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Mandatos Afirmativos con tú Affirmative tú commands.

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1 Mandatos Afirmativos con tú Affirmative tú commands

2 Mandatos Afirmativos Con Tú (Affirmative tú Commands) When you tell someone to do something you are using an affirmative command. When you tell one person (a friend or family member) in Spanish to do something you are using an affirmative tú command. For example: Give me your homework/ Tell me the answers to the Spanish test/ Go away are commands.

3 Here is how you give an affirmative command to someone you address as tú The affirmative tú command form for regular and stem –change verbs is the same as the él / ella / Ud. form of the present tense

4 Elena is answering the phone: Elena contesta el teléfono. Elena, answer the phone!(affirm com.) ¡Elena, contesta el teléfono! Pepe opens the door. Pepe abre la puerta. Pepe, open the door ! (affirm com.) Pepe, abre la puerta.

5 Graciela is coming back early Graciela vuelve temprano. Graciela, come back early! ( ¡Graciela, vuelve temprano ! All stem change verbs keep their stem change in the command form

6 Verbos Irregulares en el Mandato Afirmativo con tú Not all verbs form the affirmative command with the él / ella/ Ud. form of the present tense The following irregular vebs can be best remembered by the silly sentence: Prepared High School Students Do Very Important Things

7 P = poner = pon H= hacer = haz S = salir = sal S = ser = sé D= decir = di V= venir = ven I = ir = ve T= tener = ten

8 Write the following commands that you might hear your profesor de español give you in class. Write your name. Escribe tu nombre. Do your homework. Haz la tarea. Repeat the answer. Repite la respuesta. Put your book on the floor. Pon tu libro en el suelo. Take out your book. Saca tu libro.

9 Write the following commands your parents would give you to do at home before going out. Cut the grass. Corta el césped. Sweep the hallway. Barre el pasillo. Plug in the electric cord. Enchufa el cordón eléctrico. Unplug the vacuum. Desenchufa la aspiradora. Clean your room. Limpia tu dormitorio.

10 Write the following commands you would give a friend. Buy lunch now. Compra el almuerzo ahora. Look for my books. Busca mis libros. Tell the truth. Di la verdad. Tell a joke. Cuenta un chiste. Come back now. Vuelve ahora.

11 Things you would tell the cleaning lady. Wash my clothes. Lava mi ropa. Run the vacuum in my room. Pasa la aspiradora en mi dormitorio. Make the bed. Haz la cama. Set the table. Pon la mesa. Go to the supermarket. Ve al supermercado.

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