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PodCasts in Education Original Announcement

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1 PodCasts in Education Original Announcement

2 Podcasting Podcasting is the distribution of audio (or video) files similar to radio programs over the Internet for listening on a media player or personal computer. The term combines "iPod" and "broadcast.“ One may download a single file, but what distinguishes a podcast is the ability to subscribe and automatically receive content.

3 Educational application ideas Commentary – on TV programs, sports Tours – museum, city, etc. Literature – story, play or poetry Guest speaker Class lectures or notes Authentic foreign language speech Conferences – keynotes, sessions Music – commercial or original News Interview Humor

4 Examples David Warlick – Connected Learning – Annette Lamb – High Tech Learning – podcast.htm podcast.htm

5 Examples Mrs Smith – Tuscola 4th Grade –SmithCast – Tim McCullum – Charleston Middle School 8th grade –

6 Examples Bobby Bucket – bucket of books – /index.html /index.html Mr Gates – 2nd Grade Podcasts – at=84 at=84 Macul 2008 - Teaser Podcasts –

7 Examples Kathy Schrock – Nauset Technology News – Education Podcast Network – Apple iTunes – Podcast – (look for podcast link Apple iTunes-U –

8 Examples Podcasts for Math –Mathtutor – – (1 minute howtos) Science – Astronomy A GoGo – English/Language Arts -- Children’s Book Radio –

9 Examples Social Studies – National Geographic – Tom Grissom – Tech Talks 4 Teachers – –Note Tom uses BlogSpot to host his podcast

10 Characteristics of a Good Podcast Think of a good commercial or news-cast Consistent format Even pacing of audio and consistent volume – little use of ahh, umm, ok, like and other distracting audio noices Focused SHORT and organized (2 to 5 minutes) Break into sections with good transitions, and teasers. Topic of interest to listeners

11 Vocabulary Aggregator – browser/player for media RSS – really simple syndication Synchronous/asynchronous

12 Podcasting allows listeners to control: 1. When they listen, 2. Where they listen, 3. How they listen, and 4. What they listen to.

13 Podcasting Characteristics Listeners collect programs from a variety of sources and choose which they want to listen to. This ability to "aggregate" is a major attraction. Services and software that help in this process are called aggregators or "podcatchers." Podcasting is asynchronous; it is not for live events.

14 Blogger for Podcasting Blogger (a Google Product) –http://blogger.com BlogSpot – allows podcasting –  will redirect to blogger Howto: – podcast-with-blogger-and-smartcast/ podcast-with-blogger-and-smartcast/

15 Other Podcast Sites GCast – Free Service by creators of Garage Band Requires creating a personal account (free) Can upload MP3 files Can record direct from cell phone by dialing number

16 Basic Podcast Format Opening Theme / Theme Music Introduction with topic for the episode Opening Segment (interview, discussion,..) Lead into break with a teaser Music interlude (commercial etc) Pickup after break and lead into Teaser Answer 2 nd segment content Continue Wrap-up Summarize key points Play off with theme music or sound effect

17 Royalty Free Music Royalty Free Music Page – – FreePlay Music – Sony’s ACID Planet –http://www.acidplanet.com

18 Tools Need a place to post –Blogger, Gcast, McGraw Hill, RaiderTube –Create Webpage with link to podcast FeedBurner – create XML file so audience can “subscribe” to the podcast –http://feedburner.com Audacity – audio record and edit – http://www.audacity.com – Save audio as an MP3 file

19 How-To Stuff Podcast FAQ – Audacity Tutorial for Podcasters – audacity-tutorial.htm audacity-tutorial.htm

20 Project #1 – work with partner Interview a Character from History A teaching lesson-review session for students A Book Review – Book Talk An interview of your partner about some lesson/project they did this year and how it went A daily school announcement & highlight podcast Summer trip/vacation or summer project plans Pick an event from history and summarize the highlights of the event – try in first person

21 Share Projects Save your MP3 file and we will share with each other

22 Podcast #2 Any “other” of the first podcast topics Move into video and use MovieMaker to create video but use your first podcast as the audio track

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