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Converged Application Server

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1 Converged Application Server
Overview May 2011

2 Converged Application Server
Consumer Features Business Features PBX Interconnect & Overlay Mobile Office & Convergence TDM / IP / IMS / VoLTE & Hybrid Unified Multimedia Communications Converged Application Server

3 Class 5 & Multimedia Features
Residential Business Multimedia Apps CLASS Star Codes Unified Messaging Federated IM Web Portal ref. Family Portal Attendant Console Doc Share Regulatory LI/911 Hunt Groups Directory Colorful Ringback Tones User Directory Call Log FindMe/ FollowMe Web Portal Personal Agent Friends List Meet Me Conference Presence Teen Service SIP-PBX Trunks Click to Call Parent Control FMC Service MS Outlook Integration UCD Voice/Video Client Standalone Converged Mobility Call Pickup Web Client Comprehensive Residential, Business and Multimedia features

4 Consumer Features Residential Telephony Service over Broadband
No Matter What Type of Access: Cable, DSL, FTTx, IMS Bundled with: End User Web Portal PC Client IP TV Call Manager Compete with Over the Top Providers Google Voice, Skype, Apple, others Mobile Phone Integration/Handoff Mobile Phone Apps Mobile Phone calling using Home Line

5 SIP Clients Support Wide Range of Support
SIP RFC 3261 open support for wide range of devices Interop with 90%+ of SIP device vendors Potential to support new exciting converged devices Plug and Play Device Interop A2 automatically applies a Default Profile (lowest-common-denominator functionality) for “unknown” devices A2 automatically defines a new device-specific Profile for “known” devices Provide a consistent user experience Visit latest IOT report at: TBD Enhanced End-User Choice & Satisfaction

6 All the capabilities of an on-premise phone system without the hassles
Business Features Operator manages A2 servicing multiple enterprise customers simultaneously Access your phone and apps from ANY where, ANY time Advanced Capabilities: Find Me Follow Me Boss / Secretary IP Attendant Console Call Center Conferencing / Collaboration Presence/Instant Messaging Mobile Phone Presence & Calling Web-based and Computer-based End-user clients Enterprise Administration for simple moves, adds, changes All the capabilities of an on-premise phone system without the hassles

7 PBX Interconnect & Overlay
IAD/GW PBX IP PBX Local Bank Regional Bank Home Office IP PSTN Softswitch Interconnect existing on premise phone systems Converged Voice & Data from same provider Cost Savings with extension dialing between locations Integrate multiple offices / PBXs into single group Connection Options: SIP Integrated Access Device/Gateway Directly via SIP enabled PBX PBX Trunking Services Emergency Calling Incoming / Outgoing/Tandem Calls Extension Dialing (3-7 digit) Caller ID Name/Number Call Hold/Resume Call Forwarding (All, No Ans, Busy) Call Transfer (Suprv, Blind) Voice Path Short Circuiting (Anti-Tromboning of calls) Logical Addition to Business VoIP

8 Mobile Office & Convergence
Enable any mobile phone, client, or desktop device with targeted business service set Mobile originated calls include a simplified dialing plan Great for small offices with mobile phones as their primary phone Add incremental ARPU customers from underserved SMB segment Key services make plan sticky: desktop extension, auto attendant, converged messaging with desktop integration & call handoff Low acquisition cost with web based user self administration Terminating call; A2 personal agent determines Mobile or Business set routing Mobile originated calls: Mobility gateway (A6) provides MSC & A2 with temporary DN MSC routes to A2 A2 substitutes Business CLID/CNAM on outgoing call Mobile Direct Calls Dialed and routed as usual by MNO

9 Unified Communications
Powered by

10 Conferencing Full UC Suite Audio Video Collaboration
Fully Integrated with PC Client Audio Ad-Hoc, MeetMe and Reservation-less Impromptu, scheduled, corporate-wide or analyst briefings Operator assisted G.711, G.729, G.722 (HiDef) Video Peer-to-Peer Active Speaker Collaboration No download required – all via web browser Push URL to participants via IM Application, Desktop, Whiteboard Sharing Integrated Call Recording & IM

