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Econ chapter 22 Alex Newell 3/22/10.

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1 Econ chapter 22 Alex Newell 3/22/10

2 Political parties in our democracy
The role of political parties Informing citizens Our two party system Choosing candidates

3 Political party An organization of citizens who wish to influence and control government by getting their members elected to office

4 Selecting candidates Political parties nominate, or name, candidates to run for public office

5 Canvass Go door to door handing out information and asking people which candidates they support

6 Democrats and republicans
Our current two party system emerged in 1854

7 Patronage The system in which party leaders perform favors for loyal supporters of the party

8 Straight ticket A ballot cast for all the candidates of one party

9 Split ticket The practice of voting for candidates of more than one party on the same ballot

10 Independent voters People who don’t support a particular political party

11 Self nomination Declaring that you are running for office

12 Caucus A meeting of party leaders to discuss issues or to choose candidates

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