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Why Paavo Works: The Oxygen Delivery System BY STEVE LONG.

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1 Why Paavo Works: The Oxygen Delivery System BY STEVE LONG

2 Philosophy  Successful people find ways to be successful. Unsuccessful people make excuses.  It’s just right for us!  The “easy way” is NOT the right way.  We are here for a reason.  So many more…

3 Roles of a Coach  Entrepreneur (create something)  A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.  An employer of productive labor; contractor.  So what drives a successful business?  Mission statement?  Culture?  Identity?  Workers?  “The strength of the pack is each wolf, but the strength of each wolf is that pack.”

4 Roles of a Coach  Salesman (sell it)  David vs. Goliath  Who is buying what you are selling?  What are your advantages and disadvantages?  Visibility?  Philosophy?  Tradition/History?  Culture?  Community?  Pipeline?

5 Roles of a Coach  Educator (teach it)  Knowledge: Get it. Learn it. Use it. Live it.  “You’re never really smart, until you realize how much you don’t know.” ~Somebody really smart  You grow. They grow. You grow. They grow.  Barista (grind it)  If you don’t, they won’t.  Lead by example.

6 Roles of a Coach  Mechanic (get it going and keep it going)  You are in charge of keeping the machine running.  If it breaks, you gotta know why it broke and how to fix it.  If you don’t know why you put the sparkplug in the engine, then you’re not the guy to give it a tune-up.  THIS IS PAAVO!

7 Limits of our Sport  Training Sport (no “defense”)  Physical  Energy Systems (energy is created when ATP is broken down)  ATP must be present for a muscle to contract  Alactic Anaerobic (Stored ATP, ATP-CP)  Anaerobic  Aerobic  Time (time capsules)  Mental  Social  Environment  Emotions  Spiritual

8 Energy Continuum

9 Energy Demands vs. Time (min)

10 Energy Demands by Race Distance

11 “The Dance”

12 Lactate Threshold

13 Physiological Adaptations to O2 Delivery System  Lungs (increased oxygen into the blood stream)  Breathing rate (moves more oxygen)  Volume (moves more oxygen)  Respiratory muscle endurance (diaphragm, intercostals)  Increase in the number of capillaries (oxygen absorbtion)  Increase in the number of alveoli (gas exchange)  Heart (strengthens)  Wall thickness and chamber size (stroke volume)

14 Physiological Adaptations to O2 Delivery System  Arteries  Elasticity/Dilation  Note on warming up  Capillaries  Increase in number and density  Muscle Cells  Mitochondria  Increase in number, size and location  Chemical transport of nutrients  Happens over time (hours on the road)

15 Our #1 Goal as Good Mechanics  SUPPLY OXYGEN!!!  You play the way you practice!  This is why the O2 Delivery system is so crucial to our TRAINING SPORT!  O2 supplies roughly 90% of the energy demand for a 3200m or 5k runner.  You can’t forget the 10%, but the focus needs to be on O2 delivery.

16 THIS IS PAAVO!!! What is excellence? What is mediocrity? Doesn’t everyone want excellence?

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