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Revolution Threatens the French King

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1 Revolution Threatens the French King




5 I. Background… 1700s – France seen as most advanced in Europe
Unrest: unequal taxes, high prices Questions raised by Enlightenment thinkers American Revolution

6 Questions: Why do you think other countries would have considered France to be an advanced country? What kinds of troubles was France having? How could Enlightenment ideas be dangerous in an unstable country?

7 II. The Three Estates 1st Estate: Roman Catholic Church
Paid little taxes, held office, DID make strong ties with peasants 2nd Estate: Rich nobles, owned 20% of land What do you think this cartoon symbolizes?

8 3rd Estate: 98% of population, 3 groups:
Bourgeoisie – merchants, artists ~ educated, rich, wanted privileges City workers – cooks, servants, etc. ~ low wages, hungry Peasants – largest group (80% of pop.) ~ ½ of income paid in taxes

9 Questions: How did the peasants feel about the clergy?
What did the bourgeoisie want? Who was paying the most in taxes in France? (How do you think they felt about this?) What would you do in a situation where you couldn’t afford to buy food for you or your family?

10 III. The Forces of Change
Enlightenment Ideas/ American Revolution inspired Third Estate Economic troubles – business declining, cost of living increasing, heavy taxes, government in debt, Mary Antoinette spending… Louis XVI a weak leader, borrowed more $ King called called a meeting of the Estates-General on May 5, 1789 at Versailles to address budget crisis

11 Questions: How would you feel about your leaders if they were lavishly spending money while you were broke? Pretend that you are Louis XVI. What laws would you make to fix the problems in France? What do you predict will happen at the meeting of the Estates-General?

12 IV. Dawn of the Revolution
3 Three Estates meet, each has 1 vote Third Estate wanted each delegate to have a vote King ordered old rules Third Estate created the National Assembly, new government Tennis Court Oath – new constitution, joined by other members of first two estates 2 1 One Vote EACH

13 Questions: Who do you think should have the right to vote in America? (Should children?) Why do you think many members of the First and Second Estates joined the National Assembly?

14 V. A Great Fear Sweeps France
July 14, 1789 mob stormed the Bastille (Paris prison) to get arms (afraid of rumors); killed guards, celebrated today Rumors that nobles hired outlaws to attack peasants, created Great Fear, destroyed property – feudal documents October, Paris women rioted over bread, took royal family back to Paris

15 Questions: Why did the mob attack the Bastille? What significance does it have today for France? What would you have done if you were a noble in France during the Great Fear? What would you have done if you were a peasant?

16 Timeline of Causes of the French Revolution Draw a picture and explain the significance underneath each event to help you remember it. 1700s: Enlightenment Philosophes challenge Old Order 1780s: France suffers from crushing debt May 20, 1789: Tennis Court Oath – Creation of National Assembly Late July, 1789: Great Fear 1776: American Revolution May 5, 1789: Meeting of Estates General July 14, 1789: Storming of the Bastille October 5,1789: Bread Riot of the Women


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