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BCIS IB (Test 2) Excel Lessons 4 – 8 Press space bar to Advance Frame.

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1 BCIS IB (Test 2) Excel Lessons 4 – 8 Press space bar to Advance Frame

2 1. What are two ways to enter function formulas?

3 a) By choosing Edit, Function from the menu-bar. b) click the Fx on the function bar

4 2. How are cell comments inserted?

5 Insert, Comments

6 3. What is the difference between linking data and copying and pasting data.

7 when linked data is updated in source location, the destination location is also updated. Copy and Paste Copy and Linked (Paste Special)

8 4. What command is used in linking data in Excel?

9 The Copy and Edit, Paste Special COPY

10 5. Linked data changed in a source file are automatically updated in the destination file, unless otherwise specified.

11 True

12 6. Do function formulas have operators?

13 No! Function Formulas Paste Special Cells Copy and pasted Cells

14 7. Are there function formulas for * (multiplication), / (division), + (addition) or - (subtraction)?

15 No! Function formulas have a function name and argument, =SUM (A1:A11) and no operator, which is what the +,-,*,and / are.

16 8. In the formula "=SUM(D5:D19)", What is the portion that is the argument.

17 The part in parentheses D5:D19

18 9. Are the data points in a scatter chart connected by lines?

19 With office 2000 the points are not connected. With XP the data points can be connected.

20 10. can you insert a range in a function formula by selecting the range on the worksheet?

21 Yes Dragging the range Inserting into the function

22 11. What are Financial function formulas used to analyze?

23 Items that deal with MONEY- $$$.-loans and investments –

24 12. When a range of Excel data is copied to Word, where does Word automatically place it?

25 In a Table

26 13. What are the two ways that Charts/graphs can appear within the worksheet when created.

27 1.Embedded – on the same sheet 2. On its own separate sheet

28 14. What is The Chart Wizard?

29 The Chart Wizard is an on-screen guide that helps you to prepare a chart. 123 4 Finished

30 15. After a chart/graph is created, the user may edit/change what parts of the chart.

31 legend, title, axis, gridlines, or data labels by simply double-clicking the object and making the desired changes within the dialog box that appears

32 16. What are special pre-set formulas that do not use operators to calculate the result?

33 Function Formulas

34 17. What type of chart uses bars of varying heights to illustrate values in a worksheet and shows relationships among categories of data.

35 Column chart

36 18. What feature applies a font, border, or pattern to a cell when certain conditions exist in that cell. (Ex. Color the cell red if the sales is less than 10%)

37 Conditional formatting

38 19. What Chart shows the relationship of a part to a whole.

39 Pie chart

40 20. What function will give the number of different types of drinks sold by Fruit and Fizz?

41 =COUNT(B6:B11)

42 21. What function may be used to display text or values if certain conditions exist. (Ex. If the percent of sales is greater than 20% display the word “GREAT” otherwise display “OK”).

43 The logical function “IF”

44 22. How do you name a range?

45 Select the range and enter a name (Fruit) in the Name box to the left of the Formula bar.

46 23. What cell references do not change when moved or copied to a new cell?

47 Absolute; =D6/$D$12

48 24. What functions are formulas used to describe large quantities of data. For example, the average number of drinks sold

49 Statistical

50 25. What type formulas are those that have more than one operator?

51 Complex

52 26. What are three steps required to paint a format?

53 a) Highlight a cell that has the format you prefer b) Click the Format Painter button on the toolbar. c) Highlight a cell or the range of cells that you would like to format..

54 27. What type of chart must appear within the same worksheet rather than on a separate sheet.

55 An Embedded Chart

56 28.All of the following can be placed on a chart.

57 a) Gridlines b) Axes (X and Y) c) Data labels d) Legend e) Title

58 29. What cell references change both the column and the row when moved or copied to a new cell?

59 Relative; =(B6*1.5)+(C6*0.9) =(B7*1.5)+(C7*0.9)

60 30. What would be the formula to find the total small servings?

61 =SUM(C6:C11)

62 33. What formula could you use to find out the lowest number of servings?

63 =MIN(B6:B11)

64 34. What formula could you use to find out the greatest number of servings?

65 =MAX(C6:C11)


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