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Demonstrative Pronouns

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1 Demonstrative Pronouns
Avancemos 2 – Unidad 2 Leccion 1

2 Demonstrative Pronouns
What we’ve discussed so far is demonstrative ADJECTIVES. Adjectives describe nouns: Quiero esta manzana. – I want this apple. Now we’ll talk about DEMONSTRATIVE PRONOUNS. Pronouns take the place of nouns They agree in gender and number with the noun they replace. No quiero esta manzana; quiero ésa. – I don’t want this apple; I want that one.

3 Demonstrative Pronouns
In English, demonstrative pronouns translate as “this one, those ones, etc.” The only difference between a demonstrative ADJECTIVE and a demonstrative PRONOUN in Spanish is the accent mark. If it’s a pronoun, there’ll be an accent mark over the first “e” in the word. If there is a noun after it, it’s an adjective; if there’s not, it’s a pronoun. Remember: “No noun equals pronoun”

4 Demonstrative pronouns - they have accents!
Close Not Close Far Away Masculine Feminine Singular This éste ésta That ése ésa aquél aquélla Plural These éstos éstas Those ésos ésas aquéllos aquéllas

5 Demonstrative Pronouns In Spanish, the demonstrative adjective and the demonstrative pronoun may refer to the same thing. You will however see an accent on the demonstrative pronoun. Compare: Demonstrative Adjective Demonstrative Pronoun ¿Cuánto cuesta este uniforme? How much does this uniform cost? Ese uniforme cuesta diez dólares. That uniform costs 10 dollars. Aquel uniforme es más barato. That uniform (over there) is cheaper. ¿Cuánto cuesta éste? How much does this one cost? Ése cuesta diez dólares. That one costs 10 dollars. Aquél es más barato. That one (over there) is cheaper.

6 Demonstrative Pronouns
You would NEVER say, “Quiero ese uno” for “I want that one.” You’d just say “Quiero ése.“ Quiero ese libro. – Quiero ése. I want that book. – I want that one. Quiero esos libros. – Quiero ésos. I want those books. – I want those. Quiero aquella silla. – Quiero aquélla. I want that chair over there. – I want that one over there. Quiero aquellas sillas. – Quiero aquéllas. I want those chairs over there. – I want those over there.

7 Práctica – Yo quiero/yo prefiero
I prefer this one ( referring to el suéter) I want that one (referring to el vestido) I prefer that one over there (referring to el sombrero) I prefer those over there (referring to los pantalones) I want these ones (referring to los zapatos) I prefer that one (referring to el abrigo) I want those ones (referring to los lentes) Yo prefiero éste. Yo quiero ése. Yo prefiero aquél. Yo prefiero aquéllos. Yo quiero éstos. Yo prefiero ése. Yo quiero ésos.

8 Más Práctica – Yo quiero/yo prefiero
I prefer this one (referring to la falda) I want that one (referring to la chamarra) I prefer that one over there (referring to la camisa) I prefer those over there (referring to las sandalias) I want these ones (referring to las joyas) I prefer that one (referring to la corbata) I want those ones (referring to las bolsas) Yo prefiero ésta. Yo quiero ésa. Yo prefiero aquélla. Yo prefiero aquéllas. Yo quiero éstas. Yo prefiero ésa. Yo quiero ésas.

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