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The Beginning of the French Revolution

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1 The Beginning of the French Revolution
PHASE ONE: From Estates-General to National Assembly

2 Causes of Revolution Enlightenment ideas American Revolution
Old Regime Privileges of 1st & 2nd estate Burdens of the 3rd estate Financial crisis – impending bankruptcy…

3 Any thoughts on how France found itself on the brink of bankruptcy?

4 French Financial Crisis
Extravagance (Versailles) Debt from wars Aided American Revolution Banks refuse to lend money Crop Failure

5 French Financial Crisis
France Needed Money!!!! Louis XVI called The Estates General hoping to agree on new taxes to be applied to the First & Second Estates

6 Estates-General 1789 Had not met since 1614
Delegates of the 3rd Estate wanted a joint meeting of all Estates with each delegate voting as an individual King refused – locked out 3rd Estate!

7 National Assembly & Tennis Court Oath
3rd Estate delegates met on an indoor tennis court & created the National Assembly…

8 National Assembly & Tennis Court Oath
Took the Tennis Court Oath - promised not to disband until they had written a constitution for France First deliberate act of the revolution!!

9 Why was the creation of the National Assembly considered an act of revolution?

10 Call to Revolt King ordered other estates to join the National Assembly, BUT called for troops in Paris Debates raged in streets, sometimes violent

11 Call to Revolt Rebellion grew King gathered more troops
Paris citizens became fearful that the King would dissolve the National Assembly & halt reforms so they took action…

12 Storming the Bastille Bastille (Paris prison); symbolized injustices of the monarchy Huge mob surrounded Bastille & attempted to steal weapons to defend the National Assembly Forced way into prison; freed prisoners

13 Storming the Bastille Soldiers opened fire 98 rioters killed
Rioters took over prison

14 Liberated prisoners parading later in the day

15 The Great Fear After Bastille, wave of violence swept France
Rumors that nobles hired robbers to kill peasants & take property

16 The Great Fear Peasants react; arm themselves
Swear to never pay feudal dues again Drive off landlords & destroyed records The First Wave of the French Revolution had struck!

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