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Marketing for Member Acquisition v. 9-10-12. What We’ll Cover… Intranet overviewMarketing guide overviewSocial guide overviewOrdering marketing materials.

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1 Marketing for Member Acquisition v. 9-10-12

2 What We’ll Cover… Intranet overviewMarketing guide overviewSocial guide overviewOrdering marketing materials from the web storeCentralized PR, SEO, Social MarketingTop 10 Marketing Action ItemsContinued Education—WebinarsSatellite SitesNetworkingeTips & Customized Tips from the TopLead Sources from the Website 2

3 Post-Launch Events Continued Support – Education Ongoing training and resource library for marketing trends and advice Intranet, Document Library with Marketing Tool Kits, collateral, PR best practices etc. Ecommerce collateral ordering portal for owners Continued Support - Marketing Media relations marketing initiatives build local TAB brand name and international brand name recognition Annual survey of TAB business owner members Continued Support – Business Resources Telemarketing Email Sales Force Centralized Social Marketing Expert Centralized SEO resource to build organic traffic to your satellite site Centralized Local PR resource

4 Using the Facilitator Intranet TAB Spotlight Monthly UpdateBusiness Owner SurveyTips from the Top The Integrated Marketing Guide Marketing Toolkit Marketing event checklists & materials Collateral materials information Press kit

5 Integrated Marketing Guide Resources & Best Practices for Member Marketing  Web-based, fully integrated  Links to relevant websites, materials, and corporate contacts  Contains photographs & examples of materials covered

6 Social Media Guide Brand Standards for Social Media Marketing Facebook: Strike a balance between fun, personality related posts and targeted marketing posts LinkedIn: It is expected that all franchisees maintain a LinkedIn profile Professional profile picture Relevant headline Updated resume/career information Please see handout & Integrated Marketing Guide for more information!

7 Continued Education—Webinars Facebook 101Facebook for NerdsLinkedIn Compliance Standard Crash CourseLinkedIn Beyond the BasicsMicro-blogging for DummiesG+ Local ExplainedYouTube Youtorial

8 Personalized Marketing Collateral Using the TAB Web Store  Logging in and navigating the TAB Web StoreTAB Web Store  Customizing collateral  Web Store Guide (Marketing Toolkit > Collateral Materials > Info on Ordering Materials Web Store Guide

9 Centralized PR, SEO and Social Marketing Creation of Centralized Program to Empower Locally: SEO – Centralized Resource Audit and recommendation for Organic Audience Growth Continued Analytics Social Media – Centralized Resource Creation on TAB social media brand standard Audit on individual franchise social media presence Best Practice Recommendations based on audit results Training on execution of social media marketing Content/PR – Centralized Creation and Distribution for Local Deployment Blog posts, white papers, press releases

10 Critical Success Factors Provide centralized marketing services to support franchisees in their local lead generation and brand awareness efforts (DCSF) Implement centralized campaigns to generate leads and improve brand awareness on behalf of franchisees Improve corporate- sponsored campaign types based on best practices from across the community

11 TAB Marketing Organization Goals Develop High Quality Marketing Content Assets that can be used in our various acquisition efforts. Support franchisees Lead Generation for members using an integrated marketing approach. Increase Brand Awareness Improve the Quality of our Campaign Assets from Best Practices. Provide high-quality training webinars.

12 Top 10 Activities 1. Gather 3 great testimonials from members and include on satellite site. 2. Create 1 compelling case study from a member and feature on satellite site. 3. Update LinkedIn profile to convey benefit of TAB membership to business owners; connect with at least 100 business owners on LinkedIn in your territory.

13 Top 10 Activities CONTINUED 4. Buy a list of at least 1000 new leads in your territory Refresh annually 5. Establish contact with 3 local business journalists 6. Generate an appointment with at least 3 business owner prospects per week 7. Build a list of your top 20 referral sources Contact them at least one time per month

14 Top 10 Activities CONTINUED 8. Add one new tool which can add value to your members (e.g. Sellability Score, TTI, ProfitCents) to your offering 9. Meet at least 6 new business owners each month at network events 10. Generate 1 press release per quarter (e.g. major member success story)

15 Satellite Site Development/Customization

16 Satellite Site - Customization & SEO Areas of Customization Home Page Widget Interior Pages Navigation Video Testimonials, Banner Images SEO Keywords Admin Web-site Training Centralized SEO, organic growth resource

17 Impactful Member Testimonials and Case Studies A 2011 study by PowerReviews found that 90% of the consumers polled said peer-to-peer reviews impact their purchasing decision and 60% claimed those reviews are the most important factor. 17

18 eTips & Customized Tips from the Top  Business articles & advice submitted by TAB members & facilitators  Customize with your target messaging  Personal Bio and Picture

19 Lead Sources from Corporate Website Forms Contact Us Membership Inquiry Subscriptions Tips from the Top Email Drip Campaigns

20 Post Launch Marketing Support – Powerful System of Lead Generation Contact lists based upon proven filters of industries with high propensity to join TAB Direct mail and Email templates TAB Extra brochure customized with picture and background for each franchisee Pre-packaged and tested topic presentations and marketing material Telemarketing services Customized version of Marketing material for member prospects

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