11 Attendant Console PC-based Desktop Application Monitor Presence
Front Desk, Executive Assistants / Department Answering Positions Intelligently Answer and Route Multiple Incoming Calls Use as Primary Phone or Paired With IP Phone Brand-able Monitor Presence Mobile, IP Phone & IM Configurable Speed Dials Park / Pickup Drag & Drop Transfer Conference , IM & SMS

12 End User Web Portal Gives End Users Access To: Use with Any Browser
Click to Call Address Book Call Logs Routes/ Call Handling Gives End Users Access To: Call Logs Address Book Incoming Call Handling Click to Call Feature Configuration Use with Any Browser PC, MAC or Mobile Totally Customizable Easy Colors / Logo Theme Designer Kits Can Extract Content via Portlets SOAP API GENBAND Professional Services More User Control = Less Support Calls

13 End User PC Client IM With Co-Workers, Vendors & Clients Presence
Available Connected Unavailable Busy Integrated with Conferencing Portal / Collaboration Access to Web Portal (configure personal settings) Voice & Video Calling Integrates with Phone or embedded Softphone File Transfer, Web Push, Co-browser, Clipboard Can send IM as SMS Fully Customizable

14 Microsoft Outlook / Lotus Notes Integration
Business Subscribers May Prefer a Single Productivity Application Such As: Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes Same Functionality as PC Client Voice/Video Calling, Conference, Address Book, IM, , SMS, Calendar Access to Web Portal & Web Conferencing/Collaboration Microsoft Outlook Integrated Client Lotus Notes Integrated Client

15 Mobile Subscribers Residential Subscribers Business Subscribers
Can use mobile phone as primary device or alternate between home/TV/mobile phone using same telephone number Seamless call handoff between devices with or without MSC integration Business Subscribers Operate as a Corporate Mobile Extension to make/receive calls with office Can use mobile phone as primary device or alternative between office/mobile phone using same extension Seamless call handoff between office/mobile with or without MSC integration Clients & Applications Mobile MAX mobile phone application Dialer application for VoIP, Cellular calls, integrated IM, presence & network-based address books Other 3rd Party SIP Clients (Bria, etc) Mobile Web Portal access to key portal functions

16 Fixed Mobile Convergence Summary
Many ways to implement FMC: For Mobile Operators on any mobile phone type (feature & smartphones) Wireless Mobility Manager Modify Legacy Mobile SCP to route calls to A2 IMSI-based Routing to route calls to A2 Via Mobile handset client For Fixed Line Operators (smartphones only) A2 supports both automatic handoff and user-initiated handoff Automatic handoff requires smartphone feature support User initiated handoff (A2 Call Grabber feature) Mobile Extension extends SIP services to the mobile device FMC Services available for: A2 Standalone (SIP lines), A2/C20 (SIP lines, non SIP) and SIP PBXs (TR87)

17 Mobile VoIP Solution Description
Delivers a consistent set of voice, messaging and multimedia services to all of the subscriber's devices, with seamless hand-off across WiFi, GSM 2G/3G, CDMA 2G/3G, HSPA, WiMAX and LTE networks - Supports key features such as: Advanced features such as Single Identity, Presence, Web-based Call Screening, Visual Voic , and SMS to IM interworking Roaming on foreign cellular operators’ networks Optimized call routing into the cellular network via HLR lookup Billing correlation between legacy cellular and SIP networks Value Subscribers can seamlessly roam between cellular and SIP networks while retaining the same set of advanced services. 2G / 3G circuit switched cellular WiFi 4G (WiMAX, LTE) 3G packet switched cellular (e.g. HSDPA)

18 Mobile Extension Solution Description
Single identity One number for incoming / outgoing calls e.g. fixed DN as primary number, with mobile DN hidden Simultaneous ringing across desk, PC and mobile SMS enablement of Fixed DN, to allow text messages to be exchanged with cellular users Includes support for SIP and non-SIP lines Single voic box Calls to mobile and fixed forwarded to single voic box Common dialling plan Across fixed and mobile devices, including extension dialling Single point of configuration All features managed using common Web Portal Consistent call handling Same Centrex features across fixed and mobile (e.g. Calling Name, Call Park/Pickup) Mobile Presence Reflects “on the phone” status of fixed and mobile devices Call Grabber Transfer active calls between mobile and fixed phone with a single button Dual personality Personal calls can be billed separately from business calls

