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2009-2010 Semester 1 4 th August 2009 – 30 th November 2009 Closing date: 11 July 2009.

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1 2009-2010 Semester 1 4 th August 2009 – 30 th November 2009 Closing date: 11 July 2009

2 Post of CITS Student IT Assistants 1. The post of CITS IT Assistants for 2009-2010 Semester 1 is open now for application. 2. The working period is from 4 August 2009 to 30 November 2009. 3. Before applying for the post, please make sure that you a. Update the Work Study Scheme (WSS) in Student Link. b. To have a digital photograph (in jpg or gif format) ready. 4. The following student will not qualify for this post a. On Industrial Attachment (IA) b. Have been working for other School/Dept and have reached the 10 hrs/wk limitation. c. Postgraduate. 5. CITS has the right to disqualify any application that does not meet the basic requirement. 6. Closing date: 11 July 2009

3 Basic Requirements: Applicant must be able to work at least once a week for the period between 4 th Aug 2009 to 30 th Nov 2009. Applicant will perform duties at CITS Office, South Spine Computer Room and/or Lee Wee Nam Library assigned by CITS. Applicant must be helpful with good working attitude and able to work independently. Applicant must be able to communicate with users well and provide good counter service. Applicant with good knowledge in Operating System (such as Windows XP /VISTA/Windows 7/Mac/Unix etc), Applicant must know how to setup PDA, Smartphone, Laptop and Net book. Applicant must familiar with NTU networking environment (LAN, VPN, Wireless, Dial-in).

4 Duties and Responsibilities: Location / Duty CITS Office @Admin Cluster South Spine Computer Room Lee Wee Nam Library InfoDesk Counter Service 1.Answer queries pertaining to IT matters. 2.Liaise with CITS Helpdesk on Students Password or PIN number matters. 3.Any other services offered by CITS. Oversee the PC & Equipment IT Assistants will 1.Carry out periodic checks and maintenance on the computer equipment. 2.Remove any unauthorized and unlicensed software installed. 3.Ensure that PCs and printers are operational. 4.Provide first level support on reported PC fault within the allocated area. To check and record the Inventory in the PC Checklist File. Ensure that all PCs are powered off at the end of the day. Ensure that the Campus Warden properly lock the computer room at the end of the day. Report any power & air-con failure to the Fault Report Centre. Ensure that all common PCs / OPAC are powered on at the beginning of the day and powered off at the end of the day. To report any PC breakdown to Helpdesk. To report to Library staff if anything pertaining to library matters. Technical Support To provide assistance to computer users 1.who has difficulty in logging on with their password or PIN, 2.whom encounter problems in using MS Office application s/w, internet browsers etc.. configuring Outlook Email Profile and Outlook Web Access configuring the network/wireless settings for users notebook, PDA and any wireless devices. Others 1.Ensure that the area is kept clean and orderly at all time. 2.Carry out instructions and other duties assigned by staff in-charge. 3.Report any discrepancies to the staff in-charge.

5 How to apply Interested applicants please STUDENTLINK 1.Submit your particular through STUDENTLINK under Finance Assistant Work Study Scheme if you have not done it before. For those who have submitted previously, please kindly update yours particular. online application form (Read the next 2 pages for instruction guide) 2.You are also need to submit an online application form with a digital photograph to CITS SA Recruitment. (Read the next 2 pages for instruction guide) 3.Applicants will be informed via email to come for an interview if required. 4.Successful applicants will need to attend a training session by our support staff.

6 Image field Click on the box to upload/attach the digital photograph in gif/jpg format. Fields (in red) are required. Date field: Date cab be selected from the pop-up calendar Signature field: Not implemented yet. Click here to highlight the required fields Submit by Email button Click here to submit this form to CITS SA Recruitment. Reset form button: Clear entry in all fields Print button: Print a copy of your application form Drop-down List: Select an item from the list

7 Sumbit through Microsoft OutlookSumbit through Internet mail Please save a copy of the PDF file or print a copy using the [Print] button before submitting this form. After clicking the [Submit by Email] button, system will prompt to select Email Client. You may choose: 1.Desktop Email Application if you have Microsoft Outlook installed on your PC. The window will automatic launch the outlook email and attached with your application form (in xml format). 2.Internet Email if you use other kind of email system. You will be prompted to save the xml file in your hard disk and subsequently you need to attach this xml file to your new message and send the form to

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