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Practical Podcasting Senyda M. Elizondo Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD Technology Trainer.

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1 Practical Podcasting Senyda M. Elizondo Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD Technology Trainer

2 Video  common_craft.flv common_craft.flv

3 What is a podcast?  The word podcast comes from cast as in broadcast and pod from the famous Apple iPod or think information that is Personal On Demand.  (People automatically began to associate podcasting with the iPod).

4 RSS Feed  Podcasting is the syndication of audio files using RSS.  The only feed it subscribes to is audio similar to a feed reader or news aggregator.  Today many websites have a RSS feed on their pages to notify others of daily or hourly updates.  Ex.

5 CNN Podcasting site 

6 Why podcast?  Podcasts give you the opportunity to host your own news, speak your mind, or broadcast your music to whoever wants to receive it.  Podcasts specifically with students give them the opportunity to listen to themselves, talk about what's important to them and speak in a language they understand or want to understand.

7 Misconceptions  You do not have to have an iPod to listen to a podcast.  You can listen to podcasts or subscribe to podcasts on your computer. These podcasts can be automatically sent to your podcatching site or application such as iTunes. Or you can listen to podcasts on anything that plays MP3s. A podcast is an mp3.

8 Podcasts can be used for:  Music  Training/Instruction  Story Telling  News/Information dissemination  Self-guided walking tours  How-to information  Interviews  Opinion pieces  Book walk

9 Materials Needed  A computer  A microphone, digital recorder with USB  Audio editing software, such as Audacity  Something to talk about or a pre-written script  Optional music  Podcast hosting site or ftp site with server space

10 Using Audacity  Audacity is freeware that allows you to record and or edit audio. Then you can export the audio into mp3 suitable for podcasting.  Audacity requires a lame mp3 encoder download in order to export to mp3. The lame encoder is free.

11  Audacity is free and can be downloaded from  Or http://psjatechtrainer.pbworks.com

12 Audacity Download Page

13 Downloading the lame encoder  Lame encoder- libmp3lame-win- 3.98.2.ziplibmp3lame-win-   Place it somewhere easily accessible!  This file is need to download file to mp3, audacity does not have it so it is a plug-in to audacity.  Follow directions when finalizing your project and exporting it as a mp3 it will pop-up.

14 Lame MP3 encoder

15 Audacity

16 Audacity Controls

17 Audacity Beginning

18 Adding Music  free background music for your podcasts, digital story telling etc…

19 Select the mp3 file>Save

20 Project>Import Audio

21 Music File Music file

22 File>Export as MP3 Click ok

23 Select a File name>Save

24 Locating the Lame MP3 encoder Select Yes

25 Locating the Lame MP3 encoder

26 Add tags for identification/export is automatic

27 Windows Sound Recorder  Or use the Windows Sound Recorder located under Programs>Accessories>Entertainment and drop it into Audacity.  However, this will not allow you to edit.  Wav file

28 Importing Audio

29 Imported File

30 Audio Levels Too low LOUD Speaking Tone

31 Editing  Podcasting Example.aup Podcasting Example.aup

32 Podcast hosting/Podcatchers    Podbean not only allows you to publish your podcasts but also subscribe to podcasts of interest to you.  Podbean has embeddable players that can be placed on blogs and web pages to make it easier to access them.


34 Free Account  5GB Monthly Bandwidth  100MB Storage  Pictures, videos, podcasts  Blog style  Templates  Embeddable players post to wikis, blogs, websites, and social networking sites


36 You can also configure Podbean to send your podcasts to iTunes where listeners can subscribe and download them as they become available. Pod-omatic

37 Podcasts Going on    Science at NASA Podcast Science at NASA Podcast  NPR Podcasts NPR Podcasts   dex.html dex.html 

38 Podcast Evaluation

39 In the classroom/lessons  s/lessons/20060126thursday.html s/lessons/20060126thursday.html  son_view.asp?id=901 son_view.asp?id=901

40 Ending video  Shake_it_up.flv Shake_it_up.flv

41 Credits  The L&S LSS Quick Guide to Audacity by Doug Worsham 

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