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©2010 House Party, Inc. All rights reserved. Windows ® 7 Launch Party ™

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1 ©2010 House Party, Inc. All rights reserved. Windows ® 7 Launch Party ™

2 House Party is a highly specialized Consumer Activation Solution. House Party develops and deploys thousands of parties that take place across the country on the same day Each House Party takes place in the home of a recruited, highly qualified host and features a brand, product or show as the centerpiece Each event includes a custom branded micro-site that serves as Party Central and Mission Control for 6 weeks The entire event program is planned and tracked by proprietary House Party tools Events are managed by House Party producers to ensure each event is effective for the sponsor and engaging for all participants About Us What Is House Party? ©2010 House Party, Inc. 22

3 3 Select Client Roster

4 Plan Over 60,000 parties 14 countries, 8 languages Consumers & Employees & Partners 3 rd Party Measurement Goals Demonstrate Windows ® 7 Invite enthusiasts to participate in launch Continue listening to the consumer Convey core value props Lift specific brand metrics Target Consumers Worldwide consumers including Beta and RC users Select influencers Approach for Windows 7 ® Launch Parties ©2010 House Party, Inc. 4

5  House Party™ developed a host offer “landing page” to present the host opportunity to prospective hosts and developed a comprehensive screener to identify optimal applicants  Host Recruitment s were sent by Microsoft to employees and RC and Beta testers worldwide  Hosts were filtered* on the following requirements:  Completed Application  Willing to host a party October 22 – 29  Willing to use the House Party website  Current OS: Windows® Vista SP1 or SP2 or Windows® 7  Upgrade Advisor passed all 4 requirements Host Recruitment ©2010 House Party, Inc. 5 Host Offer Landing Page

6 14 Countries, 8 Languages *Attendance figures based on post-party host surveys ©2010 House Party, Inc. 6

7  Sent and tracked invitations  Communicated with guests  Viewed and posted consumer-generated media  Read and commented on party blog posting  Received online party updates  Voted in polls  Downloaded party favors In Language, Branded Event Sites Hosts were led to the free Windows ® 7 Launch Party website*, where they: *Each language had its own dedicated microsite ©2010 House Party, Inc. 7

8 Branded Party Sites – online engagement Branded and blog campaigns were deployed and managed throughout the event: See appendices for the complete set of s, blogs, assets, and images  172 distinct messages deployed  74 House Party-initiated blog threads launched on the event site  41,472 partygoer blog conversations took place on the website ©2010 House Party, Inc. 8

9  Lifestyle and product shots as Party Vision TM slides  Promotional boxes  Microsoft logos  A sponsor link to the Microsoft website Branded Party Sites – Digital Media The party sites featured: See appendices for the complete set of s, blogs, assets, and images ©2010 House Party, Inc. 9

10 Welcome Sign Welcome to Setting Up with Ease Welcome to Family Friendly Fun Welcome to Media Mania Welcome to PhotoPalooza Host Notes – All Parties Host Notes – Setting Up with Ease Host Notes – Family Friendly Fun Host Notes – Media Mania Host Notes – PhotoPalooza Microsoft True and False Quiz The party sites also featured downloadable party favors: See appendices for the complete set of s, blogs, assets, and images Branded Party Sites – Custom, Digital Party Favors ©2010 House Party, Inc. 10

11 Send and track invitations Communicate with guests View and post media Blog and comment Receive online party updates Vote in polls Download party favors Hosts’ Branded MyParty Microsites ©2010 House Party, Inc. 11

12 One Limited Signature Edition Windows ® 7 Ultimate OS One poster One deck of playing cards** One puzzle One bag of streamers (USA only) One bag of balloons (USA only) One table top centerpiece (USA only) One package of Windows ® 7 napkins (USA only) Ten tote bags to share with guests Party Package ©2010 House Party, Inc. 12

13 PARTY DAY! 600,000+ hosts and guests gathered in homes around the world to experience Windows ® 7 ©2010 House Party, Inc. 13

14 Program Results

15 Results Summary Reach: 25 million+ Unique Conversation Partners Engagement : 138,000+ Windows Opt-Ins 1.8 million person hours of Brand exposure (excludes prep time) Brand Metrics (U.S): Strong lifts for Awareness & Favorability Dramatic lifts for Intent to Recommend & Intent to Purchase Strong agreement with core Win 7 marketing principles Executed a Control Panel for Comparison which was among the post powerful results data yet Activation: (U.S.) 3.44 million Purchases (self reported, as measured by ChatThreads)

16 G0+G1+G2 Uniques: 25,821,730 (nets out social duplicates) G0+G1+G2 Total: 30,656,451 (includes social duplicates) G0+G1+G2 Uniques: 25,821,730 (nets out social duplicates) G0+G1+G2 Total: 30,656,451 (includes social duplicates) 469,486 Partygoers 19,718,412 Generation 2 CPs 23,662,094 Generation 3 CPs G1 Relay Rate: 12.0 G3 Relay Rate: 1.2 5,633,832 Generation 1 CPs Reach: Unique Conversation Partners (CPs) G2 Relay Rate: 3.5 ©2010 House Party, Inc. 16 G0-G3 Uniques: 49,483,824 G0-G3 Total: 60,124,067 G0-G3 Uniques: 49,483,824 G0-G3 Total: 60,124,067

17 N = 318 (Consumer Hosts/Guests who told at least one other person) Other positive themes mentioned (<10%): Easy to Install, Needs Less Memory, Demonstrated Operating System, Other negative themes mentioned (<=2%): Negative Response to Product, Skeptical of New Operating System Prominent Themes That Traveled 96% of hosts and guests passed along positive themes ©2010 House Party, Inc. 17

18 Activation: U.S. Generational Purchase Behavior ©2010 House Party, Inc. 18 G0 conversion: 63.5% Self Reported US Purchases from Launch Party Participants and their CPs (G0+G1+G2): 3,442, ,403 G0 Purchases 1,726,814 Generation 2 Purchases 1,498,531 Generation 1 Purchases G1 conversion: 41.6% G2 conversion: 16.1%

19 To execute this event, House Party ™ :  Elicited online applications from would-be party hosts  Identified Windows ® 7 enthusiasts who were screened using criteria provided and approved by Microsoft to be Windows® 7 Launch Party hosts  Asked each host to gather at least 9 guests in their homes to experience demonstrations of the Windows ® 7 Ultimate operating system  Provided a free party-planning, media sharing website to support party planning and create an online context for brand immersion in the days leading up to the physical parties Specific Tactics ©2010 House Party, Inc. 19

20 The In-Home / Online / In-Person Combination Works Unparalleled efficiency and power for trial & engagement Sharp lifts in awareness & attitudes Broad reach Purchases Make sure to: Create the VIP atmosphere Keep it authentic and fun Don’t control; instead guide, suggest, support, celebrate Encourage self-creation Integrate with larger campaigns to dimensionalize traditional media spend Leverage PR Key Takeaways ©2010 House Party, Inc. 20

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