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2 Part I: What is politics?

3 Our definition of politics: Politics is: the authoritative allocation of things of value.

4 What is power? Power is: getting other people to do what you want them to do.

5 What is authority? Authority is: the legitimate right to use power. (i.e., the decision-maker).

6 Before next class, identify a recent political dilemma in which you found yourself. Think about what was of value, who was in a position of authority and how you tried to wield power. Be prepared to write about the result. Your assignment:

7 Part II: Coach Hall’s Rules of Politics

8 Rule #1 Individual survival/ ambition.

9 Rule #1 - Example Hillary Clinton recently criticized Obama on foreign policy. “Great nations need organizing principles and “Don’t do stupid stuff” is not an organizing principle.” -- Atlantic Monthly interview, Aug. 10, 2014

10 Why would Hillary try to distance herself from Obama? Obama job approval Obama foreign policy approval rating Rule #1 - Example

11 Rule #2 Build/maintain party strength.

12 Rule #2 - Example Since the 2012 election, many Republican leaders support a path to citizenship for illegals. Hispanic Vote

13 Rule #3 Make good policy. Important Note: Good POLITICS is one thing. Good POLICY is very often something different.

14 Part III: Wedge issues

15 What is a wedge issue? A Wedge Issue is: an issue that unites your party, appeals to independent voters, and divides the opposition.

16 Partisan Identification Do you consider yourself: Democrat = 31% Republican = 26% Independent = 40% Source: Gallup poll, Aug., 2014

17 Partisan Identification (cont.) Asked of self-proclaimed Independents, which way do you lean? Democrats (w/ leaners) = 46% Republican (w/ leaners) = 42% Neither = 12% Source: Gallup poll, Aug., 2014

18 Wedge Issues: Example #1 Guns. Democrats: Background checks for all gun purchases. Republicans: 2 nd Amend guarantee. 83% of Americans favor. 73% of Americans favor. Source: Gallup poll, Apr., 2013

19 Wedge Issues: Example #2 Immigration. Democrats: Dream Act/Dream-Lite. Republicans: Tighter border security. 84% of Americans favor. 77% of Americans favor. Source: Pew poll, June, 2013

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