19 Mobile Extension for Over-The-Top Deployments
For wireline operators that do not have access to cellular infrastructure, GENBAND recommends the use of a client-based “Over-the-Top” solution GENBAND has completed interoperability testing with MobileMax, a leading provider of multi-platform mobile clients By leveraging the MobileMax client to anchor call originations at A2, the full suite of Mobile Extension capabilities (as previously described) can be seamlessly supported Includes Single Identity, Private Dial Plan, Call Grabber, Presence, etc. The MobileMax client also supports Mobile VoIP (over WiFi) Uses native SIP signaling over IP access network Suitable for WiFi, WiMAX and/or LTE Key benefit is seamless support for mid call services such as Call Transfer, Call Hold and Conferencing

20 Mobile Max Client for iPhone
Subscriber Features Deployment VoIP services for smart phones Access to Network-Based Address Book Access to Call Logs Presence Query, Update Instant Messaging Quick access for Meet-Me/Call Grabber Download service provider branded application from the AppStore Activation codes sent to the end user via SMS and/or automatically configures the subscriber A2 parameters Configuration and usage options customised to service provider requirements

21 MobileMax Downloadable App Via AppStore Brand- able
Call via VoIP or Mobile Access Secure Login Simple Keypad Select an Entry for Click to Call Native Phone Contacts Instant Messaging Call Logs Friends Lists Presence

22 IMS Application Server
Multimedia Telephony Application Server (MMTEL) in IMS Connects to CSCF for call control, HSS for profile management Voice Call Continuity Function (VCC) built-in Fully Integrated Wireless Mobility Manager Integrates with Cellular Network’s MSC (IN, Camel, IS-41) Provides Full Fixed Mobile Convergence (no call anchoring necessary) Applications Mobile VoIP over 4G (VoLTE) Business VoIP Consumer VoIP TDM Overlay Mobile Office Unified Communications IMS Deployments: Clearwire (4G/WiMax), Telefonica (IMS) IMS

23 Applications Showcase
View App Demo Videos Download demo Apps Customer Ratings

24 Example Apps Page See look and feel of apps Application overview
value proposition Request more info or a demo Video demos available Navigation links for other apps

25 A2 – Comprehensive Open Programmability Suite
GENBAND Corporate Presentation A2 – Comprehensive Open Programmability Suite Personal Agent Portlets Instantaneous Integration of Personal Agent modules into operator or 3rd party web portals SOPI Subscrib er Open Program mability SOAP- Based Exposur e of 110 Subscrib er capabiliti es for extremel y rapid applicati on develop ment Media Control APIs Availability of VXML and CCXML for Media-centric Application creation Parlay-X, REST APIs Standards-Based API Support allowing comprehensive in-call, presence and messaging applications Application Control Interface SIP-based API for service control and creation, enabling external triggering and control of all sessions Key Message: We have an extremely diverse and powerful set of APIs that reflect our approach of Open Everything Up to application development using a suite of domain-appropriate APIs At Launch Fall 2011 April 2011 © 2007 GENBAND

26 Developer Community Expand number of 3rd party applications powered by GENBAND A2 Converged Application Server Expose APIs to developers Sandbox testing apps Collaborate via Discussion Forum Open Eco-system

27 Competitive Advantages
Full GENBAND Product Portfolio One Stop Shop for Your Network / GENiUS Hybrid TDM/IP/IMS No Need to Strand Legacy Infrastructure Fully Integrated Multimedia Applications Voice, Video, Conferencing, IM, Presence, Collaboration Mobile Integration with Any Mobile Phone Integrated Wireless Mobility Manager / FMC / IMS VCC Open Development Interfaces & Customizable Professional Services, Developer Community, Tools/APIs

