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For Channel marketers Marketing Solutions. Us: 877-837-4884 Span Global - The Universal Marketing.

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1 For Channel marketers Marketing Solutions

2 Us: Span Global - The Universal Marketing Company Data Capability >> 32 million B2B Database Global Presence End to End Marketing CapabilitySuperior Technology World’s Largest Marketer- Database Marketing Leader

3 Us: Helping Channel Marketers achieve their goals... Leveraging Technology to enhance delivery capabilities Databases New Contact Append Reseller DB Vendors DB Partner DB ERP Info Append Channel Partner Support New Partner Creation Data Append

4 Us: Strengthening Business From Channel Partners... 1-on-1 program for the ‘critical few’ Partner program infrastructure MDF Mgmt Motivation Partner Tools Driving End Users to CP Data Sourcing Sales Guides Newsletters Databases Mktg Tool Kits Promotional Kits 360oCampaigner Data Enhancement Sales Materials IT Services

5 Us: Global Presence Canada UK Singapore USAChina UAE

6 Us: How to develop New Partners & Help Existing Partners Grow

7 Us: Determine the Channel Partner’s Value by asking... The more value a channel partner adds, the more communication with him. How much Interaction the CP has with end users How much CP adds to the product and its components How much Visibility the CP has How actively does the CP push your product vs. mass inventory

8 Us: Three levels of channel communication 1. To the CP Training & Motivational Materials including features & benefits, positioning, incentive programs, special pricing, contests, etc. 2. Through the CP Control what the CPs say to end users about your company, products & services including brand positioning, messaging, end user communication 3. For the CP Pull communications to CP including partner logo, contact information, promotional offering

9 Us: To, Through, and For the CP Communicate To CP Communicate Through CP Communicate for CP Sales guides Training materials Newsletters Short notices Free trinkets Sales materials POP materials Promotional Kits Marketing Tool Kits Feature CP’s logo CP’s contact info CP’s promotional offering

10 Us: Span Global Services for Channel Marketers

11 Us: Span Global’s Tools & Services can help you discover Potential Partners much faster than In-house sourcing can. Partner Cloning Data Acquisition Old System Users Data Data Profiling Evolving Partners Data List Augmentation

12 Us: Database Qualification & Lead Detection Event Marketing Lead Generation, Sending Invites Appointment Setting Data Profiling Data Cleansing Campaign Follow-up Telemarketing

13 Us: LEAD GENERATION Collateral Surveys Broadcast, Landing Page, SEO, Banner Ads Event Boost Telemarketing + Follow-up Telemarketing/ Call Center Operations Brochureware Customized Campaigns

14 Search Engine Optimization Us: Inbound lead generation Higher website traffic Practical recommendations Site benchmarking Result-focused action with clear goals and benefits Reporting and analytics

15 Us: Social Media & Blogging Brand Monitoring Marketing Marketing Brand Monitoring Marketing Marketing

16 Us: Website Best Practice Reports Assessment of the website design, structure & content Site-wide check of links and images Site-wide validation of HTML used within web pages Site-wide assessment of website security

17 Us: Marketing Communications Marketing Services Marcom & Strategic Marketing Newsletters Product Reviews, Analyst Briefing Sales Literature Solutions Reference Catalogues Tradeshow Traffic Generation Blogs

18 Us: Channel Marketer Boost Business Plan Development Update/ New Product Support Channel Satisfaction Channel Economic Analysis Process & Systems Definition & Management Reporting Infrastructure Development & Management Development Of Partner Program & Components Channel Relationship Management End User Segmentation Channel Segmentation Channel Recruitment Market Analysis & Metrics

19 Us: Case Study Production Interviews Copies Approvals Design & Production

20 Us: Go Do’s Take advantage of deep-rooted strategic marketing expertise at affordable prices by engaging Span Global. Start tracking your Marketing Progress and ensure your marketing funds are spent in the most effective way. Contact Span Global >> 1. 2.

21 Us: Thank You

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