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ICT Curriculum Evening – an introduction to Wizkid.

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1 ICT Curriculum Evening – an introduction to Wizkid

2 What is It’s a Learning Platform A Learning Platform is a collection of online tools for learning, teaching and management of learning. A password protected website. It contains tools that enable users to communicate and collaborate effectively. These originally were set up to supplement distance learning, but are now becoming a way of enhancing learning in schools, particularly exploiting home/school links. This is Hampshire’s branding for the Global learning platform Studywiz ?

3 What is Wizkid can be accessed from any computer or device connected to the internet. (Even on a Wii or iphone) Children will have access to a wide-range of educational content, links and games. Each child will have their own unique username and a password. ?

4 Benefits of For pupils: Personal and secure online space A fun and safe place to learn An easy way to access activities based on current learning Individual learning tools Greater responsibility No lost homework?

5 Benefits of For schools: Sharing content and plans between colleagues or schools Greater use of multimedia within activities Tailored learning to suit the pupils’ needs Collaboration across schools and Hampshire Messaging to pupils and other staff

6 Secure & Recorded Meets all industry security standards for a secure site. Only pupils and police checked teachers from the school are allowed on. All communications are recorded

7 E-safety Why is e-safety so important? 55% of children access the internet everyday 47% for an hour or more 21% liked IM/Chat the most 15% used gaming sites 11% used Social Networking sites 33% had access in their bedrooms

8 CEOP Advice Know what your children are doing online Ask them to teach you to use any applications Keep the computer in a family room - this means you can keep more control of what they do (i.e. Webcams) Help your children to understand that they should never give out personal details to online friends - personal information includes: – their messenger id – email address – mobile number and any pictures of themselves, If your child receives spam / junk email & texts, remind them never to believe them. reply to them or use them. By directing the children to Wizkid they can learn and try out social networking, blogging, forums etc but all in a safe and controlled environment where they can only connect with other children and teachers in school.

9 Wizkid is great for encouraging good cyber citizenship Part of the connected world but in a safe way. Allows pupils to understand issues related to having an online character in a safe way. Hampshire schools have found that use of social networking sites by children outside of school reduced significantly through access to Wizkid. See the school website for more advice and children’s links to games teaching e-safety.

10 Now lets have a look at Wizkid!

11 What type of things will schools use it for?

12 Secure Messaging

13 Sharing work between home and school

14 Discussion Boards

15 Secure Recorded Chat

16 Chat safety Teachers can turn chat ‘on and off’ when they want to – so the room could only be available during one lesson or for a set period of time after school. All chat text is recorded and can be monitored and download by the teacher. Children will only be able to communicate with other children in school – usually only members of their class. It can mean that children are less likely to use msn and other internet chat rooms, in Wizkid they are in a much safer and controlled environment. It can be used as a useful way to record ideas quickly, work collaboratively and ask questions during an ICT research lesson

17 Keeping a web log (Blog)

18 Safe web links selected by their teacher

19 School democracy - votes

20 Extending the Curriculum

21 Sharing work done at home with a wider audience

22 Extending Lessons

23 Online tests

24 What happens next? Your child is currently being issued with their unique username and password and is beginning to log on in school. Final password cards and letters will be issued within the next few weeks and all children will be able to access Wizkid in school and, if they wish out of school too. Teacher’s are beginning to develop and create relevant activities to support your child’s learning – we are all new to this though so bear with us!

25 FAQs We don’t have a computer/internet at home. Don’t worry, if a task is set on Wizkid a paper alternative will always be offered. If a child does not have access or easy access to a computer at home we will provide an opportunity in school to complete any tasks. What if my child is bullied online? Any allegation of bullying in school is taken seriously and if this should happen online, Wizkid keeps a log of every message sent and the account used to send it. Should we need to, teacher’s have the ability to block access to the messaging aspect of Wizkid. We will also be talking in class about the importance of speaking appropriately online. How much time is my child expected to spend online? Wizkid is a great way of extending learning and collaborating but it is not the only way; in school we will continue to use a wide variety of learning activities. At home you may wish to set access times for your children to use it. We often say in school, no use after 8pm but also that any home rules override this. Teachers are able to monitior when and how often a child uses Wizkid should there be a concern. I’m worried about online messaging, who can they send messages to? Messaging in Wizkid gives your children the chance to communicate with friends on a project and get the feel of an email account in a safe way. Every message can be tracked back and children are only able to send messages to other children in school, currently only those in their year group or house, and CRB checked adults in school.

26 Any other questions? More information in your pack and also available to download online on the school website

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