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Mandatos Afirmativos en Tú (affirmative Tú commands)

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1 Mandatos Afirmativos en Tú (affirmative Tú commands)

2 Mandatos Afirmativos en Tú
Informal (Tú) commands- What are commands (mandatos) and when do we use them? Affirmative Commands vs. Negative Commands

3 Mandatos Afirmativos en Tú
To turn a regular conjugating verb into a command in the Tú form just use the Usted Él Ella form of the verb in the present tense. For example, give the correct affirmative Tú form of the following verbs:

4 Mandatos Afirmativos en Tú
Hablar Correr Compartir habla corre comparte Ayudar Beber Escribir ayuda bebe escribe

5 Irregulares There are 8 irregulars that you need to know:
Tener ten Venir ven Poner pon Salir sal Decir di Ser Ir ve* Hacer haz *Importante- the affirmative Tú command form for ir (ve) is exactly the same as the affirmative Tú command form for the verb ver (ve). In this case you must rely on context to understand the meaning of the verb.

6 ¡Canción! Ten Ven Pon Sal Di Ve Haz ¡Mandatos Positivos!

7 D.O.P.’s In English and Spanish alike, we often use
direct object pronouns in conjunction with commands. For example: Help me! Open it! Tell her! Wake up! The direct object pronouns are the same as the ones that you are already familiar with:

8 D.O.P.’s Singular Plural me nos te X lo la los las

9 D.O.P.’s ***Importante- If you use a direct object pronoun with an affirmative command, attach the pronoun to the end of the command. Don’t forget accent marks where necessary! Do it! - ¡Hazlo! Help me!- ¡Ayúdame! Wake up! (familiar) - ¡Levántate!

10 Useful Verbs for Cooking
Abrir- to open Cortar- to cut Amasar- to knead Fritar- to fry Añadir- to add Mezclar- to mix Asar- to roast Pelar- to peel Batir- to beat/whisk Preparar- to prepare Calentar (e-ie)- to heat up Picar- to chop Cocinar- to cook Sacar- to take out

11 A Practicar Give the correct command form of the verbs that are given.
Cocinar cocina Pelar pela Batir bate Mezclar mezcla Poner pon

12 A Practicar Translate the following sentences: Turn right! Turn left!
Ask for directions! Go straight! Drive slower! Pass it (m)! Be careful! Wait for me! Leave me in peace! Stop the car! Help her! Tell him! Eat them (f)! Write us! Wash your hands!

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