28 Leadership 100 service providers using A2 in-service
Corporate Presentation Leadership 100 service providers using A2 in-service North America Europe Asia Middle East Africa A2 embedded on CS 2000: Verizon, BSkyB, Axtel, Telekom Austria, Dacom, Optus, Videotron, UPC, KBW, Swisscom… A2 as standalone AS in NGN and/or IMS context: Telefonica, Clearwire, Bell, CHT, CIBC, Cypress, Videotron… New adds – July 1: Cable onda Cablecom Codetel Comcast Kabel BW Liberty Global Smart Sunrise Telefonica moviles argentina Unity media A2 SIP software AS for business and residential services Leading SIP deployment flexibility Shipped to over 189 operators (including trials/labs/in-service/channel partners) © 2007

29 Clearwire WiMAX & Cellular Voice Convergence
What is the offer? Nation-wide voice service combined with 4G mobile broadband Improved coverage and seamless call transfer from WiFi or WiMAX or cellular GENBAND Solution behind the offer A2 Release 8.0 A6 Wireless Mobility Gateway Proof Points (of their success) Mobile broadband service is available in 16 markets in US expanding to nationwide voice (25 US cities) Solid industry partnership with cable MSOs (TWC, Comcast and BrightHouse), cellular operator (Sprint) and device supplier (Intel) Nation-wide 4G mobile broadband and voice service expanding market reach to 120 Million people by 2013 Why GENBAND A2 Unique ability for WiMAX to CDMA hand-offs Support for SIP consumer voice feature set

30 Telefonica España Fixed Mobile Communications (Business)
What is the offer? Mobile PBX like functionality via a PC Client paired with the mobile service Voice kept in the mobile at all times, PC used as a GUI to control calls and services (call waiting, conference, transfer, etc.) Targets business subscribers (Enterprises initially, soon SMBs) GENBAND Solution behind the offer A2 Mobile Converged Desktop feature and PC client Launched in 2007 for Mobile subscribers Proof Points (of their success) They have deployed 20,000 seats sold (as of May, 2010) with significant growth planned Why GENBAND A2 A2 IMS architecture into Ericsson core Focused on the customer requirements, not only on the existing product features Demonstrated flexibility and know-how. Heavy involvement of PLM, R&D and pre-sales team with several 2-day workshops in the US and Madrid Continuous contact along the development process and deliveries close to original commitments. Created confidence for subsequent decisions on GENBAND

31 Cypress US Hosted service provider for US SMBs
What is the offer? Hosted VoIP and hosted Unified Communications: Targeted to Legal firms, financial services, health care and other professional services An array of productivity-enhancing features such as unified messaging, chat, presence, file sharing, audio and web conferencing/ collaboration,   Microsoft Outlook integration, mobility and personalization. GENBAND Solution behind the offer C20 with Traditional Class-5 and Enterprise-grade PBX features A2 to provide multimedia user experience: Real-time user presence information, Instant messaging, Point-to-point Video, Soft client, call control, Web collaboration, File sharing, Multimedia conferencing Proof Points (of their success) They have deployed 13,000 seats (as of April, 2010) In any given company, about 70 percent of all lines are UC-enabled Why GENBAND A2 Proven experience, Carrier-grade softswitch

32 Videotron MSO Consumer Voice & Multimedia Example
What is the offer? PC SoftPhone based voice service offering single number, video phone capabilities and conferencing capability for up to 4 participants. The Softphone offers all the features of residential telephony including call display, voice mail and call forwarding, with no additional fees. Personal Call Manager that lets users effectively manage calls and consult call details online. Features include Call Log, Multiple Ringing, Call Forwarding and Call Screening. GENBAND Solution behind the offer CS 2000 –A2 Personal Agent and the Multimedia PC Client Proof Points (of their success) The Softphone and its Personal Call Manager contributes significantly to the Vidéotron brand recognition as a technological leader in our market and industry” says Bertrand Hébert, Senior Marketing Director. “In addition, the GENBAND SIP architecture is great platform for evolution of our Digital Phone offering.” Why GENBAND A2 Reliability: C20 IP multimedia softswitch to deliver a robust Carrier-grade service Flexibility: Tight integration of SIP and PSTN architecture. Customization of PC softphone client

