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Grow Your Business through Contact Centre Outsourcing Fanny Vaz Director, Personal Market Unit, CTM.

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1 Grow Your Business through Contact Centre Outsourcing Fanny Vaz Director, Personal Market Unit, CTM

2 Balancing the benefits and concerns Steps to successful outsourcing Choose a strategic partner to grow your business Agenda

3  People management  Operational procedures  Technical infrastructure  Marketing support  Management expertise What should an outsourcer offer ?

4   Reduce your unit costs  Increase your service offering  Access new markets  Approach more customers  Improve quality  Focus on your goals An outsourcer should help you to

5 Balancing Benefits vs Concerns 5

6 Reasons to Outsource Improve, or focus on core competencies Gain access to “expert” capabilities Reduce and control costs Gain access to resources not available internally Need to implement change Regain control of difficult functions Need to reduce risks

7 Potential Benefits of Outsourcing Cost reduction –Experience between 10-30% savings over do-it- yourself Potential quality improvements –By your own metrics, between 10-30% Competitive Advantages –Time to market, flexibility, out of hours coverage Access to Expertise –Technology, tools, structured methodologies, procedures, experience…..

8 Reasons not to Outsource ? 8

9 Anticipated supervisory problems ? Concerns Outsourcing company does nothing but focus on call centre management, can provide you with better control, more analysis and reporting and better service

10 Existing operation in place ? Concerns Existing call centre does not mean that requirements are / can be fully met Financially difficult for internal call centre to run short term / ad hoc programmes

11 Confidentiality ? Concerns Depends largely on applications Good use of technology will ensure data security Careful selection of staff and use of confidentiality agreements can also overcome most of the concern

12 Skills ? Concerns Recruitment with appropriate skills In-depth product training in conjunction with the client Skill level requirements for most of the applications are not high especially for temporary programmes Use of sophisticated technology can help to fully guide the agents to handle calls in a consistent manner ? ? ! ! ! ! ? ?

13 Quality Issues ? Concerns Extensive monitoring of agents Best practice management Service levels guarantees / agreements

14 Steps to Outsourcing Define the strategic and tactical reasons to outsource Determine your objectives Evaluate potential benefits Evaluate supplier competence carefully Form a partnership with your supplier Be aware of your role and responsibilities Be aware of the limitations

15 Evaluating a Partner Partnership - the three “R”s Reputation Existing Relationship References The Details Agents Operational procedures Quality Technical infrastructure Management

16 Evaluating a Partner - Agents Agent selection, recruitment criteria and procedures  Your involvement in agent selection and recruitment Training programmes, frequency, quality, purpose  Your involvement in training Employee motivation and incentive management Employee terms and conditions Employee satisfaction Supervision and supervisory procedures Use of employees in client focus groups

17 Evaluating a Partner - Operations Operational procedures Extent and efficiency of workforce scheduling Efficiency of operation, agent utilisation, service levels Flexibility of workforce management Resourcing Quality assurance procedures and tools Type and frequency of call monitoring  Your involvement in this Escalation procedures and corrective actions

18 Evaluating a Partner - Technology Technical infrastructure Resilient, high availability architecture Flexible design Capacity Innovative use of technology Integration capabilities Backup, contingency, disaster recovery

19 Evaluating a Partner - Account Management Project management Account management Reporting Service level Quality Contact reporting

20 The Clients ROLE Setting your objectives Clarity ! Define your requirements and share your problems Define measurable criteria for cost and performance Aim to build an ongoing and mutually successful relationship Ensure enough resources to properly manage your relationship Ensure your fullest participation where it is required

21 Thank you ! 21

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