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Podcasting in the Foreign Language Classroom Sarah Shackelford Clermont Northeastern H.S. Networking Meeting November.

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1 Podcasting in the Foreign Language Classroom Sarah Shackelford Clermont Northeastern H.S. Networking Meeting November 18, 2008

2 Attitudes about Podcasting “There aren’t enough hours in the day” “Don’t talk to me about technology” Too expensive Security and safety Too nontraditional

3 What are the pros? Fun ! “Hands-on”, do-able and practical, inexpensive Supports social, collaborative learning as well as individualized instruction Supports efforts to differentiate instruction and is a viable alternative for delivering content and offering remediation or extended support Aligns with State Standards

4 More Pros Share information with anyone at any time. ( Examples: Absent student downloads podcast of the lesson. Class news or information communicated to parents and the community.) Learning occurs 24/7 while listening to podcasts ; authentic language & choice in content Possibility for social and intercultural exchanges Creation of podcasts supports skills development (research, writing, speaking, etc.)

5 Try… Listening to vocabulary and grammar lessons, but also music, radio and other audio for native speakers (whole class or individual activities) Recording songs, choral readings, poetry, dialogues, audio greetings, newscasts and other “radio programs” Playing games with recordings(“Guess who said”) Exchanging audio topics with another class

6 What is a Podcast? A podcast is a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the internet for listening or downloading to a personal audio player.

7 What is Podcasting? Podcasting is NOT about casting ! It IS about recording audio, editing the audio (if desired) and making it available for download.

8 Podcasting Vocabulary RSS A format for syndicating news and other formats of information that results in a Web feed URL for users to enter into an aggregator Aggregator An RSS-aware program that can check the feed for changes and update the content locally for the user

9 Aggregator Examples Web Based: Google Reader Client Software: iTunes Juice MediaMonkey (Windows)MediaMonkey

10 Where to Find Podcasts Podcast Alley NPR – list of podcasts iTunes (free download)iTunes Podcast Directory Podcasting Station Free Language (fl learning podcasts)Free Language Learn a language with podcasts Language Learning Podcast

11 Some Language Specific Podcasts Global Arabic-English PodCasts ChinesePod http:/ The French PodClass Audiria (Spanish Learning Podcast)Audiria Department of German Podcasts (Universiy of Wisconsin)

12 More Language Specific Podcasts German podcast - at your servicehttp://useful- German Poems (Klassische Deutsche Lyrik) Informieren - Das Deutschesprachige Podcast A Podcast for Learning Italian

13 Authentic Language Podcasts Annuaire de Podcasts –French language podcastsAnnuaire de Podcasts Directorio de podcasts en espanol – Spanish langage podcastsDirectorio de podcasts en espanol

14 Steps to Create a Podcast Record your podcast Move the audio file into an audio editor Add the introduction and the endings Save the file as an MP3 file Mount on a web site or blog Create a feed (need a blog)®ister podcast on a directory

15 Equipment A microphone or digital recorder for recording audio

16 MP3 Player for downloading the podcasts ( Optional)

17 Audacity for Editing On a PC

18 GarageBand for editing on a MAC

19 Easiest Podcast - Post From Your Phone GcastGcast allows you to mix audio recordings with "podcast safe" music and post from your cell phone directly to a blog or website. Very simple ! Just follow directions on the web site:







26 Let’s Record a Podcast! Be sure to download the Lame MP3 encoder along with Audacity. Do not save files as Audacity files; rather, export as MP3 if you want to load to a web site.

27 Podomatic

28 Login for our Podomatic Account Username = flteachers Password = 123456

29 Blogger

30 Clermont County flteacher blog

31 Audacity Basics

32 Multiple Resource Sites d.html d.html These sites include examples, tutorials, resources, etc…Everything you will need.

33 More Web Resources Who’s Using Podcasting In Education, and How? astingInEducationAndHow.htm Podcasts in curriculum areas: How To Podcast K12 Handhelds

34 Even More Web Resources Kidcast: Podcasting in the Classroom: Langwitches: http://www.langwitches.org Digital Storyteller: http://www.digitalstoryteller.org Podcasting ToolBox Warlick’s Podcasting for Educators ingForEducators

35 Copyright Safe Sources Scroll to the bottom of this wiki page to link to a variety of safe sources for audio, music, pictures, etc.

36 Music In addition to the sources available via the link provided on the previous slide, try: Royalty Free Music Sound Snap (sound effects) Freeplay Music Podsafe Music Network

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