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Using Social Media Gemma Parkhouse Head of Marketing & Communications, ExCeL London.

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1 Using Social Media Gemma Parkhouse Head of Marketing & Communications, ExCeL London

2 Contents Why Social Media How to Use Social Media How we Use Social Media Facebook Twitter LinkedIn You Tube Measurement The Next Steps Case Studies

3 Why Use Social Media? Huge shift in the way we communicate 88% of marketers are using social media to market their business BUT only 72% have been doing so for a few months Why Social Media For Venues Build your brand cost-effectively Used to increase profitability, enhance reputation and empower your employees to be brand ambassadors Rise in search engine rankings Generates exposure for the business to a huge and diverse audience Instant interaction & feedback Developing partnerships Enables 360 degree marketing Provide education & up-to-date information on the venue Expand reach to new prospects

4 How To Use Social Media Set your own rules before you join a conversation: Respect Transparency Personal responsibility Adding Value Plan clear Goals Think about your tone/ style Who is it aimed at Organisers/ Visitors/ Exhibitors/ Stakeholders

5 How ExCeL Uses Social Media Generating Sales Leads and Venue Promotion Client Event Promotion Stakeholder Involvement Measurement

6 Facebook 500 million users worldwide (24m UK) Facebook page – Over 3,100 people have now joined the group, currently rising by over 100 a month Used to promote forthcoming consumer exhibitions Canvass for votes for Online Awards entry polls

7 Twitter 75 Million users (3.7m UK) Currently over 800 followers but now starting to increase by over 100 a month Used as a communications channel for promoting: Events at ExCeL London via retweet Links to new video content Award entry votes ExCeL London announcements Relevant local area info

8 75 Million Users (2.1M UK) Used to Qualify Sales Leads Build databases Generate New Business Two groups created to engage separately with stakeholders and the wider events community Linked In You Tube Used to showcase the venue using both venue and organiser driven content in the ExCeL London You Tube Channel

9 Stakeholder Involvement Facebook group Britannia Village Website Newham Residents area of ExCeL London website Measurement You Tube hits codes for Twitter and Facebook Google Analytics

10 The Next Steps Video case studies – to be linked to digital sales literature and uploaded in You Tube

11 Case Study – Nokia World Nokia World was held at ExCeL London last month The event was strictly confidential, so no promotion from us However the industry was tweeting and we were following We then were able to re-tweet relevant content Including a link to the live stream from the event website

12 Case Study – ICC Launch Campaign integrated You Tube and Twitter to create viral email 7 videos incorporated in the viral campaign – Take Me There Boris - over 6,000 views so far and generated local and National TV and newspaper coverage

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