes: –45 minutes per class per night

20 Changes? Change requests may be turned in to current Counselor with parent signature. No changes will be made after last day of this school year which includes Stang Camp. New HISD schedule change policy: Students are expected to remain in PreAP/AP courses for a full semester.

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