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Los Mandatos con Complementos Directos e Indirectos.

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1 Los Mandatos con Complementos Directos e Indirectos

2 En inglés In English for both affirmative and negative commands we place the pronouns AFTER the verb. Give me the papers. Dont do it.

3 En español… We have different rules for pronoun placement. The pronoun placement is different for affirmative and negative commands.

4 Los Mandatos Afirmativos… Remember AAA Affirmative Attach Accent If it is an affirmative command, (telling someone to do something) attach the pronoun to the command and if it is MORE than 2 syllables add an accent mark. BOOM BOOM BAM! Take us to the supermarket. Llévenos al supermercado.

5 Los Mandatos Afirmativos… Otro ejemplo: Put them (las fresas) on the table. What is the command? Ponga What is the pronoun? las Where do I put it? AAA Póngalas en la mesa.

6 Inténtenlo… Beat them. (los huevos/ud.) Give me the paper. (uds.) Add it to the food. (la sal/ud.) Try them. (los ingredientes/uds.)

7 Las respuestas: Bátalos. Denme el papel. Añádala a la comida. Pruébenlos.

8 Los Mandatos Negativos: With negative commands you place the pronoun before the verb and after the no. Dont give her the onion. No le dé la cebolla. Dont mix them. (los ingredientes) No los mezcle.

9 Inténtenlo… Dont cook them. (las espinacas/uds.) Dont give them the salt.(uds.) Dont serve it. (la lechuga/ud.) Dont buy it. (el vinagre/ud.)

10 Las respuestas: No las cocinen. No les den la sal. No la sirva. No lo compre.

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