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Podcasting from A to Z Carol Mayer, Wayne RESA 734.334.1423.

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1 Podcasting from A to Z Carol Mayer, Wayne RESA 734.334.1423

2 Objectives Clearly describe podcasting List numerous ways to use podcasting Listen to podcasts Locate and subscribe to podcasts Understand steps to creating a podcast Become familiar with basic recording and editing functions of Audacity Create and post an original podcast episode

3 What is a podcast? Like a radio broadcast, but transmitted over the Internet Podcast < iPod + broadcast Podcast series can be subscribed to Audio content on your computer Can transfer to portable media device (iPod, MP3 player, digital audio player (DAP)) Ability to subscribe distinguishes podcast from a simple MP3 file download

4 History of Podcasting First podcasts in 2004 2005 word of the year -New Oxford American Dictionary Nearly 200 million iPods have been sold > 6 million adults subscribe to podcasts and download onto portable media device More then 100,000 podcasts are available Short

5 Benefits of Podcasting Convenient - listen anytime, anywhere Portable - download to portable media device New episodes automatically downloaded Free (mostly) Wide variety of topics

6 Weve Come a Long Way, Baby



9 Remember… You Dont Need an iPod by jmoonah

10 Podcasting in Education Publish student work Assess student learning Distribute school assignments Create archive of class lectures Interview guest experts Archive oral histories Communicate with parents Provide community outreach Create audio tours Provide public safety messages Access personal and professional development

11 Podcasts for Students Grammar Girls Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing Mr. Langhorst's Web Classroom - Speaking of History The FrenchPodClass Podcast Vocab Minute from The Princeton Review

12 Podcasts by Students Jamestown Elementary Podcasts Radio WillowWeb Our City Podcast

13 More Podcasts The Principal Podcast Science Friday Podcasts K12 Science Podcasts The TechPod Zone

14 Types of Podcasts Audio only Enhanced podcast - includes chapters and images of the places/things mentioned in the podcasts Ex. - Frederick Meijer Gardens Sculpture Park Frederick Meijer Gardens Sculpture Park Ex. - Southfield Christian School Enhanced PodcastsSouthfield Christian School Enhanced Podcasts Video podcast -vodcast - video on demand podcast Ex. - National Geographic Wild ChroniclesNational Geographic Wild Chronicles

15 Finding Podcasts The Education Podcast Network Podcast Alley iTunesiTunes - Download application to computer

16 Creating Podcasts Preproduction - audience, research, script, music and sounds, practice Recording - microphone, audio software Postproduction - editing Publishing

17 Preproduction Purpose of the show Identify your audience Live or mixed? Format –Journal - more conversational –Audio essay or commentary –Discussion –Sound seeing tours –Other - music, plays, interviews, reviews KidCast: Podcasting in the Classroom, ©2007 Dan Schmit

18 Preproduction Brainstorm or outline episode content Create timeline or storyboard Write script KidCast: Podcasting in the Classroom, ©2007 Dan Schmit 0 Min10 Min Segments Transition Music Theme Music

19 Preproduction Research topic Gather audio resources - music, stingers, sound effects, etc Finalize script Rehearse Locate quiet area for recording

20 Recording Quiet on the set! Record voice audio from script Options for recording –Internal or external microphone –Headset with microphone –Portable recording devices –Cell phone - Gcast –Skypecasting KidCast: Podcasting in the Classroom, ©2007 Dan Schmit

21 Postproduction Editing Import music and sound effects Add effects and normalize Fine tune audio files Export as MP3 KidCast: Podcasting in the Classroom, ©2007 Dan Schmit

22 Publishing KidCast: Podcasting in the Classroom, ©2007 Dan Schmit Upload file to server Create RSS feed file Or Use Edublogs or Podbean to host your podcast

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