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GPS 2011 Slide - 1 CERTIPORT MARKETING APAC Discussion.

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1 GPS 2011 Slide - 1 CERTIPORT MARKETING APAC Discussion

2 GPS 2011 Slide - 2 AGENDA >2011 Certiport Marketing Focus >Partner Resources >Social media activities

3 GPS 2011 Slide - 3 2011 CERTIPORT MARKETING FOCUS >Support Certiport Revenue Objectives  Support of existing programs - Microsoft, Adobe, IC 3, Strata  Launch of new programs – Autodesk, Intuit >Partner Marketing  Increased international interaction  Host Global Partner Summit  Launch worldwide campaigns - Worldwide MS Competition  Sales & partner enablement training & tools  “Value of Certification” white paper  Competitive Research (focus on I/ECDL)

4 GPS 2011 Slide - 4 CERTIPORT MARKETING STRUCTURE >Product Marketing  Strategic plans  Messaging  Product collateral, web content, training >Corporate & Field Marketing  Campaign execution  Brand marketing  Events  Web >Public Relations  Success stories  Press releases  Social media

5 GPS 2011 Slide - 5 WORKING WITH CERTIPORT Take advantage of co-marketing tools available via the Marketing Resource Library accessible on the CAPs Portal Attend GPS to leverage best practices from other partners and extend Certiport campaigns in region Request Certiport Partner MDF by submitting detailed marketing plans via your regional sales contacts Use the Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office, the IC3 World Cup, and other emerging competitions to generate regional demand and excitement Co-Marketing Success with Certiport

6 GPS 2011 Slide - 6 MARKETING RESOURCE LIBRARY What is it? >A single depository of current Certiport marketing materials by certification program >Can download PDF’s and sources files to customize with company information Why? >Give Certiport partners access to marketing materials to promote the certification programs in their region. Where it is located? >Partners can access online at >Testing Centers can access on new CAPS site (must have Org Admin log-in credentials) Who has access? >Only Certiport Authorized Partners and Certiport Testing Centers  Signed Certiport agreement and logo agreements


8 GPS 2011 Slide - 8 EXAMPLES >Access to the following materials  Brand logos  Customizable datasheets  Customer presentations  Certification videos  Testing Center posters  Data sheets

9 GPS 2011 Slide - 9 MTA Marketing Resources Partner Marketing Kit


11 GPS 2011 Slide - 11 Q1Q2 Q3Q4 CERTIPORT 2011 MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Q3/Q4: Back To School Value of Certification Study: Education TBD 2011 GPS/WWC San Diego, CA Q1 Projects: MTA Follow-Up Campaign MeasureUP Integration CAPs Launch/CATC Launch WWC Social Media Blitz 10 Million Downloads Campaign Q1 Product Launches: Intuit QuickBooks Certified User Autodesk Certified User Additional 2011 Marketing Initiatives: Refresh Corporate Style Guide/Templates Q2: Power of 10 Campaign Q2/Q3: Certify This Summer


13 GPS 2011 Slide - 13 US QUARTERLY CAMPAIGNS >US Quarterly campaign  Target instructors and educators  Register at  Receive a free practice test and exam voucher >Communicate at events, email campaign and sales team >Follow-up with Back to School campaign in the fall >Provide source files for campaign  Can localize and customize for in region promotion

14 GPS 2011 Slide - 14 CO-MARKETING EFFORTS >Submit a Market Development Fund Request Need support from Certiport on a marketing initiative?

15 GPS 2011 Slide - 15 STAY CURRENT Certiport Weekly Partner newsletter  Primary communication vehicle  Latest product releases  Current worldwide marketing campaigns  Links to new customer case studies  Participate in social media activities

16 GPS 2011 Slide - 16 SUBMIT CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORIES Promote your customer successes and events with Certiport 1.Send detailed communication at least one month ahead of an announcement. Contact: Brenda Armstrong, PR Director: 2.A telephone interview or email communication will be conducted to help determine proper news vehicle to create one or more of the following:  Social Media Campaign  Press Release  Case Study  Success Story (written and/or video) 3.Certiport will strategically help to compile and promote news with various distribution methods (social media, wire services, web sites, etc.) 4.Certiport will develop specialized media lists and help pitch news, as deemed relevant.

