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Yahoo! For Teachers By Teachers, For Teachers. In July 2006 Yahoo! invited a group of educators to partner with them to build technology that addressed.

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1 Yahoo! For Teachers By Teachers, For Teachers. In July 2006 Yahoo! invited a group of educators to partner with them to build technology that addressed their unique needs in the classroom. Teachers talked. Yahoo! listened. The result? Yahoo! Teachers, the first free tool building a community of teachers to create, find, and share standards-based resources, project documents, ideas, and best practices. Yahoo! Teachers: Built for teachers, by teachers. Fall 2007.

2 Yahoo! For Teachers Find Down the hall or Down Under: The teachers lounge has gone global. Yahoo! Instant Messenger is integrated into Yahoo! Teachers, providing teachers with real-time opportunities to collaborate with peers. Yahoo! Teachers have 24/7 access to the community generated curriculum and resources gathered by a global network of educators.

3 Yahoo! For Teachers Create Yahoo! created the Gobbler, a search widget that allows you to easily find and gather resources on the web and save them into your own Yahoo! Teachers ePortfolio. The Yahoo! Gobbler lives on your toolbar and can be used on any page on the web. Your projects (along with the assets and attribution) are shared with any teacher in the world who is a member of the Yahoo! Teachers community.

4 Yahoo! Teachers Share Yahoo! For Teachers enables teachers to build a network of support and tap into a knowledge network of their peers. The Yahoo! For Teachers Explore feature allows you to search for teacher vetted resources by state, grade level, state standard, or subject matter. Yahoo! For Teachers are working together to build a “community of generosity” where teachers can instantly search, communicate and share. The combination of gather, organize, and share creates a powerful community of practice.

5 Yahoo! For Teachers Join Us! Yahoo! For Teachers gives educators the tools they need to create high-quality classroom materials quickly and easily. Visit for a sneak peek and an invite. Find your colleagues and add yourself to the Yahoo! Teachers Peer Network Map. Connect with other Yahoo! Teachers:

6 Yahoo! For Teachers The easiest way to upload, edit, and share your video and photos. Free. Create movies using the Jumpcut suite of video editing tools. Import images from Flickr, mobile phone, or Facebook. Publish and share your movies with other members of the Jumpcut community or create a private group to share movies. And you don't need to download anything, it's all online.

7 Yahoo! For Teachers With millions of users, and hundreds of millions of photos, Flickr is an amazing photographic community, with sharing at its heart. Use Flickr groups and privacy controls to share your photos with students and parents or collaborate with other teachers. Groups can either be public, public (invite only) or completely private. Every group has a pool for sharing photos and a discussion board for collaboration. Many Flickr users have chosen to offer their work under a Creative Commons license. Basic Flickr account is FREE!

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10 Yahoo! Answers is an online community where you can ask questions on a range of topics, from the serious to the purely fun, and get answers from real people. Young users might look to Answers for help with school research projects, such as finding out about the Revolutionary War, the moons of Jupiter, or how the Amish live. Educators, like you, can use Yahoo! Answers as a professional development tool to collaborate with colleagues, share ideas, and find new resources for the classroom.

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12 is a social bookmarking website, which means it is designed to allow you to store, tag, manage and share bookmarks on the web, instead of inside your browser. With emphasis on the power of community knowledge, makes it easy for you to discover, remember and share resources on the Internet and with your students. is web-based, you can get to your bookmarks from anywhere, no matter whether you're at home, at school, or in a library. Why not try using as part of a school or district teacher development program? is an easy and quick way to create a cache of articles, interesting resources, or other things you find on the web.

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14 Connect with other teachers who share your passion for teaching. Create a Yahoo! Group for your classroom and use it to share information with students and parents. Keep parents in the loop by posting homework, field trips and other information on the calendar. Safely share links, files, photos, and other information with students. Engage your students with polls and discussions on class materials. Yahoo! Groups is a free and easy way to manage your classroom and engage both students and parents.

15 Yahoo! For Teachers A fun guide to Internet safety. Informative guides, games, and video on web safety for parents, kids, and educators. Multiple resources on the safe use of social networking sites, search, and other on the internet.

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