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French Revolution.

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1 French Revolution

2 Background on France 1700s France was most advanced country of Europe
Large population & prosperous foreign trade Center of the Enlightenment

3 Social Problems Old Regime- people divided into 3 large social classes or “estates” 1st Estate Roman Catholic Church & Clergy Owned 10% of land in France Provided education to poor and only 2% of income to government 2nd Estate Rich nobles Owned 20% of land Paid almost no taxes 1st & 2nd estates rejected enlightenment ideas because it threatened their status as privileged people

4 Social Problems Cont’d
3rd Estate 97% of the population 3 groups within this class Bourgeoise- middle class (bankers, factory workers, merchants, skilled professionals) Believed in enlightenment ideas Many were as rich as the nobles but paid much higher taxes City workers- cooks, servants, & others who were poorly paid & often unemployed Peasants- 80% of the French population (20/26 million) Farm workers Paid roughly ½ of their income to church or nobles

5 3 Factors of Revolution Enlightenment Ideas
People inspired by American revolution Began demanding EQUALITY, liberty, & democracy to fix their society

6 3 Factors of Revolution 2. Economic Troubles Economy was in decline
Good production/trade but taxes made workers no profits Crop failures (bad winter)- caused starvation

7 3 Factors of Revolution Inherited debt
3. Weak Leader- Louis 16th Inherited debt Doubled debt by helping American’s win independence Paid little attention to advisers & didn’t like government business Marie Antoinette (Queen of France) Interfered w/ gov. business and offered poor advice Spent lots of $ on gowns, jewels, gambling, & gifts Very unpopular in France “Madame Deficit”

8 King’s Solution Did not cut expenses Raised taxes on nobility
Forced king to call a meeting of delegates from each estate to discuss tax issue

9 Revolution In previous meetings each estate got 1 vote- 1st & 2nd estate always voted with each other 3rd Estate- had more delegates than others combined Wanted each delegate to have a vote National Assembly- 3rd Estate Claimed to represent all people Ended absolute monarchy Beginning of representative democracy in France 1st act of the revolution Tennis Court Oath Locked out of meeting room Broke down door to indoor tennis court and promised not to leave until they had formed a new constitution

10 Revolution Cont’d Fall of Bastille
French citizens took control of a prison 1st act of violence Celebrated like 4th of July

11 Great Fear Rebellion spreading throughout France
Rumors that nobles were hiring outlaws to terrorize citiens Great Fear Wave of panic throughout France Peasants began to storm gov. buildings destroying documents, demanding food, and stealing supplies Broke into palace of Versailles, killed the guards, demanded King & Queen return to Paris This signaled a change in power and reforms that were about to over take France

12 Veteran’s Day Bonus 5 Point Option 10 Point Option Find a veteran
Write down NAME, BRANCH (Marines, Army, etc.), and years served Thank them for their service 10 Point Option ALL of the above Take a picture with them and bring it to show me

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