17 GPS 2011 Slide - 17 SOCIAL MEDIA The focus of Certiport’s social media program is to utilize vehicles that increase brand awareness and sales. These include:  Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn  YouTube How? Certiport will actively engage partners and customers on social networks by announcing news and product information, posting engaging content, posing questions and sharing industry insights.

18 GPS 2011 Slide - 18 TWEET TWEET… >It may be considered rude to use your phone during a presentation, but not here!  TheRan11 (Miranda Hill) Only 3 more days until @Certiport #WWC11 in San Diego! I'm soooooooo ready!  malkyknox (Malcolm Knox) #gps11 Lutz, Takeshi and Ray. The Microsoft Office Specialist Tripod!  SAIT_Business Mary Head of the AIM program here @saitpolytechnic takes Silver in Excel 2010 at the @Certiport Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office!  IanDouglas Rebecca Rickwood (from the UK) has won the 2011 Microsoft Excel World Championship. Yes, you read that right.

19 GPS 2011 Slide - 19 INCREASED SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE >In 2011 Certiport has been working to increase its social media presence  Facebook ›Certiport Corporate Page ~ 1,200 fans ›WWC 2011 Page ~ 500 fans  Twitter ›@Certiport ~ 1200 followers ›@raytkelly ~ 350 followers  LinkedIn ›Corporate page and pages for every key product

20 GPS 2011 Slide - 20 THE POWER OF VIDEO >Online video is essential for all social media campaigns  YouTube has 490 million unique users worldwide per month  Videos rank very high on the search engines >  We focus on producing high quality videos to tout new products, success stories, and events to the public

21 GPS 2011 Slide - 21 THE POWER OF 10 >Certiport executed a social media campaign to celebrate 10 Million exam downloads >Power of 10 Guessing Game  Participants guessed where and when the 10 millionth download would take place >Power of 10 Video Challenge  Student submitted videos detailing the value of certification – received more than 40 video submissions

22 GPS 2011 Slide - 22 THE POWER OF 10

23 GPS 2011 Slide - 23 THE VALUE OF SOCIAL MEDIA >Third party validation  Students see peers talking about certification  Videos submitted for Power of 10 are now powerful testimonials out there on the Web >Engage  Hold a conversation with students and partners via social media  Address customer service issues

24 GPS 2011 Slide - 24 THE VALUE OF SOCIAL MEDIA >Increase brand awareness  Engage your followers so they will be brand advocates  Give your social networks inside information >Increase sales  Tout new products  Invite social media followers to events  Form relationships with partners and potential clients on social networks

25 GPS 2011 Slide - 25 SUMMARY Certiport Marketing working to better support global partners Welcome regular feedback Focused on global initiatives: GPS, WWC, website re- design, global use of campaigns Global success stories are key

26 GPS 2011 Slide - 26 THANK YOU! Contacts: Craig Bushman, VP of Marketing Randy Richards, Director of Corporate Marketing Denece Mikolash, Director of Product Marketing Brenda Armstrong, Director of Public Relations

27 GPS 2011 Slide - 27 APPENDIX

28 GPS 2011 Slide - 28 PUBLIC RELATIONS  Certiport will continue to develop written and multi-media case studies and success stories, both local and international.  Certiport is working to pitch top tier and vertical media on the value of certification and how it effects various target markets.  Certiport PR is working to develop press release templates for new partner and Certified Authorized Testing Center announcements.  Certiport PR will help promote several campaigns including: WWC, GPS, 10 millionth exam, etc.

29 GPS 2011 Slide - 29 CERTIPORT PRODUCT LAUNCHES Marketing Assets >Logo and branding guidelines >Collateral and datasheets templates >Certiport website landing page >Video assets >PR Announcements >Social media activities >Sales tools and presentations >Testing Center Kits >Customer testimonials and success stories >Co-marketing activities with Client >Partner webinar training

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