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Los demostrativos Apuntes de gramática.

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1 Los demostrativos Apuntes de gramática

2 Demonstrative adjectives
There are 2 categories of demonstrative adjectives in English: - This / these (close) - That / those (farther away) Spanish has 3 categories: - That / those (very far away)

3 This / these (something close by)
Singular (this) Plural (these) Masculine este estos Feminine esta estas Ejemplos: Yo quiero este libro. I want this book (the one close to me). No me gusta esta camisa. I don’t like this shirt (the one near me). Yo prefiero estos zapatos. I prefer these shoes. Me gustan estas bolsas. I like these purses.

4 That / those (farther away)
Singular (that) Plural (those) Masculine ese esos Feminine esa esas Ejemplos: Me gusta ese chico. I like that boy (farther away from me). Yo quiero esa falda. I want that skirt (farther away). Yo prefiero esos libros. I prefer those books. No me gustan esas camisetas. I don’t like those t-shirts.

5 That / Those (way over there)
Singular (that over there) Plural (those over there) Masculine aquel aquellos Feminine aquella aquellas Ejemplos: Aquel señor es mi maestro. That man (way over there) is my teacher. No me gusta aquella casa. I don’t like that house (way over there). Aquellos reporteros son del canal dos. Those reporters (way over there) are from channel 2. Aquellas chicas son simpáticas. Those girls (way over there) are nice.

6 Demonstrative Pronouns
The demonstrative adjectives can also be used as demonstrative pronouns When they do this, the words have accent marks on the first “e” in the word. Ejemplos: - Yo quiero este libro. I want this book. - Yo quiero éste. I want this one. - No me gustan esas casas. I don’t like those houses. - No me gustan ésas. I don’t like those. - Aquella reportera es del canal dos. That reporter over there is from channel 2. - Aquélla es del canal dos. That one over there is from channel 2.

7 Práctica traduce las frases.
This article That review That pilot (m) over there This comic strip That channel That writer (f) over there This reporter (m) That report That painting over there This journalist (f) That photographer (f) That suitcase over there These programs Those commercials Those passengers over there These authors (m) Those newspapers Those thieves (f) over there These tickets Those editions Those editors (m) over there These cameras Those news shows Those viewers (f) over there

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