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ABOUT US FLAXEM SYSTEM ENTERPRISES.  It is a company established and run on Sound Business Principles to offer Quality Consultancy and Training Services.

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2  It is a company established and run on Sound Business Principles to offer Quality Consultancy and Training Services in the areas of:  -ICT Strategy and Management  -Business Planning  -Financial Analysis  -Investment Advisory services  -Management Consultancy and Training FLAXEM SYSTEMS ENTERPRISES

3  “To Effectively Serve Customers By Developing Long- Term Business Relationships Through Delivering World- Class Consultancy Services With Integrity In The Areas of our Focus” 2.The Mission Statement of the Company

4  Our Vision is to be a Consulting Company of Choice that Delivers Customer Satisfaction with Dedication and Integrity 3.The Vision of the Company

5 Flaxem System Enterprises Ltd is a locally owned company. Since its inception, the company has grown steadily from a humble beginning while establishing a varied customer base both locally, regionally and internationally. The Company and Its Services

6 Among the Company’s guiding Values and Principles are the following:  1. Integrity and Business Ethics  2. Truth and Trustworthiness  3. Teamwork Core Values / Principles

7  Flaxem System Enterprises Ltd is a channel partner of Infor in East Africa. OUR STAFF  We have a team of qualified and seasoned personnel in IFMIS (Integrated Financial Management Information System) within Kenya and the East Africa region. WHO ARE WE?

8  Energy and Environment  Education  Products and Process Engineering  Government  NGOs  Health  Travel  International Research Bodies  Insurance and Re-insurance companies OUR TARGET MARKETS

9  1. Eveready East Africa  2. Uganda Telecom Limited  3. DHL Projects Angola, Angola  4. IGAD – Kenya Office  6.Uganda Revenue Authority, Uganda  7.DHL Global Forwarding, Kenya  8.DHL Global Forwarding, Uganda  9.DHL Logistics Tanzania Ltd  10. DHL Global Forwarding, Angola  11.Danzas Abu Dhabi L.L.C, UAE OUR CURRENT CLIENT BASE


11  As one of the leading software houses, Infor specialises in the development, marketing and support of its own accounting and financial management software packages under the name SunSystems.  The company works with selected partners to provide Best of Breed solutions to meet its customers’ requirements with an emphasis on value for money. INTRODUCTION

12  Infor’s success has been based on its ability to deliver high quality, functionally rich application software, complemented by a comprehensive range of professional services.  Over 18,000 infor10 licenses have been sold and implemented in 187 countries around the world, utilising 27 language variations. INFOR SUCCESS

13  Infor10 will provide you with a highly efficient web based, workflow enabled finance solution.  Single ledger system ensures information reporting in real time, without the need to run batch up-dates or reconciliation.  Integrated accounts package as opposed to separate modules.  Access to timely information for multiple hierarchies, provided by advanced consolidation capabilities.  Easy to use analysis codes offer total flexibility in defining set-up and reportable data and offers opportunity for fast and efficient changes BENEFITS

14  The ease of which analysis codes are set-up aids the speed of implementation - reducing project management cost and offering the solution to end-users sooner.  Open and definable periods for year or month end reporting/closing (within the bounds of auditing security).  Infor10 is a fully open system and integrates easily with other products.  Using a universal source code, anyone anywhere in the world can use infor10 and be familiar with the processes. BENEFITS CONT.

15  The use of a universal source code means infor10 System software is installed in every country simplifying support and updates.  Infor10 is highly “end-user” configurable thus negating the need for costly and time consuming bespoke developments.  Infor10 offers ease of upgrade processing; this can be carried out by the customer or with Flaxem System Enterprises Ltd service support.  Infor10 is available in 27 languages and multi lingual. MORE BENEFITS

16  Consolidation for reporting across divisions is both flexible and user friendly.  Infor10 provides the ability to map to different organisation’s processes, functional requirements and deployment needs, delivering a truly flexible solution.  Exception reports can be written to , HTML and other formats for ease of management reporting.  Infor10 is totally scalable, incorporating users in SMEs through to the Multi-national corporate and can be deployed on anything from a single user PC through networks to large multi-server RDBMS based systems. BENEFITS

17  ZEP-RE already has the following SunSystems modules:  Foundation  Accounting, and  Fixed Assets.  Additional modules to satisfy the current need would include:  Infor10 Procurement,  Infor10 Sales Invoicing,  Infor10 Collect,  Infor10 Connect,  Infor Q&A. OUR APPRECIATION


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