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Simple present – Present Progressive

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1 Simple present – Present Progressive
English 1.2.1

2 Present Progressive The teacher is watching the students.
The teacher is talking to the students. The teachers is explaining new grammar. FORM: form of ‘to be’ + verb + ing

3 Positive sentences I am (I’m) cleaning the kitchen.
You are (You’re) listening to me, very good! He/She is (He/She’s) reading a book We are (We’re) studying for our English exam. They are (They’re) talking in English, not in French.

4 Negative sentences I am not cleaning the kitchen. (I’m not)
You are not listening to me! (You aren’t/You’re not) He/She is not reading a book. (He/She isn’t; He’s/She’s not) We are not studying for our English exam. (We aren’t/We’re not) They are not talking in English, but in French. (They aren’t/They’re not)

5 Questions Am I cleaning the kitchen?
Yes, you are./No, you aren’t (=you’re not) Are you listening to me? Yes, I am./No, I’m not. Yes, we are. / No, we aren’t (=We’re not) Is he/she reading a book? Yes, he/she is. - No, he/she isn’t (=He/She’s not) Are we studying for our English exam? Yes, you are./No, you aren’t. (=You’re not) Are they talking in English? Yes, they are./No, they aren’t. (=They’re not)

6 What are they doing?

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