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Spreadsheet Software (Advanced Topics) Microsoft Excel.

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1 Spreadsheet Software (Advanced Topics) Microsoft Excel

2 My office hour this week (only)  Thursday: 12-1 pm, 4-5 pm  (not 1-3 pm)  MC 366

3 Midterm…  86 questions (all multiple choice; no deduction on incorrect answers)  100 total marks  60% on lecture notes and textbook (Chapter 1 to 7)  10% on quiz-like questions (XP, Excel, Word)  30% on advanced Excel (this file)

4 Some sample questions from textbook… First-generation computers were characterized by the ________. a microprocessor b stored program c integrated circuit d vacuum tube e transistor Answer: d

5 An inherent characteristic of RAM is that it is ________. a) write only b) read only c) volatile d) nonvolatile e) both b) and d) are correct Answer: c

6 1.The DOS operating system was developed at ________. a) Sun Microsystems b) Microsoft c) UCLA d) United States Department of Defense e) none of the above Answer: b

7 More questions of this type can be found at textbook’s website: Choose a chapter, and click Study Guide Study Guide

8 Relative and Absolute Addressing  A feature of spreadsheet software is the automatic update of formula during replication commands  The automatic update of formula during replication allows the user to enter the formula once and then replicate variations of the formula in other cells

9 Relative Addresses  This is the default address mode  Assume that the formula =B23*D9-K12 is in cell A5

10  If the formula =B23*D9-K12 where copied from cell A5 into cell B6 then the updated formula would be:

11 Answer: C24*E10-L13

12 Absolute Addresses  Absolute addresses are used when a cell reference must NOT change during replication  If a row and/or column designator must not change during replication it is prefixed with the “$” character

13 If you copied the formula = $B7 + C$9 + D10 + $D$4 from cell E5 to cell G8, what would the new formula be?

14 Answer: = $B10 + E$9 + F13 + $D$4

15 Predefined Functions  Excel has an extensive library of predefined functions  The library contains functions used in the following areas  Financial  Statistical  Lookup and Reference  Logical  Mathematical and Trigonometric

16 SUM Function  Used to sum the values in selected cells  The formula =A3+A4+B3+B4+D9 can be replaced by a call to the SUM function  The SUM function must be supplied with the values to be summed  =SUM(A3:B4,D9)

17 COUNT Function  Count the number of cells that contain “numbers” in a range of cells  Values that are numbers, dates, or string representations of numbers are counted  =COUNT(A1:B5)

18 MIN Function  Finds the smallest value in a set of values  =MIN(A3:B5,D9,16,SUM(H6:H8))

19 MAX Function  Finds the largest value in a set of values  =MAX(A3:B5,D9,16,SUM(H6:H8))

20 AVERAGE Function  Find the average of the values provided as the arguments  =AVERAGE(A3:B5,D9,7,SUM(H6:H8))

21 IF Function  The predefined IF function selects between one of two actions  For example, a student who earns a mark greater than or equal to 50 in CS031 will be given a numeric grade for the course. If the student earns a mark less than 50 they will be given an “F” for the course.

22  Assume that the computed mark for a student is stored in cell H68  The formula =IF(H68>=50,H68,”F”) can be used to decide if the student should receive a numeric grade or an “F”

23  The IF function has three parameters (or arguments)  =IF(,, )  The is a Boolean expression  The part is performed if the Boolean expression is true  The part is preformed if the Boolean expression is false

24 Boolean Expressions  People use Boolean expressions everyday  Boolean expressions are used as part of our decision making process  We use Boolean variables, Relational operators and Boolean operators to express the decision

25 Example Decision  “If my bank balance is greater than or equal to $20.00 and I have my ATM card then I can withdraw $20.00”  “I have my ATM card” is a Boolean variable  “is greater than or equal to” is a Relational operator  “and” is a Boolean operator

26 Relational Operators  Relational operators yield Boolean results (“true” or “false”)  There are six relational operators  Equal to =  Not equal to <>  Less than <  Less than of equal to <=  Greater than >  Greater than or equal to >=

27 Boolean Operators  There are three commonly used Boolean operators  NOT, AND and OR  NOT – complements the result of a Boolean expression  AND – combines two Boolean expressions  OR – combines two Boolean expressions

28 Booleans Operators in Excel  The Boolean operators (AND, OR and NOT) are predefined functions in Excel  The expression “age is NOT greater than or equal to 19” could be entered as =NOT(Age>=19) on an Excel spreadsheet

29  The expression “balance is greater than or equal to $20.00 and I have my ATM card” could be entered as =AND(Balance>=20,ATM=true)  The expression “work in the R&D department or they make more than $50,000 a year” could be entered as =OR(Dept=“R&D”,Salary>50000)

30 1.What will the following formula return? =IF(AND(NOT(D4<25), B1=30), D2, B3) 2.What will the following formula return? =IF(NOT(B1=30),IF(C1>B4,D2,C2),IF(C 1=C4,A3,B3))

31 Answer:  Laura  Jim

32 If cell A6 contains a formula If(A1 =60, A1, A2), if(not(A3=“Wilma”), A3, A4)) What value would be displayed in A6? If the formula in A6 is copied to B6, what value would be displayed in B6? (similarly for C6 and D6)

33 Answer: 1.Homer 2.30 3.45 4.Chris

34 If cell A7 contains a formula If(and(A1 60), A3, A4)) What value would be displayed in A7? If the formula in A7 is copied to B7, what value would be displayed in B7? (similarly for C7 and D7)

35 Answer: 1.Homer 2.Laura 3.45 4.Chris

36 Develop a formula to calculate a sales commission as follows  5% of the total sales if the total sales is greater than or equal to $0 and less than or equal to $1,000  10% of the total sales if the total sales is greater than $1,000 and less than or equal to $5,000  15% of the total sales if the total sales is greater than $5,000 You can use nested IF… but deeply nested (Assuming A2 stores the total sale) =IF(A2<=1000, 0.05*A2, IF(A2<=5000, 0.1*A2, 0.15*A2) )

37 Much better if we use vlookup: (Assuming A2:A7 store the total sale) Formula in E2 is =VLOOKUP(A2, $D$11:$E$13,2) * A2

38 Vlookup explained…

39 VLOOKUP (lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, range_lookup)

40 Move this textbook away to see the answer


42 If the table of the room assignment for the midterm is at E1:G9, and A1 contains a student’s last name. Write a formula in B1 for the room that this student should go for the midterm:

43 Answer: =vlookup(A1, E2:G9, 3, true)

44 Following the last question, and assuming that A1:A100 contain students’ last names. Can you copy the formula in B1 directly to B2:B100 to obtain rooms for students to go to write the midterm?

45 Answer: No

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