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Student Orientation Instructional Resources & Technology Fall 2014.

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1 Student Orientation Instructional Resources & Technology Fall 2014

2 IRT in support of RowanGSBS Involved Parties Rowan University IST – Maintains your account, which is linked to Banner (the database of all your information while at RowanGSBS) Campus End User Services – Administers your local account and your hardware (Network access issues, Email issues, Laptop issues, etc.) Campus Academic Technology – Supports academic systems and educational technology, such as: Blackboard, Echo360, ExamSoft, etc.

3 RowanSOM Network Accounts Rowan Network Username and Password: Example: irelanda + password Rowan ID Number and PIN: 9XXXXXXXX (9 numbers starting with 9) Example: 916113032 + PIN

4 Rowan Network Services Using the Rowan Network Services site, you may complete any of the following tasks: Obtain your Rowan Network Username and Password for the first time. Change your Rowan Network password. If you have forgotten your password, you may use this site to reset your password. If your password has expired and you have been locked out of your account, you may use this site to reset your password. You may reset your Banner Self Service PIN. Your Rowan Network Account along with your Rowan ID Number and PIN are the keys needed to access many of Rowan's computing resources.

5 Your Rowan ID Number and PIN, which will also be provided during this process, will allow you access to student records, registration, etc. Once you know your Rowan ID Number and PIN you may access the Banner Self Service system by logging into Banner. Rowan ID Number and PIN

6 RowanGSBS E-mail RowanGSBS’s dedicated e-mail platform is Outlook Exchange. You can access your webmail at: Students are expected to use RowanGSBS e-mail accounts for all legitimate RowanGSBS communications. Please check messages frequently as part of your personal accountability to the school.

7 RowanCloud RowanCloud enables students, faculty, and staff to access Rowan University owned software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and SPSS from any device, on or off campus, that is equipped with a high-speed internet connection. There are currently over 75 specialized applications available with RowanCloud.

8 Campus End User Support (EUS) End User Support (EUS) 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Campus systems Wireless access Printing AC Atrium Help Desk - 2nd Floor End User Support Management – UDP 2300 Nichelle Peaks (Supervisor) - 856-566-6484 Brian Daley (Assistant Director) - 856-566-6728

9 Computer Labs, AC 2 nd Floor, UDP 3006 Academic Center, Room 273 University Doctor’s Pavilion, Suite 3006 Lab Features Labs are equipped with Windows based desktop computers and b&w high- speed printers. Software includes Microsoft applications, instructional software, and Internet browser. Access to labs is 24/7 via ID card. If your ID card does not open the door, call Public Safety x7-7777 Students are issued 800 total pages for printing in the labs. Additional pages may be purchased at the UEC cashier. Campus Computer Labs

10 Computer Labs, Library Supported by Library Staff Uses Library copy card for printing Pages are prepaid at $0.10 per page (does not use your quota) Lab Policy: no food, no drinks, no saving to hard drives Academic Center, Library Rooms 140 & 142 12 PCs Scanner General Applications Special Instructional Software Campus Computer Labs

11 Laptop and Personal Device Use at Rowan In order to log in to Rowan's Network, your laptop or personal device must first be registered to the network. Your laptop in particular needs to be on the network regularly to maintain an active registration for ExamSoft purposes. During this process, your computer will be checked to have a NON-TRIAL version of an Antivirus program.

12 RowanSOM Help Desk Service Desk (walk up service) – AC Atrium 2nd floor – Get help with network access/login/password – Resolve an e-mail issue – Report problem in a computer lab, rooms 273 and 3006 – Have your laptop configured for wireless access Monday – Thursday: 8:30AM – 5PM Friday: 8:30AM – 4:30PM Help Desk Phone – 856-256-4400 Help via E-mail –

13 RowanSOM Academic Technology Academic Technology Resources for Students Blackboard– Learning/Course Management System Echo360 – Lecture Capture System ExamSoft – Exam Application One45 – Public Calendar

14 Blackboard LMS – Online Course Content Blackboard is RowanGSBS’s Learning Management System (LMS). Course materials such as powerpoints, pdfs, etc., will be maintained within Blackboard.

15 Blackboard LMS – Online Course Content Logging into Blackboard is a Two Step Process through the ATS Support Website then CAS (Central Authentication Service)

16 Echo360 Lecture Capture & Delivery Echo360 lecture capture is available to RowanGSBS students. It is currently used in a selection of courses. Within a few hours of the actual lecture, it will be available through a link in the course located in Blackboard. Note: rate of transfer from recording to publishing depends in part on network resources and on concurrent echo360 use across campus. This is NOT a substitute for attending class and meant for review only.

17 Lecture captures are published as Rich Media, full-screen Flash files as well as portable formats such as: MP3 podcast, enhanced podcast or M4V Video podcast. SAMPLE: Echo360 Rich Media Sample

18 ExamSoft Testing Application ExamSoft is a computer-based testing system used for GSBS students. During an ExamSoft exam, you will be offline and your system OS will be unavailable. In the address bar, type:

19 One45 Calendar Type the URL into the address bar of Mozilla Firefox or other web browser and hit enter. You will be taken to a confirmation page. Be sure that you meet the requirements and then click View Calendar.

20 One45 Calendar View The calendar will display the current academic year, and by default the week view.

21 Academic Technology Locations Academic Center 1st Floor: AC146 & 2 nd Floor: AC258 Hours: 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Patrick Chadd, M.Ed – 856-566-7116 Manager Donna Dobie, MS – 856-566-7022 LMS Administrator David Ireland, M.Sc (Lond.) – 856-566-6127 Instructional Designer/Educational Technologist Brian Monahan – 856-562-3384 Curriculum Development/Instructional Designer Stephen Seidler – 609-213-1983 Coordinator, Multimedia Design

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