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It is a company established and run on Sound Business Principles to offer Quality Consultancy and Training Services in the areas of: - ICT Strategy and Management - Business Planning - Financial Analysis - Investment Advisory services - Management Consultancy and Training

3 2. The Mission Statement of the Company
“To Effectively Serve Customers By Developing Long-Term Business Relationships Through Delivering World-Class Consultancy Services With Integrity In The Areas of our Focus”

4 3. The Vision of the Company
Our Vision is to be a Consulting Company of Choice that Delivers Customer Satisfaction with Dedication and Integrity

5 The Company and Its Services
Flaxem System Enterprises Ltd is a locally owned company. Since its inception, the company has grown steadily from a humble beginning while establishing a varied customer base both locally, regionally and internationally.

6 Core Values / Principles
Among the Company’s guiding Values and Principles are the following:  1. Integrity and Business Ethics   2. Truth and Trustworthiness   3. Teamwork

7 WHO ARE WE? Flaxem System Enterprises Ltd is a channel partner of Infor in East Africa. OUR STAFF We have a team of qualified and seasoned personnel in IFMIS (Integrated Financial Management Information System) within Kenya and the East Africa region.

8 OUR TARGET MARKETS Energy and Environment Education
Products and Process Engineering Government NGOs Health Travel International Research Bodies Insurance and Re-insurance companies

1. Eveready East Africa 2. Uganda Telecom Limited 3. DHL Projects Angola, Angola 4. IGAD – Kenya Office 6. Uganda Revenue Authority, Uganda 7. DHL Global Forwarding, Kenya 8. DHL Global Forwarding, Uganda 9. DHL Logistics Tanzania Ltd 10. DHL Global Forwarding, Angola 11. Danzas Abu Dhabi L.L.C, UAE


11 INTRODUCTION As one of the leading software houses, Infor specialises in the development, marketing and support of its own accounting and financial management software packages under the name SunSystems. The company works with selected partners to provide Best of Breed solutions to meet its customers’ requirements with an emphasis on value for money.

12 INFOR SUCCESS Infor’s success has been based on its ability to deliver high quality, functionally rich application software, complemented by a comprehensive range of professional services. Over 18,000 infor10 licenses have been sold and implemented in 187 countries around the world, utilising 27 language variations.

13 BENEFITS Infor10 will provide you with a highly efficient web based, workflow enabled finance solution. Single ledger system ensures information reporting in real time, without the need to run batch up-dates or reconciliation. Integrated accounts package as opposed to separate modules. Access to timely information for multiple hierarchies, provided by advanced consolidation capabilities. Easy to use analysis codes offer total flexibility in defining set-up and reportable data and offers opportunity for fast and efficient changes

14 BENEFITS CONT. The ease of which analysis codes are set-up aids the speed of implementation - reducing project management cost and offering the solution to end-users sooner. Open and definable periods for year or month end reporting/closing (within the bounds of auditing security). Infor10 is a fully open system and integrates easily with other products. Using a universal source code, anyone anywhere in the world can use infor10 and be familiar with the processes.

15 MORE BENEFITS The use of a universal source code means infor10 System software is installed in every country simplifying support and updates. Infor10 is highly “end-user” configurable thus negating the need for costly and time consuming bespoke developments. Infor10 offers ease of upgrade processing; this can be carried out by the customer or with Flaxem System Enterprises Ltd service support. Infor10 is available in 27 languages and multi lingual.

16 BENEFITS Consolidation for reporting across divisions is both flexible and user friendly. Infor10 provides the ability to map to different organisation’s processes, functional requirements and deployment needs, delivering a truly flexible solution. Exception reports can be written to , HTML and other formats for ease of management reporting. Infor10 is totally scalable, incorporating users in SMEs through to the Multi-national corporate and can be deployed on anything from a single user PC through networks to large multi-server RDBMS based systems.

17 OUR APPRECIATION ZEP-RE already has the following SunSystems modules:
Foundation Accounting, and Fixed Assets. Additional modules to satisfy the current need would include: Infor10 Procurement, Infor10 Sales Invoicing, Infor10 Collect, Infor10 Connect, Infor Q&A.



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