33 BT Spain Hosted Business and Unified Communications
What is the offer? Carrier-grade hosted voice and multimedia services to businesses throughout Spain. Centrex IP and SIP multimedia services and SIP PBX support to corporate customers and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) GENBAND Solution behind the offer C20-A2 - hosted SIP VoIP C20 with SIP PBX Trunking GENBAND SIP phones 1120E and 1140E.and SIP PC Clients Proof Points (of their success) BT’s Unified Comms solution integrates voice applications with messaging so that user productivity can be increased by as much as 15 percent. Why GENBAND A2 GENBAND’s proven ability to design, deploy and support some of the world's most reliable networks Support for SIP voice and unified communications GENBAND’s IOT program’s ability to integrate 3rd party PBXes

34 Why Hosted ? Why ?

35 Enterprise Telephony Options
BT IP Telephony Sales Specialist Training Enterprise Telephony Options Non-hosted solutions Hosted solutions Equipment on customer site Managed by customer IP PBX Equipment on customer site Managed by service provider Managed IP PBX Equipment at service provider Managed by service provider on dedicated server Hosted IP PBX Equipment at service provider Managed by service provider on shared server Hosted IP Telephony Purchase or lease equipment Purchase, lease or rent service Rent service Rent service Feb./March 2008

36 Enterprise Telephony Options
BT IP Telephony Sales Specialist Training Enterprise Telephony Options Operator buys single Carrier Grade Apps Server. Shared across many customers User pays ongoing rental per line / port over fixed term Non-hosted solutions Hosted solutions All access supplied by operator as part of service Equipment on customer site Managed by customer IP PBX Equipment on customer site Managed by service provider Managed IP PBX Equipment at service provider Managed by service provider on dedicated server Hosted IP PBX Equipment at service provider Managed by service provider on shared server Hosted IP Telephony Operator manages & maintains system centrally. Makes best use of existing Network resources and manpower Operator investment spread across many customers. Upgrades provide additional revenue opportunities. Long term contracts provide “Stickiness”. Purchase or lease equipment Purchase, lease or rent service Rent service Rent service Lowest overall cost/user. Maximise Operator Margins and Revenue Feb./March 2008

37 Differentiating Go-to-Market Models
BT IP Telephony Sales Specialist Training Differentiating Go-to-Market Models Minimal engagement opportunities Equipment Sales Margins Discrete Unit Sales CPE Resale In-House Model Maximize Customer Engagement Increased Service Annuity Revenue Managed Services Outsourcing Model Maximize Customer Engagement Maximized Service Annuity Revenue Hosted Services Outsourcing Model Supplier Trusted Business Partner Feb./March 2008

38 Why

39 Back-up Platform and Architecture Overview

40 Flexible Hardware Options
800+ servers aTCA Langley HT GENBAND Platforms Langley HT and aTCA available as options for customers desiring a full turnkey solution Hardware Freedom Enables customers to deploy A2 software on their own server model from a choice of over 800 certified redhat servers Expanded Scalability Flexibility to optimize solution cost from Hundreds to Millions of lines Flexible HW Options 40

41 Multiple Network Configurations
All configurations supported in a single release Flexible HW Options Flexible HW Options IMS Core CS20 SIP endpoints Non-SIP Devices IMS Clients NGN SIP Application Server IMS Application Server Embedded C20 SIP Engine Providing customers with great flexibility in network evolution ANIMATED CHART

42 Standalone Network Architecture
GENBAND Corporate Presentation Standalone Network Architecture ENUM LNP EMS Policy Signalling & Control Flexible HW Options IMG GW Interconnect Peer IP Networks Carrier IP Network IP Interconnect Access Mobile, WiFi, WiMax, LTE EMTA IAD Hosted Enterprise Enterprise IP PBX Cable VoBB © 2004 GENBAND

43 GENBAND Corporate Presentation
Network Architecture ENUM EMS Policy LNP Signalling & Control Interconnect TDM Networks Peer IP Networks Carrier IP Network IP Interconnect TDM Interconnect Access Mobile, WiFi, WiMax, LTE or LCM EMTA IAD Hosted Enterprise Enterprise IP PBX Cable VoBB Class 5 © 2004 GENBAND

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