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Presented by Sylvia Davies- English Language Arts Consultant Teresa Lawson – ITS.

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1 Presented by Sylvia Davies- English Language Arts Consultant Teresa Lawson – ITS


3 ELAR TEKS + ISTE Standards + Web 2.0 Tools= Engagement and Authentic Learning New ELAR TEKS Reading Comprehension of Literacy Texts: Theme and Genre, Fiction, Informational Texts, Media Literacy Fluency 1-5 Speaking Teamwork Writing Poetry ISTE Standards Creativity and Innovation Communication and Collaboration Research and Informational Fluency Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making Digital Citizenship Technology Operations and Concepts

4 Why Web 2.0?

5 TOP 5 ELA Elementary Web 2.0

6 Blogging

7 Blogging – Choose Easy to Use Free Blogs Sites hh ttp:// Edublogs Blogmiester Schoolwire’s Webpage

8 Use your Class Blog on Schoolwire’s Teacher’s Webpage Jaye Miller’s Classroom Blog Page Reading Comprehension, Character Analysis, Critical Thinking rowse.asp?A=398&BMDRN=2000&BCOB=0&C=65443 Energy Bus Blog og/browse.asp?A=398&BMDRN=2000&BCOB=0&C=6 3133 Rodger Lees Classroom Blog Page og/browse.asp?A=398&BMDRN=2000&BCOB=0&C=5 4705

9 Let’s Set up a Blog Schoolwires Blog Page

10 Podcasting- Vodcasting

11 Listening and Subscribing to Podcasts Listening and Subscribing to podcast gives your students another teaching tool to explain concepts that are taught in the classroom. Podcasts do not have to be listened to on an iPod. Any device that can play MP3 files, including desktops and laptop computers. Where do you find them? How do you subscribe? What do you use to house those podcasts? Create an iTunes account and have subscriptions go directly there. Let’s Practice that…… EPN Education Podcast Network

12 Ways to use Podcasting in Teaching and Learning Make sure that the podcasts are published to podcast website page. News broadcasts on Informational Texts that students are reading. Book talks about books that students are reading Storytelling – After reading a collection of fables or fairy tales students create own and podcast. Students record poetry that they have written during poetry unit. Students predict and record on a new book that the class will read. Recording for fluency checks Students how to on Daily Five procedures

13 Classroom Examples of Creating Podcasts derKids%20Podcast/34CA05FF-6913-49FA-821B- 747DD6C9452B.html derKids%20Podcast/34CA05FF-6913-49FA-821B- 747DD6C9452B.html /Podcast/Podcast.html /Podcast/Podcast.html

14 How to do a Podcast Use Audacity to record audio podcasts. Then upload them to webpage. You will need microphones and headphones.

15 Vodcasting Steps to Vodcasting. 1. Students create storyboard 2. Using Small Wonders, Webcams with Video feature, or digital video recorder, students record their content. 3. If editing is needed students can use Movie Maker to edit. 4. Save and upload on school website. Can be done on a Flex Page using

16 Uploading to website. Login to Schoolwires account Create new page Choose Podcast page. Upload podcasts to this page.

17 Online Collaborative Writing Storybird 1. Go to 2. Click on Sign up. 3. Create an account 4. Click on create. 5. Choose the art that will inspire you. 6. Click and drag artwork to the workspace. Create your own story by typing in text. 7. If you want to choose to collaborate your manuscript click in the right top corner and invite a collaborator. Fill out information and an email will be sent to your fellow collaborator.. 8. Publish your story. 9. Have students sign in using your account.

18 - -4 th Grade Impressions Storybird Examples storybirdcom.html classroom.html

19 Ideas of Using Storybird Information to be added after we experience Storybird. Great Teacher Ideas to come!

20 Digital Storytelling- Voicethread digital story (dig·i·tal sto·ry) A short, first-person video-narrative created by combining recorded voice, still and moving images, and music or other sounds.

21 education-presentation rowse.asp?A=383&BMDRN=2000&BCOB=0&C=66249

22 Videoconferencing with Skype

23 Ways to use Skype in Classrooms 50 Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom the-classroom/ Birdville Kinder Teachers using Skype in Classroom for Dr. Seuss Connection drn=2000&bcob=0&c=66209

24 Make A Plan

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