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Information Technology Orientation Session Get Connected 2012.

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1 Information Technology Orientation Session Get Connected 2012



4 Available resources to all staff & students are:

5 Quest Password Manager Everybody should change their password from the default that has been created. There are several locations to access the Quest Password Manager: -On the computer login screen -Below your student e-mail login -At your “My Campus” login

6 How to change your Quest Password:

7 Please enter your default password which is your birth date in reversed order - YYMMDD






13 Student Mail


15 Banner

16 Blackboard


18 Wireless/WIFi network at Georgian College Georgian college wireless network is available to all students and guests. It is available at all campuses and all buildings. However we do NOT guarantee uninterrupted service and will do our best to reinstate connection issues. Note: you will be unable to access any network resources while connected to the wireless network; for example: G:\ drive

19 Web printing -URL is https://webprint.georgianc.on.ca -To allow students to print from their personal devices to the printers in the library. - Limited to 10mb file size at this present time for print jobs.

20 To print a file in colour, please click on the “Help” menu and follow the instructions. Ensure you choose the appropriate printer from the drop-down menu.

21 Mobile phone install

22 Mobile device e-mail setup information: Your e-mail Domain:student Username:student# Password:college login password Note: ensure to use SSL (on by default) Please pick up a handout with the information!

23 StudentSuite All full-time students are able to download the Microsoft Office Suite for their academic use. You can only download the MS Office Suite during a full-time academic semester – NOT during your coop semester, for example! For download questions/instructions please contact the SAC office. Here is the link:

24 Computer/mobile device support Please note that the Information Technology Department cannot support any personal computers, or mobile devices. We may be able to suggest general tips and guidelines to you but are unable to touch personal devices as we are not insured to do so.

25 Who to contact When Library Commons Customer Service Desk and Reference Desk: Passwords, PINs, Library Database support, Print Credits, Study-Rooms booking Monday thru Thursday=7:30 amto11 pm Friday= 7:30 am to 7 pm Saturday= 10 am to 5 pm Sunday= 1 pm to 8 pm Phone: Barrie Campus:705-728-1968 extension 1677 Orillia Campus:705-728-1968extension 3050 Owen Sound Campus:705-728-1968extension 2034 Office of the Registrar: Course Registration, Fees, Student Information changes Monday thru Friday=8 am to4:30 pm Phone:705-728-1968 extension 1698

26 Who to contact When….. continued Media Services: Laptop Rentals, Video Editing, Multi-media support Monday thru Thursday=7:45 amto7:30 pm Friday=7:45 amto4:30 pm Phone:705-728-1968extension 5140 Information Technology (IT) Service Desk: Passwords, PINs, IT-related questions/problems Monday thru Thursday=8 am to7 pm(Fall and Winter Semesters) Friday=8 amto4:30 pm Phone:705-728-1968extension 1732

27 Personal space on the network Double-click on the “Computer” icon on your desktop to reveal the network drive – your personal space on the network – identified by your student number!

28 Very important note!!! Please, restart the computer to make it available for the next student’s use! Please remember that all unsaved work WILL BE DELETED and is not recoverable upon Restart/Log Out/Shutdown!

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