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London Grid for Learning technical conference 30th June 2014.

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1 London Grid for Learning technical conference 30th June 2014

2 London Grid for Learning ‘Harnessing Home Technology for Learning’ Innovations : Connected Home Neil Illingworth June 2014

3 Advanced Technologies and Innovation


5 What is Innovation?

6 Innovations are divided into two broad categories: Evolutionary innovations (continuous or dynamic evolutionary innovation) that are brought about by many incremental advances in technology or processes and revolutionary innovations (also called discontinuous innovations) which are often disruptive and new.

7 What is Innovation?

8 Innovation



11 The Persistent Threat Detection System

12 Innovation

13 Pigeon Threat Avoidance System

14 The Connected Home

15 Our increasingly connected world


17 Adoption rates for key devices has grown substantially over the past four years. 17 A core set of devices is quickly being established within broadband homes. Tablets, e-book readers, and smartphones have posted the most impressive recent growth. Home network adoption has posted strong growth since 2009, but plateaued recently. Laptop adoption has surged ahead of desktop adoption.

18 A growing number of home video devices now connect to the Internet. 18 Over one-half of all broadband HHs can now access online content on a TV set through a connected CE device. The most common device is a game console—42% of broadband HHs have an Internet-connected console. The growth of connected-CE devices and their growing role in home entertainment presents opportunities for technical support providers.

19 Home management equipment presents a third front in the advance of connected devices in the home. 19 In addition to home entertainment devices, a nascent number of consumers now use connected equipment to manage their home’s security and energy consumption. Broadband, security, and utility providers are keen to drive adoption of such devices. Comcast, and Verizon, for example, now offer a range of connected home management equipment; Lowes recently launched a line up of equipment and services, as well.

20 A majority of broadband HHs already contain an “emerging” device. Even after computers, tablets, e- readers, smartphones, and home networks are excluded, a solid majority of broadband HHs own one or more emerging devices. Game consoles are the most widely adopted emerging device.


22 “Approximately 35% of broadband households experience home networking problems when trying to sync devices and enable functions.” Park Associates 2013 Today's “connected” home

23 Broadband Mobile RAN, Metro WiFi etc Today “Connected” Home – Alternative Ending…

24 Roughly one-quarter of emerging device owners report experiencing problems with the device on a monthly basis. For example, 15% of networked audio system owners say they have problems with their device on a daily basis. Of all the emerging devices, networked audio equipment causes the most problems.

25 Today’s Home – Slow Innovation UnsustainableUnreliable Unsustainable Unreliable

26 Security -


28 Heart-rate monitor Pulse Oximeter Accelerometer Smart body learning Blood Pressure Monitor Temperature monitor



31 Convergence of Services

32 Security Status = House Empty Energy Management = Heat Down Health Status = COPD Entertainment Status = Play Warning Video Convergence of Services



35 The Fifth Innovation Pillar We need a fifth Pillar! Technology is transforming schools and the home how do we bring the two together? Learning HealthEnergy Security Entertainment

36 At school…. Shared services across schools Better use of buildings A move to infrastructure free Multi-Tenanted Buildings Application aware firewalls Intelligent and hierarchal filtering control Staff and pupil identity management Remote Learning Adult education Public WiFi Schools pay for what they use Village and town hub Virtual Classrooms leading to international learning Bring schools capacity to account

37 In the home... New devices New communication paths BYOD Secure encrypted VPN to the home IL3 to the home Home worker in a box Fastest UK Broadband 4G roll out TV services Assistive Technologies Telemedicine Tivo Apps Walled Garden Schools TV

38 “The expectation as to what can be achieved with technology is changing, the next generation of teachers, social workers, doctors, nurses all public sector workers will have grown up in a technical age and will have higher expectations on what technology allows them to do.”

39 Homework Focus Set modem to only allow access to teacher approved websites during homework time. New Ideas Mobile Prevention Issue a school SIM card or mobile device that are deactivated or channelled during school hours Schoogle A new search engine that restricts results to teacher approved websites, during homework time access to other search engines could be blocked. Webits When a pupil goes to a teacher recommended website, they receive a point. Points will be published real-time. Pupils will be motivated to keep to relevant websites. Teacher could publicise some websites, others could be hidden. More points awarded for finding the hidden sites. Schools IPTV School TV Channel showing curriculum subjects, extra lessons and study guides during exam periods Learning Everywhere A Platform to deliver education anywhere Home Schooling for children on long term sickness leave, learning difficulties and exclusions Gamification of learning What do kids love? 1) Collecting things 2) A new app Linking educational collectable cards that could be related to their form topic. We could create some collectable swappable cards with Teacher input that the kids could take home as homework to learn with their parents. (Spelling or phonics cards are another option) This could be linked to an educational app that parents need to help their kids with. Keep it fun with different levels of competition for the kids.

40 New Trial Giving back TV Control to Parents! Top Secret ! You are the experts, come and see us to talk about the art of the possible!

41 Our objective of the day is to create a learning mind map for the home.

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