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OC / T Test Your Name: Date: Your Name Date Click to begin Exam.

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1 OC / T Test Your Name: Date: Your Name Date Click to begin Exam

2 Which of the following statements is NOT a Cold Steel Imperative? Every Soldier is a competent, fit, and professional trainerA. Train to tough, relevant, and realistic Army Standards in a safe and disciplined manner B. Conduct AAR's in order to allow the training unit to identify its strengths and weaknesses C. Build the team-internally and externally where everyone is valued and dignity and respect are the watchwords D.

3 What is an OC/T's first priority? SafetyA. Training to standardsB. Preparing a composite risk management worksheetC.

4 Which of the following statements is NOT part of Brigade and Division West's "Big 5"? Get better everydayA. No accidents or serious injuriesB. Maintain the Warrior EthosC. Remain in proper uniform when in the training unit's presenceD.

5 According to the SROE / XROE, pyrotechnics will never be used or thrown closer than __________ to any role players. 10 metersA. 25 feetB. 25 metersC. 50 feetD.

6 How many parts of an AAR are there? 2A. 3B. 4C. 5D.

7 When a soldier has a weapon and full basic load on his person, with a magazine inserted into the weapon but no rounds chambered, what weapon arming status is the soldier in? RedA. GreenB. AmberC. BlackD.

8 How many uniform postures are there? 2A. 3B. 4C. 5D.

9 Which of the following is categorized as a victim operated IED? Command wireA. Radio controlled IEDB. Electrical timed IEDC. Pressure plate IEDD.

10 Line 4 of the UXO 9 Line is what? Type of IED / OrdnanceA. Size of craterB. Size of explosionC. Recommended priorityD.

11 You are more likely to spot an IED than you are to spot the indicators? (THIS MIGHT BE TRUE BUT IS IT IN THE HANDBOOK??) TRUEA. FALSEB.

12 The keys to a successful opening talk of a KLE are: Exchange small talkA. Remember your local habits and respect themB. Use some friendly words in a local languageC. Take your time and be patientD. All of the aboveE.

13 What is NOT one of the five steps to a success in the KEY Leader Engagement Preparation? Mission analysisA. Develop intended outcome strategyB. Issue OPORDC. Review of agreements / issuesD.

14 What are some of the needs of the aviator in Air Ground Integration? Clear task and purpose for aircrewsA. Call sign and frequency (PACE -- primary, alternate, contingency, emergency)B. Issue 9 LineC. Both A and BD.

15 When numbering walls in urban environments, which direction do you number from? ClockwiseA. Front to BackB. Counter ClockwiseC. None of the aboveD.

16 Which is NOT used for marking an LZ at night? IR ChemlightA. IR StrobeB. Normal StrobeC. SmokeD.

17 What are the three types of convoys? Trucks / trailers, civilian cars, and general supportA. Long haul (replacement forces), civilian cars, and general supportB. Long haul (replacement forces), general support, and local (Brigade support area to the unit) C. Local (Brigade support to the unit), trucks/trailers, and general supportD.

18 Convoys must rehearse reaction drills frequently to in order to be able to fight as a ________. Collective TeamA. Cohesive TeamB. Well oiled machineC. UnitD.

19 What are the types of attacks involving IED's and VBIED's? Basic, multiple IED's, change of trafficA. Counter attack, basic, ambushB. Change of traffic, ambush, complexC. Multiple IED's, basic, complexD.

20 Which is NOT a special team in a convoy element? Aid and litterA. Barrier BreachingB. Search teamC. EscortD.

21 What are some of the things that are considered before conducting convoy operations? Planning, medical, SP, RPA. Predictability, contingency plans, TLP's, communication, medicalB. Equipped to fight, aid and litter, collective teamC. Long haul, civilian cars, basicD.

22 How many golden force protection rules are there? 1A. 7B. 10C. 5D.

23 What is NOT one of the golden force protection rules for convoys? Do not set patternsA. Know how to ask for helpB. Understand the threatC. Know how to react to threat situationsD.

24 Who ensures a detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) is provided and consistently updated as needed for an ECP and FOB security guidelines? OICA. S1B. BDOCC. NCOICD.

25 Under the Force Protection guidelines for unit tasks, which is NOT a unit task? Employ QRFA. Establish base operationsB. Conduct area surveillanceC. Create a civil disturbanceD.

26 When clearing an M4 / M16A2 rifle, what is the 7th step? Place the selector lever on semi and squeeze the triggerA. Close the ejection port coverB. Remove the magazineC. Point the muzzle in a safe direction or in a clearing barrelD.

