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YOUR EXTENDED SERVICE PARTNER... INTRODUCTION We are pleased to introduce Xingular as one of the leading company’s in the field of telecom projects and.

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2 INTRODUCTION We are pleased to introduce Xingular as one of the leading company’s in the field of telecom projects and BPO services since 2001. Xingular is a part of a multi-core group backed by a collective industry experience in training and online/offline production in various fields of IT Enabled services. Xingular, a leading IT-enabled services an BPO & KPO provider in India, has carved a niche for itself in this industry today. Diversity is a critical requirement for the success of any company today. The real reason for doing diversified training is the need for a more interconnected work force. We believe in developing an environment that values diversity as an essential step towards a lifelong effort of positive change in the entire community. Xingular has also grown tremendously over the past few years and presently in running activities in areas related to both voice and data.

3 OUR AIM Xingular will continue to offer and develop products and service that do the work, reduce the regulatory burden and increase efficiency. We look forward to working with you to ensure that your institution can make informed and strategically sound decisions into the 21 st century and beyond. We will work with your organization to design, implement and operate the non-core functions as per your requirement. We will ensure the right complement of people, processes and technology to maximize efficiency. We tailor our approach to the needs of each our clients. Every project we undertake is as unique as each client we serve, but there is a unique Xingular way of working. These distinguishing features means that Xingular can provide you with the right level of service to meet your organization's specific needs.

4 Corporate Vision To become one of the globally respected corporation, providing quality-centric business process outsourcing (BPO) services to fortune 1000 and other leading global companies. We foresee to be acknowledged as a world leader that enables organizations to enhance business insight with innovative solutions for high performance. Vision Corporate Mission To create new standards for customer support using world class solutions, human resource and technology. Corporate Values We are committed in providing high quality of service to our clients, by delivering value for money, and by building a culture of excellence and sense of pride amongst ourselves.

5 India advantage 40%-60% cost reduction for off shored process - Differential in wages from the US or UK parent location at approx 70%- 80%. - Interaction costs increase 10%-20% bcoz of India being a remote location….thus net savings of 40%-60% Labor cost arbitrage, the reason for cost savings likely to exist for next 20-30 years Faster turnaround time -Time zone difference - 24X7 service Learning curve effect, given increased activity across companies and increased centralization within company Established methodologies and processes being rapidly adopted for better performance Well defined quantifiable metrics for quality and process Access to highly qualified – skilled pool INDIA’S VALUE PROPOSITION COST PRODUCTIVITY QUALITY Opportunity for leveraging capabilities from remote location

6 Services Amongst India’s most diversified service providers Inbound (Customer Service, Technical Product Support, Banking and Financial Services) Outbound (Telesales, Market Research, Collections, Appointment Fixing) Back office/ Transaction processing. Email, Web support and SMS services & support.

7 Risk mitigation & Information security security Process security Comprehensive risk assessment during new service introduction in IT External, internal and customer audits to provide security Assurance Information Security Policy guidelines & Policies for Organizational Security, Email & Internet, Back office functions etc Network security Secure dedicated channel between Wipro and client Offshore centers insulated from internet and other networks Multi-layered virus/worm/spam protection for the ODC network Separate isolated VLAN based network for ODC

8 Employee security All security procedures explained during employee induction All employees sign confidentiality agreement at the time of joining Motivating employees starts with motivating yourself Always work to align goals of the organization with goals of employees Key to supporting the motivation of your employees is understanding what motivates each of them

9 We realize that despite having excellent manpower, a world class service is only possible with advanced & reliable IT and infrastructure support. State –of- the- art infrastructure which enables us providing un interrupted services 24/7/365. IPLC based centre with In house Aspect-Concerto Dialer. VOIP technology with couple back up servers in US to ensure un interrupted communication. Highly reliable IT and network infrastructure with multiple redundancies. Power back up management with un interrupted power supply. 24/7 in house expert technical support staff to tackle any technical issues. Access control management. Network security & Application security through firewall and antivirus software. Business Continuity plan & Disaster Recovery Plan IT and Infrastructure

10 DR and BC planning Disaster Recovery Management: unique approach Identification of business-critical processes and components Risk Management and Business Impact Analysis Definition of Recovery Windows Mitigation plans Disaster handling plan, Contingency plan, Business resumption plan Testing and knowledge management Review and optimization Key features of the Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery Planning Emergency response teams are formed, and trained on recovery procedures Highly reliable network infrastructure with multiple redundancies Multiple facilities well-connected with high bandwidth links- Our Gurgaon (India) facility acts as DRC. Robust backup practices for critical data Power redundancy through generator sets and high-performance UPS systems State-of-the-art building management and security systems

11 Our Service offerings Industry services Insurance claims processing Mortgage processing Health claims adjudication Credit card processing Bank reconciliation Knowledge services Data analysis Data mining Data management Finance & accounting services Procure to pay Plan to result Order to cash Compliance services HR services Employee data management Recruitment Solutions e-HR managed services Ability to provide multiple solutions for a single client Customer relationship management Voice (inbound/outbound) Telemarketing – Selling new/upgrade products/services Internal employee help-desk Technical Support – L1/L2 desktops, network, software Customer service – billing, new existing plans, value added services, service order processing, Workforce dispatch, health claims, etc Collections – early reminders to late stage collections eMail / Web / Chat Technical support – desktops, portables, network, software Customer service eSales Business optimization services (BOSsTM)


13 Delivery model: migration approach 2 3 1 Managing what is outsourced - operations How to migrate - transition What to migrate – pre-analysis / analysis WHAT TO OUTSOURCE HOW TO OUTSOURCE MANAGING WHAT IS OUTSOURCED Pre-analysis / analysis Customer interaction – on-site / offsite, via questionnaires / Interviews Migration based on de-couplability, offshore ability of processes, legal requirements, resource availability, customer benefits, risk, skill set availability, technology, etc Process migration Developing process maps, standard operating procedures Developing detailed timelines for migration – project plan Base lining of SLA’s Engagement model - communication plans Engagement approach Operations and customer point of contacts Engagement model Change management Cost savings analysis

14 Sales Campaigns

15 Wide recruiting “net” that matches client needs -Clients customized recruitment plans: skills, locations, Demographics Optimal use of recruitment channels - Enabling quick ram pups Rigorous Training- Process and communication Skill upgrades Performance management-Retain and grow high performers. People- Our Experts in delivering Skill set mapping- Maximize delivery and performance Match employee aptitude and skills to functional requirements

16 Standard Practices Agent vs. Team Leader Ratio – 15:1 Agent vs. Team Leader Ratio – 15:1 Agent vs. QA Ratio – 15:1 Agent vs. QA Ratio – 15:1 Trainer vs. Trainee Ratio – 10:1 Trainer vs. Trainee Ratio – 10:1(classroom) Trainer vs. Agent Ratio – 15:1 Trainer vs. Agent Ratio – 15:1 Process Allocation happens Process Allocation happens on the basis of Training Performance and individual traits


18 CONTACT US Xingular BPO Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai. Xingular Telecom Projects India Pvt Ltd, Kerala. Xingular Asia Pacific Ltd, Hong Kong Xingular Telecom Projects LLC, UAE. Hi-Lite Arabia cont co, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. e-mail :, Ph : 044 42076203, +91 994 031 5619 # I/132, MMDA Colony, Arumbakkam, Chennai – 600106

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