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Outcomes By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

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0 21st Century Learning Spaces
Technology Modernization Office of the Chief Technology Officer Montgomery County Public Schools

1 Outcomes By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
Describe the 21st Century Learning Spaces initiative and the implications for teaching and learning Describe Google Apps for Education and the implications for communication, collaboration, and differentiating students’ learning experiences Identify MCPS safety and security precautions to protect students in this closed virtual environment.

2 MCPS Strategic Technology Plan

3 21st Century Learning Spaces
Anywhere, anytime access to learning Creating connected classrooms Ubiquitous access to mobile technologies Foster communication and collaboration

4 Play Chromebooks

5 Google Apps for Education
Gmail – inbox Google Sheets – create spreadsheets & charts online Google Drive – online storage (30 GB) Google Slides – create presentations online Google Docs – online word processor

6 What is a Chromebook? Designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet, with most applications and data residing "in the cloud". Login to devices using an MCPS GAFE account.

7 Examples of Instructional Uses
Building class rules using a shared document Creating a book trailer for an adventure story students are writing Read an article and watch a video about the same topic to compare perspectives Creating an “all about me” poster in Google Draw Use a site to model a science concept before reading about it Learning to type using proper form Using web-based virtual manipulatives to learn mathematics concepts Your idea here!

8 Student Accounts Students have assigned accounts (
Logins and passwords match all desktop and laptop logins that students have used every year to access documents and interactive websites Students use this account to access their Drive, share files with each other, and receive and send files to their teachers

9 How Do Teachers Manage? All documents created
Teachers have a dynamic class dashboard that lets them see and manage: All documents created All s sent, received, and thrown away Every open tab on a student’s device The current screen a child is viewing

10 What Can Teachers See?

11 Google & MCPS Agreement
Per terms of agreement with MCPS, Google will: Comply with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act FERPA - Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records Comply with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule COPPA - Prevents Google from collecting students’ personal information while using Google Apps account

12 Safety & Security Precautions
mcpsmd domain - “walled garden” where only MCPS staff and students can connect Students can only send and receive from authorized MCPS account holders. No advertising No data mining No Google + (Can’t be contained) Chat is turned off (can’t be monitored) All communication is visible and monitored All communication is https encrypted to prevent hacking or unwanted 3rd party data collection

13 Safety & Security Precautions
Internet Monitoring Students’ online interactions are monitored in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Online content deemed harmful to minors is blocked/ filtered. Any device connected to MCPS network is subject to Internet filtering policies.

14 Safety & Security Precautions
Google Safe Search enabled within domain When SafeSearch is on, inappropriate video and images will be filtered from Google Search result pages, along with results that might link to explicit content.

15 How do we help teachers? Orientations
Already-made lessons and materials Collaborative planning Shoulder to shoulder modeling, co-teaching On-going support

16 Questions….

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