27 An M249 is considered a hot weapon when: When it is 84 degrees outsideA. If it is fired with dummy roundsB. 125 or more successive rounds have been firedC. 200 or more successive rounds have been firedD.

28 With any weapon what is the first step in maintenance? Wipe it down outsideA. Clear itB. Put the weapon on fireC. Start taking it apartD.

29 How many steps are there when clearing an MR (.50 cal) machine gun? 12A. 10B. 14C. 9D.

30 If a round cooks off while the weapon is on your shoulder, and the feed tray cover is open, you could suffer injury or death. TRUEA. FALSEB.

31 According to the OC/T Handbook, what device is used for a far recognition signal when guiding a rotary wing to its site during hours of limited visibility? Strobe LightA. FlashlightB. Chemlight buzz sawC. Vehicle headlightsD.

32 On a WRENCH 1 Report, what is the NLT each day that deadlinable faults must be reported to the BDE? 0600 hrsA. 1200 hrsB. 1800 hrsC. 1900 hrsD.

33 On a sensitive items report, what is the pro word used to denote 100% accountability of personnel and equipment? GreenA. UpB. GoodC. RogerD.

34 Who do Team Leaders notify of a Level 2 CCIR incident within 2 hours? BN CDR, BN XO, BN S3, BN CSMA. BDE CDR, BN CDR, BDE CSMB. Local PoliceC. Military PoliceD.

35 What is the reporting time for a level 1 CCIR report? 15 minA. 30 minB. 45 minC. 1 hourD.

36 What is the common name of the AN/PRC-148 radio? Walkie TalkieA. MotorolaB. EF JohnsonC. MBTIRD.

37 Which of the following is NOT a priority of patients on Line 3 of Nine Line MEDEVAC? UrgentA. RoutineB. ConvenienceC. EmergencyD.

38 Which steps of the TLP's must be completed in sequence? Conduct recon, complete the planA. Receive the mission, issue the warning order BUT WHERE DO WE FIND THIS ANSWER? B. Make a tentative planC. Complete the plan, issue the orderD.

39 Pre Combat Checks (PCC's) are conducted after which of the TLP's? Complete the planA. Receive the missionB. Initiate MovementC. Issue the warning orderD.

40 Some of the steps of the TLP's may go on continuously throughout the operation. TRUEA. FALSEB.

41 Conducting a detailed mission analysis and comparing courses of action fall under which step of the TLP's? Make a tentative plan SOUNDS REASONABLE BUT IS IT IN THE HANDBOOK?A. Receive the missionB. Supervise preparationC. Issue OPORDD.

42 Conducting a recon can assist of which of the following procedures? Map reconA. Site reconB. Route verificationC. All of the above SOUNDS REASONABLE BUT IS IT IN THE HANDBOOK?D.

43 The five step, cyclical process of CRM includes: Identify hazards, assess hazards, develop a plan, implement a plan, assess the plan A. Identify hazards, develop a plan, implement plan, assess the plan, implement controls B. Identify hazards, assess hazards, develop controls and make decisions, implement controls supervise and evaluate C. Identify hazards, assess hazards, develop a plan, make decisions based on the plan, supervise and evaluate D.

44 One of the single best methods leaders can implement to reduce the chance of accidents is to: Establish controlsA. Establish a buddy systemB. Establish a comprehensive risk management planC. Establish safety standardsD.

45 The five levels of probability in the risk assessment matrix are: Severity, catastrophic, critical, marginal, negligibleA. Frequent, likely, occasional, seldom, unlikelyB. Extremely high, moderate, low, extremely lowC. Frequent, moderate, high, marginal, lowD.

46 In the event of an accident, a completed DA Form 285 - AB-R or DA Form 2397-AB-R must be submitted within ________ calendar days and will serve as the official accident report. 15A. 30B. 10C. 5D.

47 Cold injury prevention is a command responsibility. TRUEA. FALSEB.

48 What is the work / rest plan for moderate work during Heat Category 5 conditions? 50 min work / 10 min restA. 10 min work / 50 min restB. 40 min work / 20 min restC. 20 min work / 40 min restD.

49 An Army accident in which the resulting total cost of property lost is $50,000 or more but less than $500,000 is classified as: Class AA. Class BB. Class CC. Class DD.

50 End of quiz How did I do?

51 Certificate of Training This certificate is awarded to Fred Soldier In recognition of Completing the 189 th Brigade Observer Controller Trainer Test Enter Date Here Your Score is: 66.67% Supervisor Name and Rank You got: Out of 2 3

52 Your score is : 0 correct out of 3

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