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Your e-learning Package at CRC

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1 Your e-learning Package at CRC

2 What is e-learning and How is it useful for your studies?
E-learning is the computer and network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge. E-learning includes all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching materials. Discuss how e-learning might help you with your course. Discuss e-learning methods? You may have considered some of the following: Assignment completion. Classroom Presentations using PowerPoint. Saving and Storing your work. Supports your studies (VLE) Research Independent Learning

3 What do you have available?
How to login User Area Computer Access Points Wireless Connection Office 365 – s SkyDrive Office Web Apps Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) ClickView Target Skills Gold Key Contacts

4 How do you login to the computers?
Any computer that you use around the college or in a classroom can be accessed using the following: Username: Student ID number (located on your student card) e.g. Password: cb42qt your postcode (Make sure you use small letters and no space.) HINT: If you have problems with your login please see the IT help desk located along the B-Block corridor opposite B122h OR call

5 User Area As a student at CRC you will be provided with a network account which gives you access to the network shared drives, your personal data area (H Drive) and allows you to print to the College printers. You will need to login to the computer as shown previously. You will have your own personal print quota which will allow you to print up to 500 pages. Any additional page credit can be added by visiting the IT Helpdesk. Each print job is limited to 10 pages and two copies. Your personal data area has a storage limit of 500MB. Do not save work to ‘Documents’ or locally on any computer as it will automatically get deleted when the computer is shut down. Your user area can only be accessed from inside CRC on networked computers so you may wish to consider alternative saving options to access work from home/off site e.g. USB Stick, Cloud Storage etc…

6 How to Access your user area?
Click on the ‘Computer’ icon on your desktop Here is your user area Hint: Notice your ID number

7 Computer Access Points
The main area for Computer access can be found in the Main Learning Resource Centre (LRC). You have access to the open areas located on the ground and first floor. You will also find that we have the new quiet zones or study rooms with computers that you can book. Please ask a staff member in the LRC for more information. Hint Organise visit/tour with the LRC.

8 Wireless connections If you have a laptop or other wireless internet device you can apply for a Wireless Account by visiting the IT Helpdesk opposite B122h and completing a student wireless account request form. If you have any questions or require any further information regarding anything to do with the computer facilities or services, please speak to a member of the IT team.

9 Office 365 Office 365 is an online account for your s, storing your files in the cloud and giving you access to Word, Excel and PowerPoint from any computer, at home or on the college campus. Your Office 365 account gives you access to: Outlook – Your mailbox with all your college s. SkyDrive Pro - Your personal document library—the place to keep your work documents and other files. When you store your files on SkyDrive Pro only you can see them, but you can easily share them. Office Web Apps - Allowing you to upload, create, edit, and share Microsoft Office documents directly within a Web browser. Users can create, view and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

10 Outlook - s You can access your by going directly to the Microsoft website: Also you can use the shortcuts on either the CRC computer desktop, CRC website or the VLE homepage ( . Account Login Details: Username: Your Student ID (located on your student card) Password: CRCcb42qt ‘CRC’ and Your Postcode i.e. (this password is case sensitive)

11 Once you have logged in to your you can access your SkyDrive by clicking the link on the top menu. SkyDrive is your personal document library where you can keep your documents and other files

12 Office Web Apps allowing users to upload, create, edit, and share Microsoft Office documents directly within a Web browser. Users can create, view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. In the main window you will see all files you have already upload or created. Click on ‘New Document’ to create a new document or Upload a existing file.

13 Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
The CRC VLE web address is On the VLE you will find pages for your course and units. On your VLE pages you will find information and learning materials. Login Details: Username: Student ID number (located on your student card) Password: cb42qt your postcode (Make sure you use small letters and no space)

14 Quick steps to finding your VLE course page
Your teachers will tell you which course and unit pages you need to enrol onto. Your teacher will also give you the enrolment key for each VLE page. You will only need the Enrolment key the first time you access each VLE page. When you next login to the VLE, look to the left and you will see ‘Navigation’ click on ‘My courses’ this will bring up a list of all VLE pages you have enrolled onto. If you have any questions or problems please contact the ILCT team by calling , ing or visiting B008 in the corridor behind main reception. Log into the VLE Click on your Faculty Click on your course then unit page Enter Enrolment Key Look at resources and activities.

15 ClickView online allows students to access educational videos for research, homework and assignments. You can watch educational videos on any computer, iPhone or iPad. Just go to the website and login and you will have access to all the videos. The web address is: The login details for all students are the same: Username: password: september

16 Target Skills Gold In order to help you as you prepare for your course at CRC we like to spend a little time checking your Maths and English skills. This is not a test; it is a way for us to see how we can help you as you study. Everybody has different skills and it helps to know where your strengths are and where you might need a little help. The web address for this is or you can follow the link from the desktop. Login Details: Username: Student ID number (located on your student card) Password: cb42qt your postcode (Make sure you use small letters and no space)

17 Key contacts We’re here to help!
IT Support Any computer problems. Room: B122 Phone: ILCT Team (VLE) Any VLE or TSG questions. Room: B008 Phone: Student Admin Any enrolment problems. Room: C105 Phone: or Student Services Any student services questions. Room: C007 Phone:

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